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Synod: Back To Basics

I read around rather funny calls from Catholic bloggers and commenters – mostly, of dubious orthodoxy – for a better marketing.

They ask: “How can we express the beauty of marriage in new ways? How can we explain it to people in ways they can relate to? How can we make God’s message more involving, more exciting, more fun?”

Mundabor has a simple answer to this: we don’t have to, because it’s not to be done in the first place. Christianity is very harsh. Marriage isn’t easy. It never was, it never will be. Life, in general, isn’t an amusement park, or easy, or even fair.

Let’s stop kidding ourselves that we have a right to the amusement park. Let’s go back to basics instead. Let us stop with the fluffy talking, the inclusive nonsense, the “space for love” thinly veiled heresy, which means “I want to have my cake and eat it, otherwise I will feel betrayed”.

The reason why concubinage and adultery are not allowed is, at the very bottom of things, hell. This is what people must be said: if you live in sin, you expose yourself to a very, very concrete risk of hell. That’s it. No, really. No, shut up. End of discussion. No debate. No democracy. No fluffy words.

Death. Judgment. Hell. Heaven. These are the concepts that must be repeated again and again. I’d add a fifth one for completeness: shut up.

Some examples.

“I don’t like Church teaching on marriage”. It’s not supposed to be easy. Shut up.

“This is not inclusive”. Says you. Shut up.

“I want more space for love!”. Plenty of space in hell. Shut up.

“You are not listening to me!”. You are not worth listening. Shut up.

“You are being divisive!” Jesus came with a sword. Shut up.

“I feel excluded!” If you love Him, keep His Commandment. Shut up.

I could go on, but you get the drift. Simple truths, simply said. Harsh realities explained, because people need to be told that these realities are far more real than their own “inclusiveness” fantasies, and to ignore them is not an exercise in democratic thinking, but an act of rebellion.

At the end of all, it’s heaven or hell, and the danger of the second is very, very real.

This is what people must be said. Loud and clear. When this is understood, all the rest follows. Until this is understood, heresy and dissent will be everywhere.

Enough with the marketing exercise. Jesus wasn’t a marketing man, telling the crowds how “excited” he was for the “launch” of his “new product”.

Jesus was very blunt, brutally clear, and never worried of popular acceptance. Actually, he said the “product” is so difficult to accept, one must be able to quarrel with his parents for it. Not very fun or exciting stuff, is it?

He who believes in Fluffy Jesus should read the Gospels for a change.

Forget the marketing. Let’s go back to basics.


Synod: Let The Leaking Begin

The unprecedented step of a synod reminding one of the Soviet Politburo was, very obviously, taken so that the most shameless prelates may discuss in private what they would not – at least for now – dare to say in public.

We have already seen that this is working, with even the idea of leaving aside those nasty words like “sin” being floated around. TMAHICH is, no doubt, rejoicing.

The way I see it, there is one simple way to at least damage, if not altogether stop, this mechanism: leaking like there's no tomorrow.

Bishop Titius proposes something outlandish – say: ceremonies of “collective forgiveness” with concubines, where they are collectively absolved and can then line up for communion; things like that -. His proposal in on the blogosphere the day after, with his Christian name, family name, diocese, and photos of his residence. I doubt many others will feel encouraged to continue with the exercise.

The secrecy is there to encourage the breaking of taboos. The leaking would make this shame public, and help to stop the worst from happening. TMAHICH would soon discover it's not so easy to stage a worldwide demolition exercise.

Dear Bishops and Cardinals of good will, if anyone is reading me now, please take my words to heart.

Let the leaking begin.


Back to Basics: Works of Mercy

From Benedict’s time: “Back to Basics: Works of Mercy”

Mundabor's Blog

Every now and then, some archbishop forgets bishopese and start talking like a bishop.

This time, Archbishop Carlson of St. Louis reminds us of the importance of praying for the dead.

Archbishop Carlson is politically incorrect for several reasons:

1) he reminds us of a typical Catholic teaching, the communion of saints. One wonders how many young Catholics – yes, even those in Madrid – would, when asked, be able to answer correctly as to what it is;

2) he reminds us of the importance of prayer;

3) he reminds us of the value that we as Catholics put on works of mercy;

4) he reminds us that our relatives and beloved in Purgatory need our prayers.

This clearly goes against a certain liberal, tambourine-armed mentality according to which canonisation by acclamation follows death and we shouldn’t do things so much differently than our brothers in Christ…

View original post 143 more words

The Baptist In The Time Of Mercy

Father Nemo Needs A VPN Service

Father Nemo (all of them) thanks all of you for the invaluable help you are giving him. As the discussion about Father's Notebook goes on, he has asked me to ask you for input about VPN services.

Besides having a computer “clean” of “hackable” personal data, Father told me he considers a VPN a second indispensable line of defence. Possibly, in fact, even more indispensable than one's own dedicated blogging device. He will, in fact, construct the blog as an entirely foreign entity; say, if he is German, he could blog exclusively from blogs in Australia, and in English. This way, the German Gaystapo could not unleash the Gay Prosecutors against him, because last time I looked english was not covered by the German anti-freedom, SodoNazi laws, and German Faggot would first have to persuade the prosecutors the offender is from Germany. Still, even for a British or US Father Nemo a VPN is indispensable if he wants to protect himself from Google fags and other criminal perverts.

Father asks the following:

1. What are the best *free* VPN services. “Best” means here not “fast”, but giving an excellent level of protection, equal to or comparable to the one of the paying clients. If the service is slow or the choice of servers limited, so be it for Father Nemo; albeit Vater Niemand, the German, may want to have more flexibility.

Far more important is, for example, that the service does not store any data at all about him and his surfing activity, or that they are located in a jurisdiction that does not require them to store such data, much less make them available to the government (I do not mean prosecutors of a Free Country here; I mean the police of less free ones, like Belarus, or Germany).

2. What are the best *paid* services. Father has no problem paying his $50 or so a year, but he is more worried about the VPN service having his own data and identity. Possibly an excessive worry, but still…

This leads us to Father's next question

3. Which services you would recommend, that can be paid with bitcoins.

(Alas, Father knows nothing of Bitcoin; this is for another day).

Now we must consider this, that Father Nemo lives in a Western Country; but he also lives in Countries like Cuba, Hong Kong, or mainland China. He might live in a Country where speed connection is suboptimal, or the Internet heavily monitored. His VPN must therefore be as anonymous as possible, but at the same time reliable.

Ideally, the worthy commenter should have two Fathers in mind: Father Nemo, located in, say, UK, and Padre Nemo, located in Cuba, or Venezuela. Vater Niemand – the German priest – should be seen as nearer to Padre if he plans to ruffle the feather of the German, or Austrian, Gaystapo. Which he obviously should, at least in English.

Father Nemo might, importantly, be located in the Vatican, and the factual disappearance of pageviews from Vatican servers after I mentioned that I receive visits from there tells you a lot about the climate over there.

Waiting for your valuable input, Father Nemo thanks you heartily.



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