Meet Father Nemo




My dear readers, this is an important day in the life of this blog.

Today I introduce you to Father Nemo.

Father Nemo is a fictional, but very real newly ordained priest. He is fed up with the climate of intimidation he sees around him in his diocese after all he had to endure in the Seminary. Father Nemo wants to blog, but he has more than the suspicion that this is not going to end well for his blog – and possibly for him – anytime soon. He is also smart enough to see that the chill wind currently blowing might go on for decades, and every respite in, say, Benedict-style might well be only temporary.

Father Nemo is in a particularly delicate position, but the principles applied to him are valid for everyone else: Blogger Nemo, Anti-Communist Activist Nemo, Whistleblower Nemo, even Bishop Nemo, or Cardinal Nemo! Father Nemo might even be, say, Chinese or from another repressive regime.

Father Nemo is not very Internet savvy, but he is smart and of good will. He will search the Internet to educate himself about how to do things properly, and by that I mean properly. Father Nemo knows that he would never be able to resist investigation from a Western Government set on knowing who he is; but at the same time, he believes his kind of activity does not warrant this kind of eventuality, not in most countries at least. Certainly, Father Nemo (particularly if he lives in Countries like, say, Cuba, or the United States) wants to have as much security as a blogger can have, within reason and a bit of effort. Certainly, he wants to be free from the prying eyes of his bishop, or of some “enterprising” hacking journalist in British style; or employer, or ruling party, or mother-in-law: you name it.  

This blogger hopes that Father Titius, Caius or Sempronius will, one day, land on this blog, and be thankful for the information he finds. It goes without saying that for this, the knowledge of your humble blogger is utterly inadequate. But others will, no doubt, step in to help him, and perhaps they will be kind enough as to ask their internet friends – anonymity on the Net is now, for obvious reasons, a big issue – to help the readers of this little effort.

Brick by brick, a little Vademecum for the Anonymous Blogger will be created, updated and improved constantly.

This is, therefore, the first post of a work in progress. A suitable space will be found on the main page to have this information accessible at all times to everyone.

Every post will deal with only one issue. Interesting other issues will generate further posts, but everything will be kept simple and with a step-by-step (ahem: brick-to-brick) approach. Particular attention will be given to everyday language and easy to follow technical advice. Costs will have to be incurred, but it will be endeavoured to keep them to a minimum; bearing in mind that, within reason, Father Nemo prefers expenses to blog demise, or worse.

The idea is that in time, more and more priests like Titius, Caius and Sempronius (or laymen, anti-communist activists, Bishops, or Cardinals) will land on this blog and, after careful reflection, will say to themselves:

I am Father Nemo.



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