Abusing The Cross

A new dissenting, ultra-liberal, “I will follow my conscience”- “c”atholics publication has just started making damage around, and confusing the faithful.

No link, obviously. Not even the name. Suffice it to say that the name is, in a diabolical twist of things Catholic, the word Cross said in Latin.

Ironic, that those who make superfluous in the great scheme of things either the Cross Itself – because The Great Merciful Divine Person saves pretty much everybody anyway – or else the rest of Christianity – because it is the Cross causes everyone to be saved, so there's no need to convert – should abuse of the Cross to spread their diabolical confusion. But then again this is an old trick of the Father of Lies, so one is disgusted, but not surprised.

I invite the three bloggers reading me to never, ever link to that site. When you read about their work – which as a blogger you will have to do if you want to oppose their work – you do not need to say where exactly you have read it, or to even lead your readers there.

I suggest you explain to your readers what the wrong point of view is, and correct it for the benefit of Truth and the instruction of those among your readers who should be, as the Italian says, in the middle of the ford, and just now slowly starting to have a solid grasp of Catholic Truth.

I have already written about the unintended consequence of helping bad sites to live just as you tell your readers that they should not be around at all. It is like helping a communist newspaper to prosper as you say to your readers what horrible Communist propaganda it contains.

In this case, the problem is amplified by the fact that the cross-abusing thingy seems an operation in rather big scale, and we should most certainly not help them to establish themselves. Therefore, the best thing to do is to ignore their existence, and to speak of their delusions in a way that does not incite anyone to feed the pigeons.

The demographics speak against them, and I wonder how long any “Francis effect” may last.

This cross will pass, too. The sooner, the better.


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  1. “three bloggers reading me”

    You certainly have more than “three bloggers” reading you. I look forward to your posts everyday and consider you doing a great service to orthodoxy.


    Blogger 1/3 😉

  2. Indeed on a big scale and well-funded, very slick. Nominally an outlet of the Boston Globe, but one is left wondering who else is behind it.

    It reminds me of this devastating piece from earlier this year, which I hope you don’t mind me linking. The problem is one I believe every Catholic – susceptible as we all are to the currents of anti-Christianity inside the Church – should be familiar with: http://www.crisismagazine.com/2014/marginalizing-magisterium-one-grant-time

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