Meet Desmond Tutu, The Environ-Mentalist

In a rather hilarious intervention at the vigil of one of those “climate change” reunions where well-fed people cause Co2 emissions travelling around the world, being princely fed and housed, and telling us how bad we are, the wannabe bishop (anglican, therefore fake) Desmond Tutu has called climate change “a global enemy”.


  The real global enemy (the devil) isn;t mentioned with a word, which is strange in one who says he is a bishop.

With great faith in Providence and in the inherent goodness of God’s creation, Tutu goes on to blather: “We can no longer continuing treating our addiction to fossil fuels as if there were no tomorrow, or there will be no tomorrow.”

Beautiful! Forget the Revelation, or the Antichrist. The world will end because we keep driving driving cars. God will come down and say “I had planned to have the world end later; but you have been naughty boys who do not understand the internal combustion engine; therefore, I see myself forced to suspend the show before the time”. 

But what does Tutu want to do? Revolutionary things, really. When you stop at the gas station, a writing at the pump will warn you: “this stop gravely harms the planet’s health; and your wallet, my dear, because you see, we must make you to stop”.

No Formula 1 sponsored by petrol company, too. Diseducative. Would you tolerate company adv sponsorism racism? Eh? Ah? Uh? No? Well, for Desmond “barnum” Tutu it’s exactly the same ballpark. 

Let me quote:

“Never before have human beings been called on to act collectively in defense of the Earth. As a species, we have endured world wars, epidemics, famine, slavery, apartheid and many other hideous consequences of religious, class, race, gender and ideological intolerance”.
So, there you have it: slavery and apartheid are on the same level of “gender intolerance” (means: calling perverts perverts) and “climate change”.
Boys, this one likes a whisky.
But then again, this is the man who is on record with the following pearl of utter satanic evil: 
“I would refuse to go to a homophobic heaven. No, I would say sorry, I mean I would much rather go to the other place.”
Don’t believe me? Try here.
No, I would say, sorry, Desmond: you have just officially chosen the Devil against basic Christian teaching, and said so openly.
The Lord allows us to see very clearly that these people are property of the devil. As they put God completely out of the equation, they obsess with an ideology that is anti-Western and anti-Capitalist first, second and third, which frontally attacks Christianity and promotes the work of the Devil as it tries to masquerade under a facade of “humanitarian” concern. A concern in which God is out of place as “homophobic”, and which is therefore a parody support of the Creation against the Creator. 
If one swallows such a lie, how can he say he could not see the punishment coming?



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  1. ‘…support of the creation against the Creator.’ That pretty much sums up where the Church is heading with our current B of R’s version of ‘the new evangelisation’. I was actually told by a ‘conservative Catholic’ coworker today that his priest said at Mass yesterday that we can’t judge the wave of immigration, or homosexual ‘marriage’ because, you guessed it…Who Am I To Judge? TM. He also told me how he preferred the traditional Mass, but those SSPX people where I go to Mass are excommunicated. Where to begin with those comments? I wish I could think of something brilliant to tell him, other than facts, on the spur of the moment, while doling out ‘flu shots. But at least I told him the facts: SSPX priests aren’t excommunicated, and WE CAN JUDGE!

  2. Keep up the fight Mr Mundabor:

    Shield and sword bloodied
    and bitten, engraved with war.
    Battle-weary, I cannot lay these weapons
    down. They were given me
    by Cross and Crown.
    Though beaten, I will not
    lay them down. Our Lady’s
    mantle dyed in Christian valour,
    thread in virtue, I must not
    lay them down, else risk
    the rest of Blessed Life.
    Till this long fight
    yield such reward,
    Never lay them down.

  3. Environmentalism is a very effective tool for the application of despotism.

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