Reblog: Ten Reasons For The Anonymity Of Catholic Bloggers

Ten Reasons For The Anonymity Of Catholic Bloggers

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  1. Hey Mundabor, wonder if you ever saw this post from Unam Sanctam Catholicam on anonymous blogging?

    Also, I agree with you totally. Unless you are trying to make $$$, there is really no good reason why any sane person would want to blog about religious subjects under their true name.

    • I agree with you.

      As to the anonymity (a theme also touched by the post you link to) I have the impression in many cases ego does play a role: This is the blog of (put my name here). I will write sugary things that looks so well and then ask all my neighbours, the people in my prayer group, and my relatives – of which I nnever understood why they do not astonish at the sheer quantity of my wisdom – whether they have read my latest piece. if they haven’t, I will be offended.

      Yes, I have known people like that. They don’t blog anonymously. If they *had to*, they’d prefer not to blog.

      Anonymous means to be free free from both slander and flattery (of one’s own name and public image, I mean). it is the real embodiment of disintersted work in normal countries, and protects one from persecution or mobbing or stalking or whatever else in stranger countries.

      I smile at people who complain that they get hate email, and tweets, and their families are upset. Wouldn’t have been smarter not to have this situation in the first place?

      But no: one had to see his name as “published”.



  2. In U.S. history, Thomas Payne and Ben Franklin wrote anonymously during the struggle against the occupying British rule. When the battle of Lexington and Concord took place, the British regarded the Yanks who were (wisely) firing from behind trees and stone walls as “cowardly”. The Yanks were supposed to stand up in the clear and get shot down by the numerically superior forces.

    Wellington at Waterloo had his forces lie down behind hills so as not to get mowed down by Napolean’s cannonballs.

    It’s been for years so corny to accuse anyone of being an “anonymous coward” that many people jokingly use that phrase as their posting ID.

    Yes, in our times, if you are on the side of the good then you have a duty to not deliver yourself up to the powers-that-be for reprisals. I suppose people who are retired have more latitude, so more power to them.

  3. Sept 2014 “A secret program to monitor students’ online activities began quietly in Huntsville schools, following a phone call from the NSA, school officials say… [The NSA spokesman denied it and] said any information about a domestic safety issue would be sent to another federal agency, like the FBI.”

    So the NSA sort of denies it. The head of the NSA also had appeared before congress not too long ago to admit that he had lied to congress in the past. He said he had the absolute right to lie to anyone at any time because of national security. Then he promised he wouldn’t lie to congress again 🙂

    Meanwhile, Obama isn’t spying on everybody because he is against Muslims. Likewise, when the Clinton gang got into power in 1992, they immediately set about carting huge numbers of files from the FBI to the White House to use against their political enemies.

  4. Okay, eyes on this page.

  5. never mind I see your other post on anonymity now. will comment there later today

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