Of Synods, Sins, Galaxies, And Elvis.

Hypocrite most astonishing in Church history you are...

Hypocrite most astonishing in Church history you are…


The Synod is now well underway, and one must have a very robust dose of optimism not to see where things are going. As Catholicism is attacked from the inside – with the secrecy translating into licence of saying whatever heresy one feels like – the secular press pumps up the Synod as if it were one of those regular Anglican gatherings at which it must be decided how best to suck it up to the world; and already, media outlets tell us that the Church wants to be “more relevant”.

The Church is the real relevance, you idiot. Ask yourself, rather, how relevant you are to Her.

Still, the trend is clear. The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History (TMAHICH) started the fire, and the press is now providing the mighty wind necessary to let it become a wildfire raging all over the West; particularly Germany, Austria and Switzerland, where simony is ripe, state-sanctioned and bishop-approved, and the paying customers have become accustomed to think that they are getting a bad service for the (abundant) money extorted from them.

Create the perception that things must change, and soon the impression will be born that, with this blasted Synod, they are about to change. When this is done, the change will be depicted as inevitable. At this point, we will be told that “a new reality” must be considered; obviously – how could it be otherwise? – in a “pastoral” way.

All the while, we will be assured that “doctrine hasn’t changed”; it has not changed somewhere, in a galaxy far, far away; in a virtual, or rather “ideal” world that does not interest us. What now counts, is that the “needs” and “expectations” of the world are taken care of. This is then called being not a coward, a sellout and a prostitute, but being “pastoral”.

When thinking of the expectation engendered from this synod, one is reminded of the words in the old Elvis Presley song:

Satisfy me, baby.




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  1. We live in a narcissistic age, everything is a commodity designed to satisfy needs and that includes religion. If religion doesn’t satisfy needs, then its brand suffers, and people shop elsewhere. Therefore The Holy Roman Catholic must market itself better. Stated like that it makes the real, cheap and tacky, ideologically infused truth of it, more clear.

    There was a time when I was stupid enough to believe that leaders in the Church understood that the ultimate protection against narcissism, the absolute antidote to the utilitarian – what can I get out of this? – tendency, was The Faith itself. How can they not see that The Church is the cure for this sick world, and not a part of it? How can they, in their blind historicism, not see the sheer contingency of this ‘new reality’ for what it is. How have they bought into the ‘progress narrative’ of historical change?

    There is only one way that I can see, and that is to completely abandon The Faith, to totally negate it not only as reality as such, but even as a philosophy of reality. Not only to adopt a utilitarian philosophy of ‘praxis’ – thereby instrumentalising The Faith in the same moment – but under that philosophy to then choose against The Faith itself, in favour of other instruments which they want to import in order to improve ‘faith instrument’.

    At best, they are utterly philosophically ignorant and completely blinded by ideology. One can only hope, for their sakes, that it is nothing more, though it is hard to believe that given the entire context.

    Lord have mercy on us all.

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