The Brazen Cardinal And The Religion Of Conscience

A Cardinal in Jacket and Tie. You have been warned.

Cardinal Kasper is now everywhere, and I fear we will soon find him in our morning cereals.

The latest piece of dissent this unhinged man has now given to the world appeared on, the news outlet of the Vatican.

Many are the dumb, or worse, statements in the interview; but I want to focus on the last issue, the Cardinal's evaluation of Humanae Vitae.

The Cardinal is, as always, rather blunt. One must put the Pope in the contest of his times, which was obviously different from the context of our times (truth is, in his mind, evidently overrated). The attitude one should have is that Pope Paul describes an “ideal”; but hey, ideals are not what they used to be, and nowadays we do things differently. We register the “ideal”, follow our conscience, and contracept (or murder the baby; or divorce and remarry; or support sodomites; or do whatever our conscience says). Not only is this convenient, but we feel so modern…

The Cardinal is promoting a new religion. For the followers of this religion Christianity is the “ideal”, but the moral compass is given by the conscience of the individual. A Kasperian is, therefore, one whose religion is as near to Christianity as his conscience, shaped by his circumstances, allows. Moral imperatives have disappeared, absolute truth must yield to conscience, and three second of reflection are enough to understand that to go against one's conscience can't be bad, and is in fact moral, provided we have this “ideal” – which we have just chosen not to follow – somewhere in the back of our mind.

The Cardinal even has the gall to say that the Pope stated the truth, but one must respect people's conscience. Truth is true, but my conscience trumps it; and going against truth is suddenly “pastoral”.

What a double-tongued old heretical b@st@rd this one is.

Kasperianity is a new religion. It is inspired from the Devil. It is, also, rather energetically supported by The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History (TMAHICH), a man with the guts of calling Kasper's theology “serene” and “profound”.

Take care with whom you choose to side, Christ or Kasper.

You might otherwise, one day, look rather foolish. Infinitely so.



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  1. Stunning. Kasper is so tainted with the worldly order of things. A mere child, it seems, would grasp his incoherency. The devilish acrobats he is doing with Truth! Who is buying this dreck? It’s a sure recipe for the near collapse of the Faith.

    • I’d say it goes the other way.

      Millions of people know they are rebelling to the Lord, but are in desperate need of someone who tells them they will be fine.

      Kasper sees the need, and fulfills it.

      Basically, is the product of the people who want to believe in what he says. He did not have to persuade anyone. He found them so already.


  2. This man adores himself.

  3. Kasper is clearly a heretic and speaks for the bishop of rome (his words). In bygone days, we (the catholic church) burnt heretics at the stake. Let us begin burning these heretics at the stake. There is no more middle ground. They ( the modernist of the new church) will gladly lead us all to hell. I am ready to stand up to these schismatics. We have to stop pussy-footing around and tell it like it is…Our Savior and Our Mother expect no less.
    I do not pray for them, because they do not give a goddamn for us.

    • Love the attitude.. until the last line.
      We must pray for them, exactly because they do not give a goddamn for us.
      Not only it could be useful to them. It is certainly useful for us.
      The Fatima prayer every day is, I think, a very good start; but one well said, sincerer hail mary for the bastard of the day is certainly never wasted.

  4. Dear Mundabor, By the grace of God and Our Lady a soul that was lost for decades has been found. Guess what? It wasn’t done via the ‘pastoral’ route of Kasper and the BoR, because it would never have happened, but through sound, old-fashioned(!) Catholic encouragement and teaching and, ultimately, through a holy and faithful priest . Holy Communion was received after many years on the Feast of the Guardian Angels. Deo gratias.

  5. “Millions of people know they are rebelling to the Lord, but are in desperate need of someone who tells them they will be fine.”

    Or, in other words, people desperately crave the ideological cover to enable them to go on thinking that what they are doing is acceptable, and Kasper is providing that cover, in part by accusing those who uphold the Magisterium of being “ideologists”.

    The modern world is awash with ideology, and Kasper has bought into it hook line and sinker. The modern ideology is a moribund mixture of poor philosophy and consumerist, hedonist ideals, de-particularising and commodifying all social and cultural substance and turning it into ‘lifestyle choices’. People, under this ideological regime, have a ‘right’ to a lifestyle choice in the same way that they have a right to a choose their preferred product off a supermarket shelf. Kasper’s pseudo-philosophical word-salad is merely an artificially constructed narrative attempting to ensure that – to put it in the words of the same ideology – “modern, discerning lifestyle-identity consumers continue to preserve a place in their ‘shopping baskets’ for ‘c’atholic brand lifestyle products.”

  6. Genty, what a wonderful story. I need to borrow YOUR guardian angel!

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