Synod: One Sentence Will Be Enough



The Synod has started, and everything is going according to plan.

After painting the devil on the wall, Kasper & The Brothel Girls are now assuring us that doctrine can’t be changed. As if it could, anyway.

This will allow Kasper and his happy girls to present themselves, after the terrain has been carefully prepared, as respectful of orthodoxy and, therefore, with the right credentials to speak a word or two on behalf of the “suffering humanity”; that is, all those people for whom mortal sin and open scandal, you see, “just happened”, but would now be terribly offended if they were told so.

No. Doctrine will not be “changed”. Two and Two will also continue to be, very officially and with Papal approval, Four. But the “pastoral practice” – that is: the way the Church works in everyday life – will be officially decoupled from doctrine.

The aim is to defend Church doctrine as “the ideal”, and to allow open sin and public scandal as, well, the praxis.

Ideally, you should not kill.


How will this be achieved?

The first part has already been accomplished: the creation of a widespread expectation, in certain Countries, that the prostitutes will do what the Kirchensteuer paying clients want: shut up, and please them already.

The second part is being completed in these very days, with the assurance that the Pollyannas can sleep peaceful nights. The oh church oh doctrine is not going to, oh, change. Isn’t this, oh, sooo, oh, beautiful? Isn’t the, oh, Holy Ghost doing, ooohh, overtime?

The third and last part will be the use, in the concluding document – this year, or next year at the latest – of some winged words able to be used by the Brothel Girls as a testimony that the Church “listens”; or “is merciful”; or crap like that. I can smell the stench already.

Cue the army of concubines and their friends, greeting the synod as a historical event and praising Bishop Francis The Oh So Merciful to the sky. Cue the army of slaving, opportunistic, weathervane bloggers of the “Patheos” ilk explaining to us why a new and wonderful phase in the history of the Church is about to begin. Cue mass media bloggers telling us “ten things to know and share” about why everything has happened, but there’s nothing that has really happened. Cue the army of Pollyannas invading the world’s Comboxes with their sugary songs of thanksgiving for the purity of the doctrine, now left intact, far above in the skies, there to look at a world below that does not care for it.

The “change in pastoral approach” by “keeping the doctrine unchanged” will be universally praised. The rape will begin. Soon, what was fine up to now will be considered unbearably backwards, as the Brothel Girls explain to the world how the Church “has changed” in her “pastoral approach”. Woe, then, to those priest who dare to complain. The concubines will run en masse to the bishop, complaining; and the bishop will explain to the priest that he really, really has to get the new climate of mercy.

A few will refuse. Most will comply. Francis & Co. know this perfectly well. No human force can stop them, because there is no human mechanism to stop a Pope gone astray.

Do not think that, in order to go on with the programme, very official pronouncements will be necessary. One single sentence, well placed and fed to the world press as the implicit, but very real key of interpretation, will be enough. We live in a world of diffused stupidity and effeminate emotionalism. The feeling, the climate, the general mood is what really counts; and it is what TMAHICH has been pumping up (and pimping up) since that fateful evening in March 2013.

The Great Rape Of The Church will then begin. Not in theory. No! God forbid! Um Gottes Willen!

Merely in practice!

Next stop: Sodomites…



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  1. Let us continue to pray and offer sacrifices that his most feasible of scenarios is lessened or miraculously does not come about.

  2. Most of the damage has already been done, and over a long time. It has just become more explicit, intense and Pope-led since Pope Francis stepped out on the balcony of St Peter’s on that terrible April day.

  3. My Faith was questionable. Now it is shaken up. I was once proud to be called a catholic, not any more

    • Do not waver.
      Countless of our ancestors have had similar problems, and have gone through famine, war and pestilence.
      We can’t start to be shaken because the Pope is bad.

    • I understand what it feels like to get ‘shaken up’ by stuff like this. It can be depressing. I just remind myself of one thing: it has all been foretold countless times through the same teaching of The Church, starting from Scripture. The wheat and the tares for example, showing how the coming to fruition of the tares reveals them to be ‘fake wheat’; the direct words of Our Lord foretelling false teachers, and forewarning us to know them by their fruits. The Apostles moreover, reminding us again and again throughout the epistles, not to mention countless Saints, as well as Fatima and other prophetic events in the history of The Church.

      To see, at first hand, how the reality of those warnings is being born out in the words and actions we witness coming from the highest echelons of the Church of Rome, is almost incomprehensible to behold. One cannot but wonder how these modernist even dare. Witness the brazen will along with the subtle and clever – one might well say weaselly – attack, the sheer arrogance of it.

      They speak of the modern ‘reality’ as though adulterous second ‘marriages’ were a fact like atoms are facts, “just a thing that nature does”, an ontological consistency to be contended with. This move, by which they create a pseudo-correlation between contingent social elements like divorce and remarriage on the one hand and objective ‘reality’ on the other, just shows how bought-in to the modern neo-liberal ideology they truly are.

      On my journey back to the Church one of the things I was contending with in life, and which The Church’s Magsterium answered clearly and spectacularly, was the question of the force of ideology. The answer to this perennial question was given to mankind long ago. It is the teachings of Christ and of the True Faith which is the ultimate antidote to ideology, which is no-doubt one reason why the Church is under such attack from within today.

      There will be a harvest, the sheep and the goats will be separated, the tares will be burned up. Things are proceeding according to God’s own will, now is not the time to lose faith, but to be awake. Yes it’s shocking, but there’s nothing like a good shock to wake us up.

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