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On The Matter Of Language



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  1. I worked in the gynecology ( US spelling) dept in two major USA cities, in Catholic Hospitals before abortion became legal in the USA. The word “miscarriage” was never used on patient’s records to describe what in non-medical terms is a miscarriage. The proper term was “abortion” , a “threatened or impending abortion” referred to the strong possibility that a miscarriage was about to happen.
    An” incomplete abortion” referred to a miscarriage that required some surgical intervention to remove ” products of conception” which might be retained placental parts or fetal parts. A “missed abortion” is the one described by the previous commentator whose wife had a miscarriage but the fetus ( USA spelling) was retained. Whatever was retained, that is, dead baby , placenta , or amniotic sac are collectively referred to as ” products of conception”.

    After abortion became legal and due to the confusion over terminology,
    I recommended 20 years ago that the now “legal abortions” be called “prenaticide” so as to be more precise, but I could not get the interest of any pro-life activists that I spoke with at the time.

  2. You are right, Mrs. Avila. I have worked as a nurse at ‘Catholic’ hospitals and medical clinics, and critiqued the horrendous callousness; one of the many reasons I specialized, by default, in cardiology…I ended up far removed from the ‘pro-choice’ crowd while still being able to support my family with my training. I would never want anyone close to me to enter the medical professions now, although I imagine we need more noble medical professionals now than ever. The problem is trying to hold a job once you are tagged as ‘pro-life’! Either God led me in a different path, or I dodged the bullet in desperation. Either way, I am grateful…

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