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Where is all the “gradualism” in Francis and Father Volpi’s dealing with the FFI?


Richard Collins (“Linen On The Hedgerow”), R.I.P.





This announcement is now posted on Mr Collins’ blog.

It is with great personal sadness that we, the Collins Family, must inform the loyal followers of Linen on the Hedgerow, that our beautiful father, husband and grandfather, Richard Collins, has died peacefully at home this morning surrounded by those who loved him most.  He was blessed to receive the Last Rites and Holy Mass was celebrated in the Extraordinary Form at his bedside.  Please pray for the repose of his soul.

Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him.  May he rest in peace. Amen.


Words fail.

I am not ashamed to say tears don’t.

Read the message attentively, a couple of times.

Please, Lord, make me die in the same way.

REQUIEM aeternam dona ei, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat ei. Requiescat in pace. Amen.



Mundabor’s Blog Converts To “Inclusiveness”: A Lampedusa Moment.



And so, my dear readers, the day some of you feared has come.

Starting from today, Mundabor’s blog decides to accept the call for “inclusiveness” and to “embrace the other”.

Enough with being “closed into oneself”. No more “fear of the other”. Let us make “more space for love”. Mundabor finally goes “out of himself”. He accepts the call of our Most Holy Father, Francis The Humble But Careful Reformer Of The Church, and decides to follow the new spirit which the, erm, “Spirit” is now very clearly (it’s windy outside, big time) blowing his way.

I feel, as I write this, already so good, but so good, that I almost writing a letter to the Bishops and Cardinals now closeted in their Synod to tell them about my “conversion” to “the other”. I truly wish to cry to the world my newly-found allegiance to the Pope’s wonderful, generous elan of encountering and embracing “the other”. Because “the other” is different from us, eh? no?) and we meet him accepting his otherness, his diversity, his poverty.

Therefore, the following changes in the blog are announced. Trumpets, please….

1) “The Remnant” newspaper has been added to the blog list on the right hand side column. I know, strictly speaking it is not a blog. But hey, I am “inclusive” now. Therefore, I will not leave such a wonderful publication out of my blog list.

Kardinal Kretin “Kirchensteuer” Kasper will be, no doubt, very proud of me. I am so serene and profound, I am almost crying for joy.

2) In a true, loving “embrace” of “the other”, this blog goes “out of itself” and becomes, Lampedusa-Style, authentically international; it “reaches out” to “the end of the world”, in a move of modernisation that brings it very near to the same Country that gave us our Oh So Wonderfully Humble Pope, Francis Of The Black Shoes, The Hammer Of Orthodoxy. 

Three new blogs, in three different languages, are added on a separate blog family, “Blog in Other Languages”. They are:

1. Kreuz-Net.Info

This is the spiritual successor of the unforgettable “Kreuz Net”, the blog run by orthodox Catholic priests forced to close by a concerted effort of the German and Austrian Gaystapo; an effort instigated by the perverted hatred of the most notorious German Ueberfaggot, Volker Beck, (obviously) of the Green Party. The author of this successor blog has a name and surname, and is an Austrian publisher. He does not fear the Gaystapo machine and, not being anonymous, can stay in court if attacked. I seem to remember he invited the prosecutor to try with him what they did with the priests who ran the original blog. Bishop Williamson is a frequent guest writer, as his “Eleison” articles are posted there. Not everyone’s taste, but a very useful addition in my eyes. The quality of the blog remains very high, the content is not in the least sissified. Austria and Germany are the main focus. 

2. Le Salon Beige

Universally acclaimed daily blog in French. Whenever people write or comment about French blogs, this here pops out in front. A breath of sanity in a Country that was able to elect Hollande as President.

3. Wanderer Revisited

Here, Mundabor’s effort of “openness” truly reaches a new high. Yours truly does not speak Spanish, but he can muddle through the lines and get the general gist. From what I can see, this truly is a first-class, sterling effort. The quality of the comments is also generally very high. It makes one want to learn Spanish just to enjoy this blog. As more than some of my blog readers can probably read Spanish, I though I would add this. In addition, this blog is from Argentina. Oh, what a wonderful tribute to the Country that gave us our Humbly Ford Focus Chauffered Pope!


So, there we are.

The lesson of Francis, The Pope Who Is So Good He Could Win The Nobel Peace Prize, has been learnt. 

Do not protest. Do not cry “Betrayal!” Do not resist the irresistible tide of the times.The lio is now strong in this blog.

Tempora mutantur, et nos mutamur in illis.

Today, Mundabor’s blog has embraced Our Humble Pope, He Who Does Not Count His Prayers, Scourge Of The FFI, Persecutor Of Orthodox Bishops, The One Who Will Not Judge, Our Dear Lider Maximo,

Bishop Francis.


Synod: Now Is The Time



No, this blog post is not about Charlie Parker.

This blog post is about the Synod, and the way the Soviet-style secrecy of its proceedings allows, in my humble opinion, some nice cannonade.

Let us imagine that some high-profile archbishop were to make a public statement on the lines of :”Our Lord’s teaching on marriage and communion can never be changed. Anyone who would attempt to do so would be, most surely, be denounced as a public heretic”. Infinite variations on this would be available.

No one could accuse the Archbishop of going against his colleagues, because no one can officially know – or would officially admit – that massively heretical talk is present at the Synod. The condemnation would therefore be allowed to be the more harsh, because no one would be able to present it as an ad hominem attack of one prelate against another, a settling of scores, or such like.

After the first Archbishop, the second would speak. Then the third. A fourth is confident that any heretic that there should be – but there aren’t any, for sure! – would be immediately denounced as such. A fifth cannot imagine such an abomination, either. Albeit if there were any the reaction would be swift. But no, there’s no reason for concern, is there now?

Can you see where this is going? If no modernist exposes himself publicly, the very theoretical carpet bombing of an heresy that will certainly not emerge – no! Perish the thought! – becomes suddenly very feasible. And who will decry the forceful, but very abstract call to orthodoxy?

Politburo-style communication might, after all, have its own good side…



Of Synods, Sins, Galaxies, And Elvis.

Hypocrite most astonishing in Church history you are...

Hypocrite most astonishing in Church history you are…


The Synod is now well underway, and one must have a very robust dose of optimism not to see where things are going. As Catholicism is attacked from the inside – with the secrecy translating into licence of saying whatever heresy one feels like – the secular press pumps up the Synod as if it were one of those regular Anglican gatherings at which it must be decided how best to suck it up to the world; and already, media outlets tell us that the Church wants to be “more relevant”.

The Church is the real relevance, you idiot. Ask yourself, rather, how relevant you are to Her.

Still, the trend is clear. The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History (TMAHICH) started the fire, and the press is now providing the mighty wind necessary to let it become a wildfire raging all over the West; particularly Germany, Austria and Switzerland, where simony is ripe, state-sanctioned and bishop-approved, and the paying customers have become accustomed to think that they are getting a bad service for the (abundant) money extorted from them.

Create the perception that things must change, and soon the impression will be born that, with this blasted Synod, they are about to change. When this is done, the change will be depicted as inevitable. At this point, we will be told that “a new reality” must be considered; obviously – how could it be otherwise? – in a “pastoral” way.

All the while, we will be assured that “doctrine hasn’t changed”; it has not changed somewhere, in a galaxy far, far away; in a virtual, or rather “ideal” world that does not interest us. What now counts, is that the “needs” and “expectations” of the world are taken care of. This is then called being not a coward, a sellout and a prostitute, but being “pastoral”.

When thinking of the expectation engendered from this synod, one is reminded of the words in the old Elvis Presley song:

Satisfy me, baby.




Freaking Jesuits

Father liked his parking sign.

Father liked his parking sign.



The Superior General of the Order of the Jesuits, the Devil’s very own army of old and dying potheads, is on record with the following flower:

There can be more Christian love in an irregular pair than in one, which has been married in the church.

Let us examine this piece of crap in detail.

1. Note, first, the effeminate, emotional slant. Oh, but there can be so much “luv”! Aren’t you moved?

No, I am not. I do not give a Jesuit how much they “luv” each other. They do so in defiance of Christ’s law, which lets me wonder what kind of earthly, misguided, love this is in the first place.

2. Note, second, how the sacramental nature of marriage is downplayed. Already the use of the Jesuitical words “irregular couple” instead of “concubines” says to Effeminate Adolf the “luv” is what counts. The sacrament is very much in the background: a formality, one of many ways in which couples can be couples, namely: being “married in the church”. I suspect “irregular” means, in this context, also perverted.

3. Lastly, note what defective logic hides behind the emotional appeal. The statement does not prove anything. It merely sounds good. How about:

There can be more Christian love in a pedophile priest than in one, who would never dare to do such things.

 Shall we go on?

There can be more Christian love in a Mafia boss, than in a Land Registry employee.

How about this:

There can be more love in a mother who sleeps with her son, than in one who loves him, but not in the not “irregular” way.

I could go on, but let us stop at this. The man’s arguments do not prove anything; they are merely meant to itch the ears of those in desperate need of having their ears itched.

This must be a Jesuit, then.

Let me finish with a last observation: whenever we are told that the planet still houses 18,000 Jesuits, I think we should be given some more detail.

How was the average age among Jesuits, again? 71? 73? More? How many vocations? How many of them straight? How many still in regular service and not in some hospice or retirement home? Just sayin’

You see, by simply saying “18,000 Jesuits” one makes them look like a powerful, thriving Order, instead of the dying mass of heathen homos – in deed, or in attitude – they are.

Whenever I read one of those people, I can’t avoid thinking always the same:

Freaking Jesuits.


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