The Hypocrisy Of Religious Sisters In Ordinary Clothes

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If there’s something I can’t stand (well I admit, there are several things I can’t stand; but this one grates me in a particular way) is selfishness willfully masked under a veil of goodness. “I think too much of my colleagues and too little of myself”, says the chap interviewed for a new job and you know he’ll never be sincere on the workplace, because decent people just haven’t the gut to lie in such a way; “I want to stay near my children”, says the father moving out with his mistress but hey, not too far away from the family he has abandoned;  “I will bicycle in the Cotswolds against leukemia, do you want to sponsor me”? says the colleague who wants to have the holiday paid and look good at the same time.

Now let us be clear: everyone has his own frailties, but I think that those…

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  1. Stratciatella and nougat! Such a wonderful scoop of humor here. Enjoyed it more this time than last. Of course it brought to mind the “nuns on the bus” this time–is there anything more indigestion-inducing than those sorry women?

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