Peron-Style Collegiality: Francis Strikes Again

Janus. Vatican



The all-informed Rorate Caeli has another bomb; and this time, the bomb is originally delivered by no other than the radio network of the Patriarchate of Lisbon. 

Follow the link and read the long version of the facts. 

The short version is that The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History (TMAHICH) has once again showed his true colours behind an extremely thin veil of “neutrality”.

The act of the humble Bishop, whilst obviously in itself perfectly in the man’s right, is so worrying that the Patriarchate of Lisbon openly criticises it, with the works still in progress.  

Note the choice of the words: 

The fact is worrying those who want to maintain the current discipline of the Church regarding these issues, considering that all the persons named by the Pope are of a liberal tendency, unlike Erdö.

This is – as such declarations go – a brutal indictment of the Unholy Father. “We want to defend orthodoxy, and we are now worried at seeing that the Pope himself is scheming to undermine it”. 

No, read it again. That’s exactly the message, and this is exactly the situation. 

Charitable voices have expressed the opinion that perhaps Francis wants to keep “balance” between the two opposing fractions. This simply cannot be.

Firstly, it is simply inconceivable that, after the Bishops clearly steer the debate in the direction they consider orthodox, because traditional, a Pope would say to them: “no, this is not right. You are giving Tradition too much space. Those who speak against it must also be represented, in order to make the debate more balanced!”. 

Secondly, raise his hand who believes that, had the situation been the opposite one, Francis would have appointed Burke, Bagnasco & Co. as members of the group in charge of the composition of the final report. If this had been the case, TMAHICH would have shouted “Collegiality!” so loud that even the furthest peripheries would have heard it; and he would have praised the attack on Tradition as the work of the Holy Ghost.

And in fact, one of the countless hypocrisies of this man is in his continuous appeals to collegiality whenever it serves him, and his most brutal autocracy in his governance of the Church. Pope Janus would have been a more likely name. 

 Time to wake up to the sheer danger this man represents for Holy Mother Church.

Kudos to the Bishops and Cardinals who refuse to bend to the climate  of “collegial intimidation” clearly created by this shameful man. Time to reject his schemes, and say to the world what kind of man this is.

The Patriarchate of Lisbon has done us Catholics a great service today. Let’s hope the men of good will continue on this path, and do not yield to the veiled threats and intimidations which, make no mistake, will now become massive. 

The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History is now Pope. Let’s see if the Bishops and Cardinals have their salvation dearer, or their privileges. 


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  1. At least the world’s bishops have now seen the cut of his jib close up. They won’t like being tricked. One hopes it will concentrate their opposition to his shenanigans and bend their minds to rigorous forward planning in the year leading to the Synod, part two. Or am I being Pollyana-ish?

    • I think you are.
      An awful lot of bishop will wait that he dies; another lot of them will seize the day and jump of the wagon.
      What has happened today is – considering it comes from Rome, with the obvious protection of the Pope, and under his direction – possibly unprecedented in 2000 years of Christianity.

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