God Bless Father Dickson (Again)!

Non Praevalebunt

Non Praevalebunt


These qualities of Father Dickson impress me every time I read one of his posts:

1. His straightforward courage.

2. His clarity of thought.

3. The concise, forceful expressiveness of his writing. 

Father Dickson has just given us another example of this. I quote from his last blog post. My emphases in red. 

With so many bishops and priests currently watering down the Church’s teaching on these by favouring Communion for the Divorced and civilly ‘remarried’, as well by supporting homosexual civil ‘unions’ under the guise of protecting civil rights, the Synod is in great danger of denying the Gospel and Christ.

Though it is becoming increasingly difficult, I am always encouraging people to hope and trust that Francis will not allow the Synod to deviate from the established doctrine that marriage is a permanent union between one man and one woman, exclusive of all others, open to the procreation of life.

If the Synod recommends allowing Communion to the remarried Divorcee, cohabiting couples, and/or supports civil ‘unions’ for homosexuals even in order to protect their civil rights, then Pope Paul VI’s ‘smoke of Satan’ will have surely entered the Church, because the bottom line is this: if Francis and/or the Synod declare a change to Church teaching on marriage and sexuality they do not actually change the Faith, they actually abandon the faith.

It is useless to say the Pope is our Supreme Teacher and that we must give submission of will and intellect to his teaching, because that holds only when he holds himself bound by revelation and defined dogma, of which he is but the custodian, not the originator.

I cannot bring myself to believe that Francis will allow an attempt to change doctrine happen because it would take the arrogance of hell to proclaim that the faithful and the Popes have been wrong for over two millennia, and I am unwilling to ascribe such arrogance to any man.

Can we really ascribe it to Francis and our Bishops? And if not, can we ascribe to them simple stupidity, or a faithlessness that has seen them fall into relativism? I hope not.

If the Synod and Francis do attempt to impose a new teaching which contravenes defined teaching, we are at rights to decry that new teaching for as long as it takes to have it declared erroneous -and not only the right, but the duty.

If you click the link, you will notice that I have ended up quoting a large part of the blog post; and the part in red is also a lot. Which says something about the writing style of this man of God.

Make no mistake: he will be persecuted one day. Make no mistake: he knows it very well, but this does not stop him.

Thank God for Father Gary Dickson, and the tiny minority of priests with his love for the Catholic faith. Let us pray for them every day, and that their number be increased in these terrible times of ours.

In people like this brave priest I, a wretched sinner unworthy of the crumbs of the Lord’s feast, see all the beauty and glory of the true Church.

The Church that will never die. The Church that has already triumphed. The Church that does not flirt with the devil.







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  1. This is how every priest ought to speak – truthfully, with care for the salvation of souls. I presume he is being persecuted. I know of no one who speaks the truth of the Faith or the moral law who is not. Thank you Lord for Fr Dickson’s witness.

  2. Please God, bless and strengthen Fr. Dickson. It is unfortunate that there are so few priests such as he is, and he is a great example for all priests, as well as for the faithful. He will be included in my daily rosary and other prayers, with a request that others might follow his lead.

    Thank you, Fr. Dickson!

  3. It is significant that priests like the estimable Fr. Dickson hold fast while the bishops and certain cardinals play fast and loose with the Faith; significant that the road to hell is being paved with mitres and red hats. Blessed are the congregations who have such as Fr. Dickson as their parish priests (for as long as the bishops allow). May the Holy Ghost protect these good men in these turbulent times of lio.

  4. I’m also a reader of the Collar-and-Tie blog and I appreciate Fr Dickson for the same reasons as you. And as you I think he will go to troubled times, sooner or later. (“Soon, soon”?) As is already the case with Fr Michael Rodriguez, in Texas, who doesn’t run a blog but who makes videos, broadcasts sermons and states positions which have sent him right into the desert. As says another blogger : “He is still serving in the furthest possible extremity of the Diocese in Presidio, Candelaria, and his “home” in Shafter.”


    See Google map of Shafter and you will understand.

    Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat!

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