Resistere! Resistere! Resistere!

The beautiful words of appeal to ceaseless resistance you read in the title were once uttered by a famous Italian prosecutor – in his farewell speech at the moment of retiring – in the face of spread corruption and intimidation from the powers that be; and, particularly, from the power of… one man.

I am reminded of them rather often, particularly when I see the Catholic troops – of which there is, on the Internet, an awful lot – submerge the false prophets and sowers of error under a tsunami of well-earned reproaches.

First, the “Patheos” blogger selling strange motivational courses was forced to close his combox following the tidal wave of well-earned criticism to his feel-good, inclusive, bit oh so fashionable rubbish. Shortly thereafter, the Gluttoness suffered the same fate. Thirdly, the inordinate rant of The Most Petulant Child In The Kindergarten, a priest with a squeaky voice called Father Nicholson, is the last one forced to shut the door to Catholics. As far as I know, all three of them earn money from their blogs, and are therefore financially interested in controversy. That they are forced to curb a source of earning in order not to lose credibility as Catholic writers altogether really tells you something about their standing among sound Catholics.

But resistance is alive and well, and still kicking strongly. The Catholic laymen on the Internet are giving an example of militant orthodoxy that utterly shames those who should, in fact, be their shepherds. As most pulpits stay silent, an awful lot of keyboards are getting very, very vocal.

One is reminded of the time of Athanasius:,when, as Michael Davies – and before him John Henry Newman – remind us, it was the laity who fought against heresy with a determination that was nowhere to be seen among the clergy at large.

Keep up the good work, brave Catholic men and women. Keep going to the Internet and valiantly defend the Truth. It costs time, effort and adrenalines; but all your efforts and sacrifices – and loss of friends, and mockery, and hostility of various kind – will be as many deposits on your heavenly deposit account, and bear a very rich interest one day; the day when, if you are in any way like me, you will be in the greatest need of it.

As our ranks become thinner – they will one day, I am sure, as the tireless rhetoric of easy “mercy” carries away all but the most solidly instructed and most solidly motivated – we must become even more vocal. As we are more and more insulted, we must grow in stamina and readiness to give battle. Be under no illusion that dark times may end by themselves, or that TMAHICH will magically go out of fashion. TMAHICH belongs to the world, and the world will never stop to love his own. In Francis’ case the world is loved back, with a passion.

But you, my dear soldiers of Christ, never forget the words calling us to action. No matter what TMAHICH throws at us, what we must do is, and remains, the same:

Resist! Resist! Resist!



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  1. Amen… There is a quote from Juan Donoso Cortes that I apply to defending my marriage, but it is apropos to Bloggers as well, I think:

    “But do not imagine, however, that the gates of eternity shall be opened for you, unless you first show the wounds you bear; those gates are only opened for those who gloriously fought here the battles of the Lord, and were, like the Lord, crucified.”

    Open war is upon us, to paraphrase Aragorn…or so it seems.

  2. Joanne OBeirne

    We’re like the French during WWII: La Resistance. En garde!

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    • I hope ours will be better than theirs. 😉

      In Italy, too, it was discovered there were 40 million of Partisans after the war. No one ever knew what they were doing during the Occupation.


  3. My prayer is this: Lord, I thank Thee for this battle.

  4. RemnantoftheFaith

    Thank you for your magnificent blog, Mundabor! I enjoy your posts.

    I recently joined the blogosphere and I’m doing my best to fight for the Church and the Society of St. Pius X.

    Viva Christo Rey! For the restoration of the Church!

  5. Here is your ranking from today: You have moved up 97k (97 thousand positions closer to the top) to being 620k in the world. You are at 46k in UK – that’s quite something. Btw, I have never noticed you moving lower, but always move higher (i.e., a lower rank number).

    Nicholson is at 833k, but he had a big, big jump of 1,421k (so he had been at 2,200k) — that was very possibly from traffic generated by his weird and clownish attack on the SSPX, with many visitors disliking what he’d said. I’d expect him to sink back down somewhat soon. (He is strongly anti-abortion so that probably is his base.)

    Longenecker’s own personal site is 2,170K – but his active site is of course at Patheos. It’s not possible to see stats for a directory of the Patheos site (his ‘on my head’).

    All of those figures are a rough approximation — Alexa has a few million people that have installed the Alexa browser extension. That tracks where they visit, which is then extrapolated to the world’s many hundreds of millions.

    I don’t know who the glutoness is. Dolan has a twin sister? 🙂

    • Unless you have somehow shut off images in comments, this screenshot should appear:

      I don’t know how often the stats change.

    • Can’t see any image. I generally see them.

    • Alexa is a bit of a fraud. I am always higher up when I have their software installed. Basically, the entire system is self-biased and skewed in favour of site whose owner install Alexa.
      I remember when Father Finigan had twenty times my readers, and was way below me in the ranking (I at 300,000, he at 3 million).
      Alexa is just not credible.
      Yes, Patheos is also insignificant, because a huge aggregate data.

  6. Okay, good to know about Alexa.

    donotlink might be paying for itself by privacy invasion – I’ll let you know when I know. One should block or regularly clear their cookie for starters. I’ve read it’s run by libs.

    This might be much better to use:
    You create a snapshot of a page. Then any of your readers visiting the snapshot don’t interact with the actual page at all. Even better, they say “Saved pages will have no active elements and no scripts, so they keep you safe as they cannot have any popups or malware!”
    Javascript is a script (i.e., a program that runs in a browser). That’s how spies can see your screen size, aka fingerprinting.

    That also gives the very nice ability (as long as the company exists) to preserve any page that might be deleted, such as with Fr. Pope’s article on Dolan and the parade homos – which was ordered deleted by Wuerl.

    Btw, I never did write any pages on anonymity because I saw zero evidence that anyone (besides you and I) are interested. I wasn’t being a slackard 🙂

    P.S. I’m feeling like your bodyguard. Not a bad avocation. Viva la resistance. The ultimate anonymity precaution might be having a separate device for blogging and related activity only – all other stuff being done on a different device.

    P.P.S. Another attempt at an image (your ‘stop sign’ graphic) is below, posted in the same way I’ve done in the past here. WordPress is apparently stripping out the whole img tag.
    This line is above the posted image.

    This line is below the posted image.

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