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Faggots Ante Portas

Loves Pope Francis.


As the disgraceful Synod begins, an army of perverts is converging on Rome like it’s June 1944.

I wonder how many among even the most hardened, professional Pollyannas will still pretend to believe perverts must be accepted as perverts within the Church; as if their proclaimed perversion did not, in actual fact, translate not only in perverted activity, but in the perversion of the Church.

Whilst the urban legends of homosexual saints are clearly tosh, it is certainly possible that a person afflicted by this horrible perversion reacts to it in the right way and decides that his homosexuality must be not embraced or whitewashed, but on the contrary fought against and lived for what it is: a horrible perversion that must be fought against until death. The various groups like Courage, and the counsellors now under increasing persecution in the United States, do just that: they help people on the wrong (per) direction (versio) to find the right one.

Yours truly does not throw his arrows against the homosexual – or the pedophile, the incestuous, the one affected by bestiality – who recognises his problem, sees it for what it is, and acts accordingly out of fear of the Lord and love for His Church. The attentive reader will immediately notice that I never call such people “faggots”. In this, yours truly thinks he is fully in line with the thinking of the Church not only after, but also before V II, in which is the only guarantee of orthodoxy. Homosexuality is a huge problem. The serene acknowledgment of it, and the awareness of the absolute necessity to put an end to homosexual behaviour, is already a great step. May those so honest get rid of their affliction in this life, and be richly rewarded in the next.

But I draw a line in the sand whenever I hear hypocritical, subversive talk of “acceptance” and “inclusiveness” of homosexuality.

Did the Church every “accept” pedophilia? Did she ever “include” incest? Of course, of course she calls the pedophiles and the incestuous to repentance! But never would she, lest she betrays her role, consider such horrible perversions as acceptable in themselves!

The Church loves the person because he is an immortal soul. She does not love the person as sinner, much less accepts or includes his perversion. This must be repeated again and again, because it appears thickness is rather well spread among Catholic – or pretended such – keyboards.

Another basic concept most “everyday Catholics” do not get – which is utterly disquieting – is the obvious distinction between sins that go with nature, and sins that go against it. It must truly be a perverted generation the one that does not get basic principles not only of common sense, but of the god-given order of the world.

The affirmation that, say, “the church calls homosexuals to chastity, but then she does the same with heterosexual people too” is, at its root, profoundly subversive. It sends the message that the one or the other sexuality are the same in the eyes of the Lord, and therefore the same rules are applied. It also sends the message that homosexual attraction is in itself fine – a misconception held by many a perverted mind nowadays – and the problem only begins when penises start floating around looking for the wrongest possible places.

This is not only bollocks, but perverted bollocks, and I defy any of these “understanding” Catholics to tell me they would know, on being informed that their son is attracted to boys, think it just fine, provided no sodomy occurs. Whereas the same father would proudly acknowledge his son’s attraction to girls and, in fact, think it just fine, because that’s exactly how it is. In this latter case, the attraction is fine even if fornication occurs, because in this latter case what is wrong is the fornication, not the attraction. The attraction for the opposite sex is from God, from the same one is from the Devil.

All this is lost nowadays. The desire to please perverts is such, that their very perversion is swept under the carpet, and downplayed in every possible and impossible way.

This is indecent, and outright disgusting. It reminds me of the Eighties, when the liberal press insisted in telling us how “natural” sexuality in children is; no doubt, because there were a lot of pedophile journalists then, exactly as there are a lot of homosexual journalists now.

Now, an army of faggots and dyke converge on Rome like it’s June 1944; they do so because they smell the blood, and they know that I do not say hostility, but not even laughter and ridicule will submerge them.

This is a clear sign of how deep we have sunk into the moral abyss: that perverts have become an accepted part of our everyday life, people whose “feelings” should not be “hurt”.

“Sodom light”, I call this.

In fact, not even so very light.




Linen On The Hedgerow: Let’s Storm Heaven!

No time to go into details now.

Mr Richard Collins is still alive.

There is an initiative to pray Pope Venerable Pius XII for his miraculous healing.

My take: let's do this!

Let us storm heaven with our prayers! But let us all pray to the same man, Pope Pius XII!

If the miracle happens, this will be used towards his beatification and/or canonisation. If it does not happen, it will be many more prayers for Mr Collins anyway.

Let us storm heaven! Reblog this, or link, or encourage your readers to do the same!



Father Nemo Wants To Make Anonymous Payments

I was drinking a beer with our esteemed friend, Father Nemo (we are manly chaps, you know; no “skinny caramel macchiato twenty three bio latte” for us). He was telling me he was interested in anonymous ways of making payments, particularly Bitcoin; and before he starts wandering on the Internet he thought it would be better to ask my readers for directions allowing him to save time and avoid mistakes or, worse, fraud.

Father is mainly interested in anonymity for his payments to a VPN service; though there might be other uses he does not have in mind now. The ability to make donations anonymously – say, to a colleague priest in an illiberal Country who has set up a bitcoin or anonymous payment donation system, if this is at all feasible – comes to mind.

The idea is to know that whenever he sends money out, this money is like cash and does not link him to the product or service bought, or to the donation made. But it does not have to be Bitcoin. As the VPN service is his main concern at the time, every form of anonymous payment accepted by a good VPN service provider will do.

Still, one must consider that Bitcoin Is probably by and large the biggest system of anonymous payments out there, and therefore worth considering anyway. One must also bear in mind that here in Europe (where Father Nemo resides; the one of the beer, at least) those pre-charged credit cards one can load with an amount x and spend it online – say, in order to pay for a VPN service – are illegal for money laundering and terrorism reasons, and every credit or payment card must be linked to an identity. Again, Father keeps coming back to Bitcoin; but in the end, what does he know…

Let us see more in detail.


1. To explain better, Father is interested in something he can use to rapidly make payments in an anonymous way. He has seen that there are other payment systems using Bitcoins (like Ripple Pay? Or OKpay?), but it does not have to be bitcoins. He seems to think Bitcoin is, in fact, only a virtual currency, like £. But other systems can use them; or not as the case may be. Ideally, there should be a system that does everything for you: “let us have £30 with your credit card and we will convert to bitcoins, launder them, convert back to USD, and pay the VPN (or the priest in Venezuela in Bitcoin, who will then convert in USD or in whatever shitty excuse of a currency they have there).

2. Paygarden seems truly genial, and genially simple. Apparently, some people buy physical gift cards, with cash, and pay with them for US services and donations; but Father doubts the system would work in Europe, though actually that would be rather smart: one goes to John Lewis (or Tesco, or Harrod’s, whatever), buys a gift card, pays with cash, and Bob’s your uncle! Father will make an experiment or two in the next week, because apparently the only way to see if these cards work in the US is to buy one or three, and test. If it doesn’t work, the money will be spent anyway, so no loss.

3. One could, actually, also go on the Internet, set up a fictional and fully anonymous account for Amazon, with fictional US address, and buy an e-gift card from there. This he could use to buy the service or send the money. Question: can the payment be traced back to him? If Padre Nemo asks, will Amazon say: “yep, this comes from Father Nemo, residing in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C.”? And what about Amazon: will they keep record not only of who bought the e-card (which is ultimately irrelevant), but most importantly, of what was bought with it? And if it is, does it really say much? Will Amazon know that PIA VPN redeemed the voucher (who cares), or will he know that PIA VPN redeemed the voucher for account 234ktrywe, which is Father’s anonymous, but individual account?


When this step is completed, Father Nemo will have the following in place:

A dedicated device

A VPN service

Complete anonymity in the purchase of the latter if he wishes to have a paid service.

Father asked me to thank you once again for your generous help, both in his name and on behalf of Padre Nemo, who lives in Cuba and Venezuela; Vater Niemand, who lives in Austria and Germany (both notorious Gaystapo Countries); Père Personne, who lives in France and has a truly atrocious bishop; Father Nemobarak, who lives in Egypt and Syria; And Father Nemobandaran, who lives in India and Sri Lanka. He assured me they are very interested in this discussion, though they have no possibility of drinking a beer with me.


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