Paraguay: No Personal Misconduct Involved

Persecution is Mercy.

Several articles have appeared in the last days about the persecution of Bishop Livieres.

The Bishop has,thankfully, reacted. His website has published a rebuttal of the accusation in various languages, so complete and extensive it is not suited for a blog post.

Bishop Livieres has also made very clear the accusations moved against him are purely ideological. And it is difficult not to agree with him, considering that it is now clear that no personal misconduct is involved. Methinks, after the experiences with Father Manelli some of Francis' executioners has thought better to choose a different path this time. The problem with that is that the character assassination becomes far more difficult.

What is, then, Bishop Livieres accused of?

He is accused of being Catholic.

In Francis' Stalinian world, if you uphold Catholic values you are a threat to the unity of circus Bergoglio. If your seminary has more Seminarians than the rest of Paraguay together, you are clearly sowing discord. If your very behaviour and success shows that your colleagues are a bunch of incompetent morons without faith or dignity you are certainly showing you can't get along with them.

Bishop Livieres does not fit within the nuChurch of Mercy. He is Catholic, which is an accusation that it not easy to move to Francis.

Bishop Livieres, an Argentinian like TMAHICH, will therefore have to leave the head of his diocese. He reminds me strongly of Athanasius, in the same way as Francis would let Liberius look like an amateur in comparison to him.

Angelqueen has a petition in favour of the good Bishop: web search them “vote to support the good bishop Livieres” and you will find.

The petition will not save his post, of course. But it will do something for the salvation of those who subscribe.

As to Francis, the Bishop said it very well: he will have to answer to heaven for his decision.

I am pretty sure TMAHICH thinks he will never have to answer to anyone.

But he will. Oh, but he will.



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  1. The floor of Hell is paved with the skulls of Bishops, as St. John Chrysostom said, and he never made any distinction between Diocesan Bishops vs the Bishops of Rome as far as I know. Since Francis seems to prefer “Bishop” over “Pope”, I suppose the quote fits him also, red nose or not. What a mess…what a need for prayers. Especially for the Pope.

  2. This is the second good bishop to ‘bite the dust’ after having Fr. U in his diocese. The bishop who was appointed to replace the retiring Bishop of Scranton, PA, USA and deal with the Fr. U / Society of St. John scandal subsequently resigned his his post, complaining of stress after suppressing the order and defrocking two priests. Now we have another good bishop who supported Fr. U, as many good clergy and lay have done, and this bishop also has to go also. It seems a ‘damned if you do and damned if you don’t ‘situation provided you are a good and orthodox priest. If the bishop was well advised as he claims, by Church authority, that Fr. U. is o.k., he was not the first to
    trust Fr. U, because it was the SSPX who ordained Fr. U. contrary to previous seminary clergy advice .

  3. Thank you, Mundabor. However, I noticed the technical oddity that no search engine gives the page, they only point to this article of yours here where you used the phrase.

    So this is the link

    It is also strange that last night the votes were 60 to 73 (the good guys being finally ahead). Then this morning it is at 121 to 92. So someone has mounted a counter-effort, or else an employee at the site is rigging the numbers to be anti-Livieres.

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