Baldisseri, The Unmerciful Cardinal

Maybe you shouldn't be the Secretary General of the Synod...

Maybe you shouldn’t be the Secretary General of the Synod…


“You should come up here if you know everything, maybe you should be a Synod Father.”

Can anyone imagine a Cardinal in an important position under, say, Pope Benedict, giving an answer of this sort because a journalist is making his job and posing questions about the lack of transparency in this Synod?

Am I the only one who has the impression the new Francis-style is as arrogant and reckless in practice as it proclaims to be humble and merciful in theory?

Mind: this is not your blogger, or even journalist, confronted with an obnoxious commenter.

This is a journalist making his job. This is the Cardinal who invited him.

The Cardinal who invited him so that he may pose questions.





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  1. The Synod is a cynical fix and the Pope’s advice to priests to act ‘pastorally’ made in the last few days is another intervention giving the Synod members a strong hint as to what their ‘collegial’ view should be, if they want to ‘keep in his good books’.

  2. This is an actual quote from the ‘cardinal’? Priceless. It’s a gem, worthy of putting himself up for the next BOR opening. He will have to polish it a bit I think…

    What gall! To abruptly criticize those opposed to their shocking plans. The good news is, someone is making him mad. I hope there are enough people complaining, so as to put the fear of God into the whole cabal!

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