The Satanic Jesuit

One of the unlinkable dissenting sites report of an openly homosexual Jesuit Seminarian who has now, after ten years trying to become a priest, decided to leave the Seminary because of the firing of several perverts from Catholic schools and institutions in the last months. “I can't be a Catholic right now”, or words to that effect, is the comment of the little fag.

Let us observe all that is wrong here; because, as so often in the case of Jesuits, the mistakes here pile up like as many strata of Satan's shit cake.

1. Ten years of attempts. Seriously? Are Jesuits of the opinion unless one is old one can't receive orders? Or did the man not even manage to become a friar in all this time? What happens with the money of the faithful? I am, here, hoping this is not the normal case, and the extremely costly exercise was due to the perverted nature of the little faggot. Which leads us to the next point…

2. How can it be that a man who openly proclaims his own perversion is allowed to remain in the seminary? Officially? For how many… ten years? What part of “deeply rooted homosexual tendency” was unclear here?

3. What does this say not only of this pathetic nutcases but of the deciders in that seminary? What does it say of the rector? Is he homosexual, too? Why on earth would anyone, upon being told one is a pervert, persist in trying to make of him a friar, or even a priest? I smell faggotry from a mile here. Diffused faggotry. Faggotry unashamedly practiced, defended and promoted under the thinnest of veils. These chaps (or girls) have allowed an open faggot to stay in the seminary for many years: how many closet faggots walk along the corridors of that seminary? What positions they have? How can it be that the rot has not set at the top of the institution?

4. The unlinkable site reports, with more than a hint of sympathy, an astonishing affirmation of the little Jesuit fag: he can't be a Catholic right now, because of the treatment of the above mentioned perverts.

This beggars belief: a man able to put his own faggotry before his very own Catholic identity was allowed to stay in a Jesuit seminary all these years! What does this tell us about the quality and sexual orientation of the average friar – or priest – going out of that particular seminary?


Jesuits are a plague. Not 100% of them of course. But in general, Jesuits are a plague. An order fully in the thrall of Satan, spreading error and sexual perversion from schools, universities and seminaries; letting out in the world, without a doubt, a number – limited, thankfully, because they are dying – of either open perverts, or closet perverts, or people so accustomed to perversion and malformed in a perverted sexual climate that they are a real danger for the souls of those around them.

The little faggot has written a letter to Francis: TMAHICH, “who am I to judge”-Supremo, and Great Merciful Protector Of Worldwide Faggotry.

Now: TMAHIC is notoriously affect by logorrhoea, a phone addict, and a first-class double-tongued Jesuit. It will be interesting to see whether Francis does respond to the letter in writing, ignores the little fag altogether, or prefers one of those ominous phone calls at the end of which the little faggot will tell the world that Francis told him what a hero he is, and Francis does not deny or confirm any of the content. Scandal is spread, plausible deniability is attempted, the Pollyannas are happy the oh so holy Father did nothing wrong, the perverts exult, the Catholics are confused.

Just another Jesuit's day.




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  1. I think you go way to far in your anti Jesuit feelings. I do love Ignatius and Francis Xavier and a lot of their direction is what has led to ‘Jesuitical’ predilections. The discovery, and appraisal, of new cultures – Japan and China especially, have I believe, caused some historical tendency to theological relativism, They saw how a different people had its own value as a Catholic people yet different from European Catholic people. I’m not expressing it too well, but I do think that Ignatius and Xavier and of course many many great Jesuits (Fr Mitch Pacwa included) should not be denigrated. Jesuits are a great order with a great many gone off the rails. TMAHICH ain’t fit to be in their order let alone head it, let alone head th Church…in my humble opinion of course jorje!

  2. P

    thank you for your very kind words.

    In all honesty I must say that if I had means to get donations through this blog, I would do it; and the donations, little as they would be, would make me proud.

    It is not possible, for various reasons (I think mostly linked to money laundering issues) to accept anonymous donations; which makes the choice for me.

    I wanted to say this so that I do not appear, to your eyes or the eyes of anyone else, more of an idealist than I am; or that I criticise those who accept donations through their sites.

    Of course, est modus in rebus; but this is valid for everything…

    Thank you again.


  3. I have known three or four good Jesuits in my medium-size city during my 50+ years of life. My work life causes an association with all manner of people. Nevertheless, in my part of the world (NW US) I would say that the Jesuits and the Franciscans have done more damage than most of the other religious combined. We have a strong history of perversion in my diocese and its neighbors. The damage done by these orders must certainly have their founders and their saints praying double time—even ashamed in heaven if that were at all possible!

  4. nell’ordine dei gesuiti passano sempre 10-12 anni prima dell’ordinazione. E’ previsto dalle loro costituzioni. Il percorso è questo:
    2 anni di noviziato
    3 anni di studio della filosofia
    3 o più anni della cosiddetta reggenza in cui gli scolastici lavorano in un’opera dell’ordine
    6 anni di teologia.
    solo alla fine di questo percorso si viene ordinati

  5. Since I haven’t found mention of the good Fr Tony Anatrella (a French Jesuit ) here, I will point him out. He is a psychologist, one of the (few?) good guys, critical of homo-ism:

    A freely useable photo from Wikimedia:

    OTOH, I also remember that the Jesuits in the U.S., eager to show their support of everything homo, booed the good Bp Paprocki.

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