Kasper, The Unhinged Cardinal


Kasper was in excellent form


One says a blogger must be “charitable”.


But it is frankly difficult to stay calm when one has to read things like the latest statement of Cardinal Kasper.

The man has clealry decided that Jesus is the enemy, and everything He has said or His Church has promoted for two thousand years must now be expunged not only from people’s minds, but even from the vocabulary every time this is not convenient for the paying clients of that sad old prostitute to which the Church in Germany has reduced Herself.

Click on the link and follow the perverted logic of this caricature of a bad Cardinal. 

Kasper first makes a small, unavoidable concession, but saying that adulterers are (cough…) not on the same level as sacramentally married couples. That an adulterer is not properly “married” to his new spouse, the new marriage being merely a construction of civil laws, he conveniently does not say. Adulterers are, therefore, not adulterers; they are, instead, merely “not married on the same level”. Who was the chap who said that a man who leaves his wife and married another “is not married on the same level”? Can’t remember now; but take it from me: it wasn’t Jesus…

Once he has let the adulterers past the customs and made them socially acceptable, the Cardinal can move on to explain to us intolerant bigots the many virtues of scandalous, adulterous relationships. He proceeds, then, to explain to us that where there is a scandalous, adulterous relationship

“There is love, there is commitment, there is exclusivity, it is forever”.

Let us leave apart for a moment the astonishing stupidity of saying “it is forever” when, actually, there is a sacramental marriage that is, itself, until death, and the same civil laws allow for an undetermined number of further marriages who are, all of them, supposed to be “forever”. 

Look, instead, at the emotional fluffing of this man as he puts his tongue firmly on the boots of his paying clients: “luv”, that is a mere human construct and in conflict with the duty owed to the real spouse. “Commitment”, that is in fact the breaking of a commitment already taken in front of Christ; “exclusivity”, which in itself means perfectly nothing, as a man could be very faithful to the dog he screws. And then, the “forever”, which is truly beyond stupid as already stated. 

Then, the Cardinal goes on, and he lets the real bomb explode.

If there is so much that is good in these good people, then they muct not be called “adulterers”. His words are from the manual of the PC sissy.

“to tell them that’s adultery, permanent adultery, I think they would feel insulted and offended.”

Firstly, the Cardinal’s is a fight against reality. It is permanent adultery; a very stable and public one. Secondly, note again the emotional appeal to how people “feel”. He “thinks” they would “feel” offended.

I bet they will! Truth hurts! Since when is this, though, a reason not to tell the truth? 

Have pity for the poor Jesus, the socially awkward chap who went around saying all those insensitive things. Is anyone among you who things when Jesus pronounced his famous words (which, as always in the Gospel stories, must have been pronounced on several occasions) there were no people listening, to whom he was saying, in their faces, “you are adulterers”? Do you think they were pleased? Do you not know that was a world in which a woman’s adultery was supposed to be punished with the stoning, and that of a man with social contempt?

No. Jesus spoke bluntly and openly, and the fact that there were people around who would feel “offended” was just nowhere. Why? Because Jesus loved them. 

Cardinal Kasper does not love the adulterers. What he loves is their approval for himself, and their money for the Church in Germany.

In the pursuit of his goals, the man is now mounting an open, frontal attack on Jesus. This entire synod is, in its motives and inspiration, a frontal attack on Jesus, and if its puppet masters (starting with TMAHICH) renounce to make this frontal attack very public it will be only because they deem the times not ripe, but certainly not for lack of will.

Cardinal Kasper is 81. At this age, and with that title, he should know better than to be an old, dirty, wrinkly, saggy prostitute of his German Kirchensteuer-paying customers.

Say a Hail Mary for him, that he may repent before the day of the redde rationem arrives. Make it three, because this one is a real prostitute. 

There you have it.

Charity in truth.


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  1. BRAVO! Mirrors a recent post of mine. This Cardinal is no friend either of Christ or the Faith. And most certainly not of any Catholic Family…

  2. It’s getting to the point where I read things and think to myself, “Oh no.
    Wait until Mundabor reads this crap!”

  3. Many thanks for yet another great post that is very helpful to appreciate and understand what is really being said, avoiding being deceived by a casual reading

  4. RemnantoftheFaith

    This man has no concern about insulting or offending the Just Judge, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Surely, adultery and every other abominable sin offends Him, but the Cardinal isn’t interested in acknowledging that because he doesn’t have the Faith, nor does He believe what Our Lord said in Sacred Scripture, which he diabolically attacks.

    The Cardinal not only pats adulterers on the back on their way to hell, but he happily paves the highway for them.

    And Vatican II, Part II begins today… Brace yourself…

  5. …and it gets worse. He said that homosexual unions ‘lived with faithfulness’ have a ‘value’. So we know where the next stop is on this journey of renewal and charity.

  6. Cardinal Kasper is a clear enemy of Our Lord and His Holy Church. He is a danger to people’s souls, and ought to be avoided. Keep one’s children and other vulnerable people away from such people who lead souls to lies and death.

  7. kasper said:

    ““to tell them that’s adultery, permanent adultery, I think they would feel insulted and offended.”


    The beginning of Wisdom
    Is Fear of the Lord
    So Wisdom with age
    I’ve seen no accord.

    So you’ve lived eight decades
    Seen the world more than twice
    But what have you learned
    That sinners are nice?

    That sinners eat
    And sinners drink
    And sinners read
    And sinners think

    And sinners have
    Sincere desires
    Like remodeling rooms
    With art that inspires

    And compels one to lift
    His goblet of wine,
    To toast all we want
    And make want, what is mine

    So all in modern
    Shall acknowledge their versions
    Of propriety

    And when you die
    They’ll bring goblets, blessed lockets…
    But they’ll realize too late…
    Kasper’s shroud has no pockets!

    • Good One, LS! It follows along with the theme song of all who live by their passions, “Feelings” by Morris Albert. Oh… and their signature movie: “Love Story”, where their “luv means never having to say yur sorry”…not even to Christ.

  8. Just another ‘Amazin’ Man’.

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