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The Francis Archipelago








The shocking news, published on Rorate, of the suspension a divinis of some FFI priests looking for a new religious order is a faithful mirror image of the “mercy” of this Pontificate. A Pontificate which is rapidly distinguishing itself for the brutal illegality of his main actor as much as for the obvious ignorance – or worse – of all things Catholic. And no, for the umpteenth time: a Pope is bound by the rules as long as he does not – if he is allowed in the first place, of course – change them. He is a Pope, not a Satrap.he is bound by the rules as long as they are there. He is the one who is supposed to behave exemplarily in the first place.

Mr Beria – or shall I say Father Volpi – is acting with the brutality of a Soviet Communist Party enforcer, and to think that Francis is not behind all of this is just as brainless as to think that Stalin was in the dark about Beria’s work.

“Soon, soon!” were the words of the Bishop of Rome to the old couple who had given several of their sons to the Order, and asking in so many words when the persecution would end. How Francis must have hated them! How he must have rejoiced in saying to them those words, and thinking “just you wait!”! I wonder if there is still one sensible reader of this blog who has doubts whether The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History (TMAHICH) is entirely appropriate.

It is clear what, in the mind of this man, those words meant: soon, soon will we subject your sons and all their confreres to the most brutal Soviet-Style reeducation camp. Soon, soon will we make them understand that resistance is futile. Soon, soon will we make clear to them that they have nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide. Woe to the bishops who should dare to give them asylum. Woe to those Friars themselves who should entertain such thoughts and dare to act on them: they will be ruthlessly suspended. This, by the by, mere weeks after a dissenting nutcase has been allowed to call himself a priest in good standing again, and has thanked the Bishop of Rome by making a shameless apology of Fidel Castro.

Truly, this Pope is beyond contempt. Truly, he is the ISIS of the Church. Truly, he is the enemy of everything still remaining within the Church that is still orthodox after 50 years of relentless devastation.

And the bullying, the bullying is breathtaking. No confrontation whatever with the SSPX, who would expose him as a little, stupid child with a running nose in no time, if he dared to sound the charge against them. Instead, Stalinian reeducation and unprecedented enforcement of heterodoxy over an entire order; persecution delivered from a mind of which the only thing that can be said for sure is that mercy does not live there; with Catholics, at least.

The Francis Archipelago is now working full steam. After the FFI and Lovieres Plano, others will follow as the Humble Bishop keeps persecuting orthodox bishops like there is no tomorrow. Bishop Finn could, in fact, be the very next.


The Church goes out of every persecution stronger and more confident in the end. However big the damage this man can make (and it can be a huge damage, if the Lord in his wrath keep punishing us with his presence), the end of the campaign is written already: Satan’s complete and utter defeat.

We laymen – bloggers, commenters, fathers, teachers, friends, sons and daughters – must denounce the evil intentions of this godless man as loud as we can: frankly, openly, brutally. Shock your friends at the pub, and let them smile at first when they hear you saying what a disgrace this Pope is. They will smile, I assure you. But just a few phrases of reasoned arguing will get the smartest among them thinking. God works in mysterious ways, but he certainly never measures a priest from the number of followers he has, or indicates to us that the vast majority must be, on the whole, right.

The God of Athanasius, and of Archbishop Lefebvre, is watching us. He wants to see whether we swim with the stinking tide of a pontificate smelling of sheep (and therefore, actually, of shit), or dare to say that true is true and wrong is wrong; and the Pope can smoke whatever he pleases, but he won’t change reality.

The Francis Archipelago is now in full operation. Pray the Lord that we may see it become a relic of the past, like the Gulag one.

But still, reflect that this event is not a matter of if, but only of when.



Why Archbishop Peter Smith Is Wrong Even When He Is Right

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The recent events about the so-called “civil partnerships” give me the occasion to explain why I think that the Church in England is culpably marching toward complete irrelevance even on the rare occasions when she seems to show a couple of milk teeth.

Archbishop Peter Smith has criticised, in unusually (for him) strong words, the plans of this pagan Government to allow so-called “civil partnership” ceremonies to be held in churches. This would seem all in order, if the intervention of Archbishop Smith weren’t the signal that the Church is simply not doing enough, not even remotely, and that she is constantly shooting herself in the foot in the process.

What Archbishop Smith seems not to get (or doesn’t seem interested in getting) is that in a democracy religious freedom is never abolished overnight, but always through a process of continual erosion by which the last concession to the pagan…

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Basic Christianity




1) From the Catholic encyclopedia, entry “infidels”


(Latin in, privative, and fidelis.)

As in ecclesiastical language those who by baptism have received faith in Jesus Christ and have pledged Him their fidelity and called the faithful, so the name infidel is given to those who have not been baptized. The term applies not only to all who are ignorant of the true God, such as pagans of various kinds, but also to those who adore Him but do not recognize Jesus Christ, as Jews, Mohammedans;


Jews are infidels. To think anything else (like, say, that they are not infidels because “they believe in God”) is not only factually wrong, but blasphemous. Jesus IS God. Therefore, he who says that those who do not believe that Jesus is God “believe in the same God” denies the divinity of Jesus.  Which can, in case, be the fruit of sheer ignorance, and not culpable. But not when this is reiterated in an aggressive way, after one has been informed of what is what.

Anyone who dares to sully this blog with “one-world religion” crap will be asked to stay out because he is either too evil to be allowed in, or too stupid for me to have to check every line he writes; the more so, when the crap is even aggressively presented, because life’s too short for this kind of time wasters. And by the by, those who don’t know the basics can move their backsides themselves, because I am not their baby sitter. I needed one second to search the entry “infidel” on the Catholic Encyclopedia; but no, that was too much effort.  

Think before you write.

2) Always from the same genial brain, the accusation – implied, not explicit – that I would, say, want to burn at the stake one billion heretics. God, give me strenght. 

I uphold the teaching and the praxis of the Church of more Christian times, when grave offences made to God and His Church were, and very rightly so, considered infinitely more grave than any murder, for the simple fact that the offence is always also measured to the dignity of the offended; which is why, say, the assassination even of a king is considered a bigger offence than the assassination of a quisque de populo.

In more Christian times, these things were understood. This is why heretics were considered fit for the stake. And no, no one advocated genocide, and even forced conversion of heathens is an extremely rare occurrence in Church history (I only know two episodes of relevance: the Saxons and the Cathars; there might have been others, but certainly it was the exception); but it is clear that when a Catholic priest or layman started to spread heretical bollocks, he was rightly in danger of it.

Blessed times. Times in which the transmission of orthodox Christian thinking, and not the adoration of every human life, was the priority.

This is not understood anymore; firstly, because the modern education system creates idiots with a degree who cannot even spell, much less think; secondly, because the all-pervading “religion of man” makes it impossible to very many to grasp the basic concept that there are things more important than human life.

End of rant.

I do not resent people who do not know things. Some of the assoduous commenters here are people who have commented from the background of wrong ideas and who, upon being put on the right way, have honestly recognised that they had been misinformed.

But I do resent people who don’t know jack and write insulting comments, only showing their ignorance and arrogance, because they can’t be bothered to invest thirty seconds to check whether they are not saying something hugely stupid. 




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