France: Another “Achievement” of Vatican II

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The French episcopal Conference is slowly awakening to the fact that their cowardice, lack of Catholic orthodoxy and outright incompetence is rapidly leading to the quasi-extinction of the Church in France. I mean, they are aware of the impending quasi-extinction, though I doubt they are aware of their own cowardice, lack of Catholic orthodoxy and sheer incompetence.

Rorate Caeli now informs us the geniuses have put their brains together and have ordered an enquiry, whose results have now been published.

You can follow the link and read the war bulletin (and a sad one it is; though deservedly so) for yourself. I would like to point out to the following:

1) The number of seminarians is even lower than in JP II times, and it is at an all-time low since the French Revolution. We see here the wonderful fruits of Vatican II, and the positive effects on…

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  1. It may well be true, true as it is in Belgium that the death rattle of the Church is at hand, but notice the response of the very motivated laity to the war being waged upon them by the State against their traditional, Catholic values: It’s possitively ‘Vendeen!’ All Night silent vigils, massive marches against sodomite marriage, surrogacy of babies, and gender theory. I doubt seriously that anyone could mobilize more than 100 people against sodomite marriage in the US…unless, of course, it involved a free handout of Chick-fil-A.
    Can it be said of Britain, too? Probably not. Unless it was a massive uprising of Mohammedans protesting the semi-ubiquitous infidels and their blaspheming heads, which they would gladly remove – with or without the blessings of the Church of England.

  2. This post is from my pre-Mundabor days, and the photo is truly frightful! I don’t know where you found it. Is it truly a photo of a bishop? The only good news is that Traditional Catholic vocations are rather high in France. In a little time, these strange hold-outs of the 60s and 70s will be outnumbered, if there remain any still alive…

  3. This is Paris, 2012. Those pink and blue flags are for the Protest for All, against sodomite marriage and adoption by homosexuals. It is also a protest against the new laws establishing the teaching of Gender Theory…harmless sounding, right? Not so much. It is psychological disturbance write large, turning children against their own biology.
    I pray that we are seeing the death knell of the modernist perversion. This can’t continue.

  4. Also, please note, when looking at that photograph. It wasn’t taken by any mainstream media, in France or by those stationed there from abroad. This is the power of the internet.

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