This Is A Service Announcement

This little service announcement is to remind you (or “inform you” for the “new entries”) of simple rules of this blog. Please note that this little effort is regularly above 100,000 pageviews a month, there are a lot of messages and, as natural, a lot of dangers; then there is the issue of time, too.

1. For the “smarties” among you: this is not a forum. You waste your time if you think you can bring your luv propaganda here. “Dialogue” with error doesn’t live here. I do not have a very democratic mind. I think tolerance of error is way overrated.

Waste as much time as you wish on my comment box, I will only need a fraction of a second to trash it. I am not angry if you don’t like my blog, but I don’t oblige you to read it, either, much less to comment on it. My combox is my living room. If I don’t like you, you won’t enter my living room.

2. I do not publish comments in languages I can’t understand, or links to blogs in lanaguages I can’t understand. Many of them are, I am sure, orthodox. But I don’t want to run the risk of helping the wrong crowd, and looking like an idiot in the process.

3. I try to check everything that gets published. Not in order to check that I approve of it, but in order to check that no overtly (that is: ideologically) wrong material enters my blog. Therefore, every comment with a link is, in fact, just as long as the linked material is. Therefore, if you publish a comment with a link do not be surprised if the comment does not get published. If you publish a comment with more than one link, be prepared for it. Private messages with interesting links are always welcome, though, and I will visit the links as time allows.

4. I have a very poor sense of humour (no, really). I take comments seriously (yes, really) as I think that the comments do as much as the posts in “forming” the mind of the reader, instructing him, strenghtening him for the battles ahead. If, therefore, a comment can be read, say, as pro or against Sedevacantism, it will be trashed. If it contains irony that can be read in two ways, it will be trashed. If I am in doubt whether it contains undue mockery (bear with me here: I am not a morther tongue), it will be trashed. As you can see from my blog, I am no friend of ambiguity.

5. Please stick to the point. I have no time, and no patience, for side tracking of the discussion. If I have written a blog post about, say, Richard Nixon and Pope Paul VI, comments about Richard Nixon and Vietnam will be trashed. 

6. Please be concise. I have a life to live, a job to work on, a place to keep tidy (single male! Ha!), and a blog to write. I do not have time for long comments. I am writing this after midnight, and my shirt for tomorrow is not pressed yet. If you love long comments and think the world should read them, you should seriously think of starting your own blog, but I need ironing time… 😉 .  

7. It has happened in the past that occasional, and even one or two regular commenters on this blog have written offensive comments about my character on other blogs, then have continued to write comments here as if nothing had happened, praising me for this and that. Gladly, they were only a handful; but they were, and are, all banned.

Again, you don’t have to like me. But be enough of a man to be coherent and make your choices about whom you like and where you comment.

If I liked double tongues, I’d be a fan of Francis.


Thanks for your patience. Normal service will be resumed shortly. 


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  1. Thank you…its always good to know the “why” and “why nots”. Just reinforces my admiration of you and your commentaries, though I fear I may never be as bold as you. Still….one never knows. The Synod may yet turn me into a radical blogger.

    I also do my own ironing, though the young ladies who clean my apartment once a month get their turn if I leave it hanging on the door. Gives me break…and I get to bed earlier.

  2. How do I log on ?

    Ernie Todd


  3. I hope you are using the “needs no ironing” variety of shirt, which practically all men’s shirt companies in the USA offer. They may need some touching up but they really are much easier to iron.

  4. Thanks for making things clear, Mundabor.

  5. My thanks for the excellent blog, Mundabor. I am often left wondering where you, and the good bloggers like you, find the time. But it is a service to God. May the slothful and hesitant amongst us learn to follow such example.

  6. What’s with the ironing?! I hope you enjoy the ironing as you spend so much time on it. Interesting to get some personal information – helps see the person behind the blog. God bless.

  7. Love your blog and these rules advice, Love crotchety people, bound to fall foul of you one day but it would be purely unintentional if it happens. Will hear ‘drum rolls’ each time I send a comment!! God Bless. M.A.

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