Synod: Why The Secrecy

We are informed that the content of the interventions of the participants of the Synod will not be revealed. Not as record of their speech, and not even as excerpt.

This tells me that what is wanted is a “no taboos” discussion, in which every participant can say whatever he pleases without fear of losing face with the world's Catholics, particularly if he discovers he has leant too far out of the window sill and he is left isolated, and looking stupid.

In this way, Francis and his minions will be able to gauge the level of heresy on a worldwide scale, that is: they will be able to test what can be swallowed without open calls of heresy, and what not.

This “phase 1” of the Synod might already come up with something truly troubling; but in the end, it can also be seen as stage 1 of a great mess, and in this scenario it makes sense to break taboos now, go back to one's diocese, and prepare the ground for another year – at the end of which what is taboo now will not be taboo anymore – before the great historical events in which the Holy Ghost will, according to them, more or less speak very personally to every damn heretical bastard wearing a red, or purple, habit.

Taboos are broken by degrees. First the breaking is discussed among bishops and cardinals; then a dozen of them or so give interviews airing “possible ways”. Other bishops and cardinals react angrily. Suddenly you have a “debate”. Pope Francis summons the next synod to discuss the breaking of taboos.

Yep. It's what is happening already with communion for public adulterers.


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  1. “We are informed that the content of the interventions of the participants of the Synod will not be revealed. Not as record of their speech, and not even as excerpt.”

    How bizarre. I wonder if there’s a precedent for that. Clearly the reason is as you said.

  2. Fr.DuffyFighting69th

    For many of us who have been watching Church events closely over the last few years, what is happening now at the Synod is the realization of many of our fears. I believe it is important for all of us to reset our relationship with the Holy Trinity and the Blessed Mother, to solidify our commitment to the TRUE teachings of the Faith, and to gird our spiritual loins for the coming battle. Because it will be a battle. And one with profound implications for the souls of the faithful.

  3. I suspect that the combination of Pope Francis requesting “frank debate” and the press being kept in the dark as to who says what is not entirely uninfluenced by the fact that the canons of the Council of Trent call for the immediate excommunication (!) of anyone who “shall presume to teach, preach, or obstinately to assert, or even in public disputation to defend” the thesis that those guilty of mortal sin – such as those living in permanently adulterous unions (Session 24, Canon 7) – need not contritely repent of their sin and receive absolution in sacramental confession before receiving Holy Communion (Session 13, Canon 11). That canon alone would eliminate most of the German contingent of Synod Fathers before the conclusion of the first day’s business!

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