Two Words About The SMOM

I am surprised of reading of so many people thinking Burke is… going to Malta.

As fas as I know, The Sovereign Military Order of Malta has left Malta at the end of the XVIII Century and its headquarters are now in Rome. It is called “Sovereign” because, like the UN and the Palestinian Authority (and the Holy See), it has sovereignty without having a territory, e.g. can give his official diplomatic immunity, etc.

Burke would (will) be demoted, not transferred.


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  1. Must admit I wondered that. Is it like a knight of Malta does not get transferred to Malta? More or less merely an ‘honorary’ title?
    But obviously the reason he’s been treated this way is to punish him for having certain affectations for and leanings toward something called ‘Catholicism’. Also to curtail any influence he might have on this upcoming synod.
    May these move rather galvanise those high ranking clerics to take determined steps to thwart the hideous strength of the real enemy behind all this, and those servants making themselves his instruments. Bishop Schneider comes to mind as one who might strongly determine to oppose them.

    • I do not think the title is so “honorary”.
      SMOM are a gianti operating in more than 100 countries.
      But certainly, he should be removed from where he would give trouble (say: opposing easy annulments).

  2. Tee hee. Apparently people are not as in the know about the Continent as you are, M.

    Maybe the took Magister at face value when he said (tongue-in-cheek), that Burke was being banished to Malta. 😉

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