Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi, Lex Vivendi… And Lex Dicendi





First you may want to read here.

Then, you may want to read here.

And as you are there, you may want to re-read what I have published mere hours ago, here.

One thing is certain: the smoke of Satan is filling the air of this Synod.


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  1. The evil is palpable even here 8000 miles away. Praying mightily to all my faves–St. Thomas More, St. Margaret Clitherow, St. Pio the Padre, St. Pius X. Keeping up via Rorate, Father Z., the Eponymous Flower, and others. Cannot imagine how torturous it must be for Cardinal Burke. It’s surreal, really. Pope Emeritus Benedict is on retreat. What is going through his fine mind? What is God’s plan? I feel great, great pain because I want a strong beacon of Truth for my children, not a hidden remnant of Faithful that will be difficult to discern in the convulsions of evil rocking society. The Remnant also has some chilling prognostications, but perhaps you cited those. Pray, pray, and pray some more.

  2. Judging by the time it is taking to load, that ‘Life Site’ page is taking a lot of hits right now. It looks like your reading of the situation is being vindicated, sadly.

    Exactly, the war of attrition by rumour and speculation goes to a new level. Kasper is using some very bad philosophy that amounts to nothing more than historicist propaganda masquerading as ‘pastoral theology’, but which aims at the dislocation of ‘praxis’ or as it used to be called: the lex vivendi, from doctrine or lex credendi (having already undermined the latter through changes to the lex orandi aka the liturgy). As always it comes down to those pesky things called words. The Church has long understood clearly the importance of an unbreakable relationship between words and things, as clearly these Churchmen of today do (else they wouldn’t be debating proposals about words). What we are seeing is attempts to formulate exceptions to the established order of things, to invent new ‘things’ demanding new language and new understandings.

    As VII shows, you only need to leave the door open for Clown Masses – there’s nothing about Coco the Communion Clown in any VII documents after all. An ambiguous compromise formula here, a little inventiveness there, and before you know it the samba band warming up for the Mardis Gras Mass for Men Who Lie With Men quicker than you can say “who am I to judge?”

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