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Reblog: On The Matter Of Language

On The Matter Of Language



Liberal Feminist Polyamory


That would be a brave bishop…

The Pepinster female wasn’t slow in asking that priests’ celibacy be ended, as evidenced by Bishop Conry sleeping around.

Truly, this is liberal, and feminist, logic.

As I have already pointed out, Conry did not even simply fornicate. He was in an adulterous relationship! Twice! At least!

Evidently, “Ma” Pepinster demands that priests be free to sleep with other women’s wives.

She feels, evidently, safe from danger, and we agree with her (photo above). But this is truly atrocious.

This is Liberal Polyamory, with added spice.

Or perhaps the female thinks that a bishop goes for the married forbidden fruit if he is not allowed any fruit; but would, if allowed to marry, suddenly start to respect other people’s marriage? Now he can’t, of course; because you see, he is a priest; so he just can’t stay away from other people’s wives, right?

It’s because he is not allowed to marry, do you understand?


Liberal, and feminist, logic.



Vintage Mundabor: Bishop Slattery And V II

Bishop Slattery And Vatican II

Vintage Mundabor@ Strange Theology At Assisi III

Strange Theology At Assisi III

Paraguay, FFI, And The Stalinian Regime of Mercy.

Pope Stalin

Pope Stalin



In another astonishing and rather tragicomic turn of event, the Vatican (by mouth of Father Lombardi) accuses the persecuted of being the wrong kind of guy, because he opposes the persecution.

Bishop Livieres Plano, the bishop persecuted in FFi-style, asks what the rhetoric of mercy is all about:

although Pope Francis has spoken often about “dialogue, mercy, openness, decentralization, and respect for authority of the local churches,” he did not give Bishop Livieres a chance to “clarify any doubts” about his ministry.  

What does TMAHICH, the pope of ” mercy” and “dialogue”, answers by way of his speaker?

“Maybe it is easier to understand why there was a problem.”

You get persecuted. When you object to it, they say “look! That’s why you are persecuted!” By the way, this is exactly the same bollocks already heard about the FFI.

You are, then, “violent”. Bad. How can Pope, who hobnobs with atheists militant, ever talk to you? You might even be one who counts his rosaries!

“Dialogue” with you? God forbid! You aren’t even a homo!


You really couldn’t make it up.

It truly reminds one of a Stalinist regime of (cough) “mercy”. 


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