Freaking Jesuits

Father liked his parking sign.

Father liked his parking sign.



The Superior General of the Order of the Jesuits, the Devil’s very own army of old and dying potheads, is on record with the following flower:

There can be more Christian love in an irregular pair than in one, which has been married in the church.

Let us examine this piece of crap in detail.

1. Note, first, the effeminate, emotional slant. Oh, but there can be so much “luv”! Aren’t you moved?

No, I am not. I do not give a Jesuit how much they “luv” each other. They do so in defiance of Christ’s law, which lets me wonder what kind of earthly, misguided, love this is in the first place.

2. Note, second, how the sacramental nature of marriage is downplayed. Already the use of the Jesuitical words “irregular couple” instead of “concubines” says to Effeminate Adolf the “luv” is what counts. The sacrament is very much in the background: a formality, one of many ways in which couples can be couples, namely: being “married in the church”. I suspect “irregular” means, in this context, also perverted.

3. Lastly, note what defective logic hides behind the emotional appeal. The statement does not prove anything. It merely sounds good. How about:

There can be more Christian love in a pedophile priest than in one, who would never dare to do such things.

 Shall we go on?

There can be more Christian love in a Mafia boss, than in a Land Registry employee.

How about this:

There can be more love in a mother who sleeps with her son, than in one who loves him, but not in the not “irregular” way.

I could go on, but let us stop at this. The man’s arguments do not prove anything; they are merely meant to itch the ears of those in desperate need of having their ears itched.

This must be a Jesuit, then.

Let me finish with a last observation: whenever we are told that the planet still houses 18,000 Jesuits, I think we should be given some more detail.

How was the average age among Jesuits, again? 71? 73? More? How many vocations? How many of them straight? How many still in regular service and not in some hospice or retirement home? Just sayin’

You see, by simply saying “18,000 Jesuits” one makes them look like a powerful, thriving Order, instead of the dying mass of heathen homos – in deed, or in attitude – they are.

Whenever I read one of those people, I can’t avoid thinking always the same:

Freaking Jesuits.


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  1. The picture of Elton John from the topic below could be re-used for this post. It could be titled ‘modern Jesuit’ and it would be fairly accurate. It might be a new look for that shifty-eyed old queen quoted above.

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