Why We Need The Return of The Sacred Inquisition


Hidden from sight. In His own house.  So that Infidels may not be offended.

Hidden from sight.
In His own house.
So that Infidels may not be offended.


From here:



Holy Family welcomes Beth Tikvah Congregation

Each year, at this time, Beth Tikvah holds services and activities for Rosh Hashanah in our church and throughout our campus. Their Hoffman Estates synagogue is not large enough to host these events and we are delighted to share our beautiful spaces of worship and learning with our Jewish neighbors.

Rosh Hashanah literally means “Head of the Year,” and refers to the celebration of a new Jewish year. This holiday marks the beginning of the Days of Awe, and provides an opportunity to examine our actions from the preceding year through prayer. Rosh Hashanah is a joyous and meaningful holiday celebrated by special customs.

When you see members from Beth Tikvah please give them a warm Holy Family welcome. They will be with us September 24 and 25 and rejoining us for Yom Kippur services on October 3 and 4.


If this would not deserve the stake, I do not know what does.

A “c”atholic priest explains to his parishioners that as the infidels* have not enough space to celebrate their infidel rite, the parish “welcomes” them not to convert, but to consolidate themselves into error and infidelity. In order to do this, Christ will be covered everywhere. We must be sensitive, you know.

The text says “provides an opportunity to examine our actions”, as if we, Catholics, would follow, or need to follow, the Jewish festivities, or if they could be of any profit to us. The stink of “one world religion” is very strong.Then there is the invitation to give a warm welcome to Jews who come to worship their strange religion in the house of the Lord, who is then covered as to not offend their sensitive, heathenish eyes.

This is beyond parody.

Incredibile as it may seem, this appears to be a priest in good standing, not one of those breakaway communities who call themselves “catholic” for reasons of their own invention.

Can’t wait for TMAHICH to praise the man; of course, three seconds before repeating to us that those who do not choose Christ end up choosing the devil.

This pope has deserved these priests. These priests have deserved this Pope.

A rebellious laity unwilling to accept the basics of God’s law has deserved both.

The stake would do a lot of good to this chap (apparently even a Dominican). For once it would do a lot to try to save his soul.

But certainly, it would purify the air from this unbearable stench of heathenism in our own ranks.


*Think twice, and instruct yourself, before posting that “the Jews are not Infidels”.


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  1. “c”atholic presider you mean?

  2. I think calling for the stake is a bit over the top. And calling Jews heathens is really wrong. We should thank them for bringing into a heathen world the ten commandments of God. To being witnesses of righteousness in a pagan world.
    But you are right. We should not let them use our churches because that would be treacherous to God’s Son. It is also false hosptality.

    • Tosh. Facts are facts. Jews are heathens. How you feel about facts is neither here nor there.
      As to the stake, whilst I understand the climate is not entirely favourable, the reason why it is so is that, astonishingly, nowadays God at the bottom of the priorities, and human life at the top.
      Set your priorities right, and you will understand how generations far more Christian than our considered not only normal, but due to punish heresy in the harshest way.

  3. If the people of this parish had any common sense, they would tell the priest that no money would be going into the collection plate until this foolishness ceases!

    • I would honestly never darken the doors of that church anymore, until the heathen Dominican is around.
      Vote with your feet. There might even be a TLM within an hour drive (for those who can).

  4. The pastor Fr Terry lists his resume of his worldly accomplishments: http://holyfamilyparish.org/pastoral-council/

    …which includes basketball, and media/sales positions before priesthood. Then comes the career-ambition path: straight to a diocese job. He also proudly helped establish the Theology on Tap (done in alcohol-serving establishments), praised by Wuerl.

    On that whole page of resumes, only one mentions “Jesus”. One puts REALTOR in caps.

    Typical upper-income libs, desperately wanting to show they are not superficial, but instead are very “caring”. Probably 95% voted for abortion-lover Obama.

    • Mundabor, notice the use of ‘donotlink’, which means you get to the site but don’t use an actual clear link that improves the target site’s search engine position.

      E.g., if a thousand blogs linked to a liberal Catholic site to criticize it, that actually moves the lib site up in search engine results.

      But I see that I slipped up and put the link in the clear anyway… ah well, no editing of comments is possible or I’d take that link out.

    • I had just noticed, and replied. It did not work, though, at least for me.
      Interesting development…

    • I think this is in Scotland?

    • I like that “do not link” thing, but it cannot show the link on my page.
      Will have to websearch.

  5. Nicely written, Mundabor. The modern Church does not like to be candid about the Jews, but what you say is true, and a grave reflection on our churchmen of today.

    One caveat: While your assessment about Pope Francis seems accurate,let us not forget that on this subject, Benedict XVI, John Paul II, and Paul VI did not really differ much, if at all, from the current pope. I respectfully submit that in many, if not most, respects [culture of life and family perhaps being a key exception], Francis is not a sharp break from the previous several popes, and more like carrying through their disturbing stances to a ‘logical’ conclusion.

    • I would put it this way: the predecessors carried with them the plagues’s bubo. With Francis it has exploded.

    • But the greatest difference is that for Francis everything that came before the plague was wrong. You don’t find this even in Paul VI, who made perhaps one major blunder in 15 years for every 20 or 30 of this sober (not always, methinks) drunkard in twenty months.

    • For decades, most of the anti-Christian attacks in America came from Jews, primarily via the ACLU and Hollywood. The ACLU always claimed “separation of church and state”, but they then never objected to the establishment of Muslim prayer rooms in publicly funded schools which sprouted after 9/11. That demonstrates that they were really just anti-Christian all along.

      The atheist groups that have joined in recently are mostly homos, and are almost exclusively anti-Christian.

      The ACLU likely won’t object, though, to the U.S govt recently giving money to USCCB to help illegal immigrants – another double standard, as always from libs.


      My attitude towards all of that: Elder brothers, my butt.

    • I do not have anything against, say, the concept that Jews are nearer to us than Muslims. But heck, if they’re infidels they’re infidels. There is no way to sugarcoat that.
      Also note when Ratzinger spoke of the Jews as the “elder brother”, he also made clear this is the elder brother who is wrong.

  6. *sigh* Can you imagine the Jews of Jesus’ time inviting the local pagans to worship Baal and Molach during new moons in the temple mount? And we have the actual presence of God Himself…body, blood, soul and divinity in our tabernacles/ark of covenant. This priest (not a surprise…the former head of the Dominicans is a nightmare) is re-crucifying Our Lord. I agree…the stake would do his lost soul some good…make some good reparation for his sacrilege. God bless you Mundy:+)

  7. So what? It’s not like the Messiah has really come and made a new Covenant with His people, is it??

  8. quoting Mundabor: I like that “do not link” thing, but it cannot show the link on my page.


    Well no, I slipped up and included the actual link, the donotlink didn’t do that. Sorry for the confusion.

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