Synod: Back To Basics

I read around rather funny calls from Catholic bloggers and commenters – mostly, of dubious orthodoxy – for a better marketing.

They ask: “How can we express the beauty of marriage in new ways? How can we explain it to people in ways they can relate to? How can we make God’s message more involving, more exciting, more fun?”

Mundabor has a simple answer to this: we don’t have to, because it’s not to be done in the first place. Christianity is very harsh. Marriage isn’t easy. It never was, it never will be. Life, in general, isn’t an amusement park, or easy, or even fair.

Let’s stop kidding ourselves that we have a right to the amusement park. Let’s go back to basics instead. Let us stop with the fluffy talking, the inclusive nonsense, the “space for love” thinly veiled heresy, which means “I want to have my cake and eat it, otherwise I will feel betrayed”.

The reason why concubinage and adultery are not allowed is, at the very bottom of things, hell. This is what people must be said: if you live in sin, you expose yourself to a very, very concrete risk of hell. That’s it. No, really. No, shut up. End of discussion. No debate. No democracy. No fluffy words.

Death. Judgment. Hell. Heaven. These are the concepts that must be repeated again and again. I’d add a fifth one for completeness: shut up.

Some examples.

“I don’t like Church teaching on marriage”. It’s not supposed to be easy. Shut up.

“This is not inclusive”. Says you. Shut up.

“I want more space for love!”. Plenty of space in hell. Shut up.

“You are not listening to me!”. You are not worth listening. Shut up.

“You are being divisive!” Jesus came with a sword. Shut up.

“I feel excluded!” If you love Him, keep His Commandment. Shut up.

I could go on, but you get the drift. Simple truths, simply said. Harsh realities explained, because people need to be told that these realities are far more real than their own “inclusiveness” fantasies, and to ignore them is not an exercise in democratic thinking, but an act of rebellion.

At the end of all, it’s heaven or hell, and the danger of the second is very, very real.

This is what people must be said. Loud and clear. When this is understood, all the rest follows. Until this is understood, heresy and dissent will be everywhere.

Enough with the marketing exercise. Jesus wasn’t a marketing man, telling the crowds how “excited” he was for the “launch” of his “new product”.

Jesus was very blunt, brutally clear, and never worried of popular acceptance. Actually, he said the “product” is so difficult to accept, one must be able to quarrel with his parents for it. Not very fun or exciting stuff, is it?

He who believes in Fluffy Jesus should read the Gospels for a change.

Forget the marketing. Let’s go back to basics.


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  1. Had to de-lurk and say THANK YOU for stating it so simply.

    Any churchman who bids the faithful to ignore the four last things is a wolf, plain and simple. Tell them, Father. Tell them, Excellency. Tell them, Holiness. Hell is real, and you (we) might go there. If you miss telling them that, you’ve missed everything, including your own soul.

  2. You’re like Mom was…called black black and white white. Much to the angst of us kids. Truth hurts, but Hell will hurt a lot worse. Too bad too many have been told there is only Death and Heaven, Judgment and Hell having been neutered for the past 5 decades.

  3. Our Lord’s Church was created for the salvation of souls, not for their indulgence in sins of the flesh, the world or the devil.

  4. The Henry VIII Memorial Synod, or should we say “Sin-Nod” proceeds apace.
    As do other crimes against the human race.
    “Fair is foul and foul is fair!”
    Shriek the crones as they circle in the air.
    Thrilled that a clerical client of theirs
    Hath asended to the top of the papal stairs.

  5. I had to interrupt my husband on his computer ( as I wiped my laughter tears away) to show
    him this article. We loved the contents and Hear! Hear!

    BTW. Richard ( Linen on the Hedgerow) is still “with us” so keep up the prayers. I am hoping Pius the 12th would intervene miraculously as they may be putting him forward for canonization. I know someone with a relic.

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