Is The Pope A Jesuit?

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Oh well, if he said so... For some reason, not everyone took the Pope’s words at face value…

“Soon, soon”

This is the answer Francis allegedly gave to the request of the parents Manelli, with six among their children members of the order.

The request was:

“Holy Father, we have nine children, six of whom are consecrated among the Franciscans of the Immaculate. We beg you, take them out of the sepulchre.”

Now, what this means should not be difficult to understand: the persecution of the FFI will “soon, soon” come to an end.

Only, the Bishop of Rome is a Jesuits, and to Jesuits words mean what he want them to mean in the moment.

Therefore, it might well mean that the FFI are about to be – say – merged with old Sixty-Eighters of some other dying but still numerous order, or forced to adopt a lax rule, or forbidden from celebrating the Traditional…

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