Vintage Mundabor: Condomgate And The Supposed Impossibility of Not Having Sex

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Condomgate continues to rage and, if it was necessary, shows with increasing evidence the damage made to the Catholic cause by the careless example chosen by the Holy Father.

As I have (easily) predicted in the past, the discussion is now – among cafeteria catholics and all those who don’t want to accept Church teaching whenever it doesn’t suit them – about the Pope not having justified the use of condoms in certain circumstances, but having justified it anyway or, in some other version, being wrong in not doing it. In both cases, dissent is rearing its ugly head. This is a serious matter because we are not talking of individual weakness here, but of rebellion. Rebellion is the realm of Satan and his minions. A Catholic must accept the teaching and when he sees himself unable to understand it he must pray that he may get the…

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  1. Contrary to popular belief, nobody has ever died from not having sex; there is not one recorded case. When it comes to moral theology regarding the condom, we have to remember that moral theology is about ‘drawing the line’ that one cannot cross , so condoms with homosexual sodomy are not adding anything to the gravity of the sin, but for a homosexual man who knows he has a grave infection to have sex with an uninfected partner would be more grave than doing the same act without using a condom which has sometimes been known to be effective in preventing infecting another person. The same is not true for heterosexual copulation, and the use of a condom would add to the sin if the couple were not husband and wife. I believe that the Church’s teaching on this is that couple could abstain permanently, but could also choose to have sexual intercourse and risk infection if that was their choice, provided they were validly married.

  2. correction to my comment ..should read … “the use of a condom would add to the sin EVEN if the couple were not husband and wife.”

  3. sorry…comment was right the first time.

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