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I received this on my postbox from Pollyanna. I publish without comment.


Dear Mundabor,

As we all know, our Holy Father has been unjustly slandered in the matter of the FFI. It has now emerged that on 10 June there was a big meeting between Francis, the evil Father Volpi, and several dozen Friars. I would like here to defend our wonderful Holy Father from the unjust accusations that will be moved against him. My position is proved by the following points.

1. Pope Francis has received the Friars. How won-der-ful this is! He is full of caring solicitude for his sheep!

2. Father Volpi, the evil friar who keeps Francis in the dark about the persecution of the FFI, was also there. This I found a bit strange, but I think it was because our wonderful Holy Father is so nice to everyone!

3. It is reported that…

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  1. Are you sure it was not Bruvver Eccles?

  2. This has to be a send up!! Surely . . . ?!!
    Can anyone who is capable of writing those sentences be so lacking in basic understanding and reasoning?

    • Lynda,
      this is a fictional Pollyanna. An ironic collage of things read around on the Internet, and revolving around the myth of the good Pope surrounded by wolves.
      The worst wolf of them all has been elected Pope, is all.

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