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Vatican II-Induced Blindness, And Its Cure

The recent post concerning the heathen masquerading as a Dominican got me thinking a bit more in general.

There is no news of the parishioners of that disgraceful heathen masquerading as a Dominican leaving the parish in droves. I have not read any condemnation coming from local newspapers, or from his bishop. Clearly, in the nuChurch of Vatican II the denial of Christ is business as usual.

I wonder, then, what would it take to wake these people up. And so, I think, should you.

If covering Christ in church so as not to disturb people who are offended by His very sight, in His very home, does not suffice, what would? A priest celebrating Hanukkah? (Oh, wait!), or Ramadan? (Oh! wait!), or allowing a Buddha statue to be posed on a Catholic altar and worshipped? (Oh, wait!)

If this too does not work, what, then? Pope Francis smoking dope in public? They'd think it very cool. Pope Francis officiating a Pinocchio Mass? Oh well, he did it as a Cardinal and “the Holy Ghost wanted him to become Pope” anyway. Pope Francis officiating a Tango Mass? Oh, but our merciful Bishop of Rome loves obscene dances, don't you know?

In short: two generations of dumbing down Catholicism to “God loves ya” Kindergarten stuff level have created sheep who are so uninstructed, or stupid, or presumptuous, or all three together, that there is almost no scandal a priest or even a Pope could not get away with. The official, automatic reaction will always be that he is the priest, or the Pope, and therefore what he does must have his own reasons, and happen with full consent and the quality seal of the Holy Ghost.

I do not see any other possible reaction to this than by being very vocal, brutally so if needs be, about the Truth. Vocal enough, and brutal enough, that at least some of the faithful – the ignorant, rather than the dumb, and certainly not the presumptuous – may be suddenly woken up by the symbolic slap in the face they receive by reading some good, old, unpleasant truths without much fluffing around. A faggot is a faggot. A heretic is a heretic. An infidel is an infidel. Calling faggots “gays” etc. does not change reality one bit; it only helps one to ignore it.

Another element that I find necessary is ridicule. Much as the sensitive souls are scandalised by anything that goes beyond the slightest sign of respectful disapprobation, ridicule is a weapon that was always employed against the enemy, and whose great effectiveness has been recognised since the dawn of time. As there is no enemy worse or more worth fighting than… the Enemy, then ridicule must be employed liberally as a result. Unfortunately I do not see around anywhere near what I think is necessary, particularly referred to TMAHICH; which is another reason why I keep posting about the subject, and the man, the way I do.

The vast majority of Catholics are dumb sheep. Ignorant, stupid, or arrogant. I suspect that in most cases, you could veil Christ and give the church over to Jews for their own heathen worship, and they wouldn't bat an eyelid. The way you open their eyes – or at least try – is by being very blunt, and covering heretics and heathens of all sorts under a truckload of ridicule.

When the “cool” effect is gone, a lot will be achieved. When the masses realise that this Pope is massively criticised by orthodox Catholics, we will be in with a chance. When proud skirt-chasing bishops are shamed in public, lessons might be learned for the next appointment. When heathen Rabbinic Dominicans are shamed and ridiculed, their bishops or superiors might start to take a harder look at their own people. When it is a shame to attend in the church of a Jew masquerading as a Dominican, the sensible souls will eventually open their eyes and attend somewhere else.

This is not tea and scones. This is not about the weather. This is a war. A war waged for the conquest of countless souls, including our very own ones. Every soul is a battlefield. Everyone who takes a seat in front of the keyboard is taking part in the battle, whether it is fought by him or for him. This is not the time for pussyfooting. Heathen is who heathen does, heretic is who heretic does, and the like.

Think of this, and reflect that every soul is more worth than the entire universe, and will exist forever when the universe is long gone. Then, you have the idea of the importance of this very old, but always new war.

The war is ultimately won already, but only as a final result. There is no guarantee we shall see any meaningful victory in our lifetime. Actually, we could live to see utter defeat in entire continents before we die.

Our generation may die defeated in our own continents and lifetime. But please, please let us not allow this to happen because we were afraid of saying “faggot” or “dyke”, or refrained from mocking a Pope not averse to show himself in public in what can only be called facial clown attire, or found it unpleasant to call a Heathenish Dominican a Heathen.

On this earth, we may win or lose. But let us not fight with a hand tied behind our back, and afraid of offending the enemy.



Old And Not Wise

Cardinal Kasper is above Eighty. Hans Kueng is way past that age. The Bishop of Rome, TMAHICH, is rapidly approaching it.

Each in his own way, these three are among the most efficient weapons of the Devil in his battle for your soul. The Cardinal pays lip service to a truth he says you do not have to follow if your conscience dictates otherwise, the Bishop (of Rome; but he is so 'umble, you know…) supports him any way he can short of jumping around like a groupie, the theologian is so far away from even the notion of Christianity he now supports his own home-made religion.

Old men; not very far away from the tomb; spitting on Christ Crucified every day.

Why do they do that? Can they truly be so deluded as to think that the Holy Ghost has allowed the Church to be wrong for 2,000 years? Or are they, perhaps, willing allies of Satan?

No. The simple explanation, if you ask me, is that they have lost the faith. They do not fear any punishment, and want to make the most of the time they still have left.

Pope Francis has John Lennon's “Imagine” sung at one of his “let's slap Catholic decency in the face”-ceremonies, and you know he takes the world “imagine there's no heaven”, “no hell below us” and “above us only sky” very literally. This is why he relentless pursues his own popularity at the cost of Catholicism, spitting on everything Catholics hold as sacred as he builds his monument among the dissenting, the atheists and the heathen.

Cardinal Kasper did not manage to make it to Pope, but he certainly enjoys his long-standing reputation for dissent. It makes him appear as the good guy among millions of Kirchensteuer-paying German soi-disant “c”atholics, for whom he provides the ideal cover and alibi. A very comfortable position to be in if you live in Germany. Besides, Kar-Ching in German sounds exactly the same.

Hans Kueng, the once mediocre Christian, is the one most advanced in his Satanical ways. Even in dying he is so full of himself, that he seems resolute to do so in very public defiance of Christ's laws. Of the three, this is the only one I can imagine celebrating a Black Mass, in order to be “inclusive”, but still not believing in any of it. Actually, even believing in it. Kueng smells of reprobation from as far away as Reykjavik.

Three old men, not at all wise, sliding every day toward the hell that certainly awaits them if they die unrepentant; doing so very publicly, and not caring a bit about the consequences, because they do not think there will be any consequence – or perhaps, in the case of Kueng, are rather fascinated by them -.

These men have, unless they have willfully chosen Satan, lost the faith.

We will keep ours, and die in the faith of our fathers.

Whatever old men, not at all wise, may tell us from whatever pulpit God has allowed them to abuse.



Why We Need The Return of The Sacred Inquisition


Hidden from sight. In His own house.  So that Infidels may not be offended.

Hidden from sight.
In His own house.
So that Infidels may not be offended.


From here:



Holy Family welcomes Beth Tikvah Congregation

Each year, at this time, Beth Tikvah holds services and activities for Rosh Hashanah in our church and throughout our campus. Their Hoffman Estates synagogue is not large enough to host these events and we are delighted to share our beautiful spaces of worship and learning with our Jewish neighbors.

Rosh Hashanah literally means “Head of the Year,” and refers to the celebration of a new Jewish year. This holiday marks the beginning of the Days of Awe, and provides an opportunity to examine our actions from the preceding year through prayer. Rosh Hashanah is a joyous and meaningful holiday celebrated by special customs.

When you see members from Beth Tikvah please give them a warm Holy Family welcome. They will be with us September 24 and 25 and rejoining us for Yom Kippur services on October 3 and 4.


If this would not deserve the stake, I do not know what does.

A “c”atholic priest explains to his parishioners that as the infidels* have not enough space to celebrate their infidel rite, the parish “welcomes” them not to convert, but to consolidate themselves into error and infidelity. In order to do this, Christ will be covered everywhere. We must be sensitive, you know.

The text says “provides an opportunity to examine our actions”, as if we, Catholics, would follow, or need to follow, the Jewish festivities, or if they could be of any profit to us. The stink of “one world religion” is very strong.Then there is the invitation to give a warm welcome to Jews who come to worship their strange religion in the house of the Lord, who is then covered as to not offend their sensitive, heathenish eyes.

This is beyond parody.

Incredibile as it may seem, this appears to be a priest in good standing, not one of those breakaway communities who call themselves “catholic” for reasons of their own invention.

Can’t wait for TMAHICH to praise the man; of course, three seconds before repeating to us that those who do not choose Christ end up choosing the devil.

This pope has deserved these priests. These priests have deserved this Pope.

A rebellious laity unwilling to accept the basics of God’s law has deserved both.

The stake would do a lot of good to this chap (apparently even a Dominican). For once it would do a lot to try to save his soul.

But certainly, it would purify the air from this unbearable stench of heathenism in our own ranks.


*Think twice, and instruct yourself, before posting that “the Jews are not Infidels”.


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