Pope Francis Declares God’s Laws Obsolete, Appoints Himself In His Place

John Henry Fuseli: "The Nightmare".

John Henry Fuseli: “The Nightmare”.


At this point, I seriously think TMAHICH might be on cocaine; so uncontrolled, totally unhinged has he become in his madness, and in his endless vanity. 

The Catholic Herald does not even try to conceal with some thin veil of blabla the utter blasphemy of this evil old man. Opening phrase: 

If laws do not lead people to Christ then they are obsolete, Pope Francis said in his morning homily.

The expressions he chose are beyond belief. In short: as Jesus went beyond the Mosaic law… Francis now goes beyond Jesus’ law! 

Why? Because of poor sales, you see.


The arrogance of this vecchio malvissuto is truly beyond the wildest hopes of lifelong satanists.  Try this: 

The scholars were safeguarding the law “out of love, to be faithful to God,” the Pope said, but “they were closed up right there,” and forgot all the ways God has acted in history.

“They forgot that God is the God of the law, but is also the God of surprises,” he said.

The “God of surprises” means that this madman now thinks he can say: “surprise! It hasn’t worked, because you don’t go to mass and live in concubinage! Not that there’s much wrong with concubinage, of course! But this shows that God’s laws don’t work, do they? We need new ones, then! Christianity 2.0, released By Francis, The Humble Servant of God”. 

“God is always new; he never denies himself, he never says that what he had said is wrong, but he always surprises us,” 

What the heck this means, no one knows. The man has never heard of the principle of non-contradiction. A child of six can talk, and think better than this. But have those who listen to him the intelligence of a child of six?

And once again, TMAHIC sends a very clear message: “In case you think I am not behind the excrement of the bishops yesterday, think again! I am already beyond that! I am beyond Christianity! I am the New God, who declares the old obsolete!” 

Unhinged. On cocaine. Permanently drunk. Sold to Satan. 

I do not know exactly what is wrong with this man. But it is extremely disquieting to see him open his mouth; because every time he opens it, the shit of the devil comes out of it in great quantity, and its stench fills the planet.

Servus servorum diaboli. The first of the servants of Satan. This is what this man is, and I would not sleep at night if, running a Catholic blog, I would not tell you the gravity of the evil, and the extent of the evil menace this man represents, and it is inconceivable to me how anyone could not see. 

Make no mistake: he will never try to proclaim any dogma in contrast with Tradition. Nor will he, I think, formally proclaim any heresy. At this point, frankly, it would be a liberation. But he will not do it. He knows perfectly well to what extent he can go and maintain his prerogative as Pope. He knows all too well that as long as he does not put himself in the position of invalidating his very position as Pope, he will be allowed to defecate on the Church every time he pleases: in “off-the cuff” comments, improvised homilies, visit to jails, and all those other occasion where the dear humble Pope can be said to have been, in the end, just a tad imprudent. That he does it one thousand times will never worry the Pollyannas. 

The day this man dies will be a great day in the history not only of the Church, but of humanity. A day of liberation from a great plague. 

Let us pray that the day we are freed from this evil man (no, in front of these antics I do not think anyone can still think he is simply deluded, or stupid; I have tried to keep the possibility open for as long as I could, because he is the Pope; but no, no, no, no! This is pure evil at work) the Cardinals will learn the lesson and appoint a good Pope.  

I will not cease praying for the conversion of this evil man, as it is my duty of Catholic. My duty of Catholic is to recognise that this man is, for very bad or for even worse, the man God has allowed to become Pope (not “chosen”; allowed to; like he allows rape, murder, and genocide) to punish us for our horrible sins. 

But starting from today, I will also pray for his painless death if he does not repent (whichever comes first…), as the Church has always said we are allowed to do if we think the Pope is a great disgrace for the Church and a danger for countless souls. 

I invite you, for the good of the Church, to do the same. 


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  1. Francis is the personification of the rotten fruit of the Second Vatican Council. Standing in stark opposition to his inane double-speak, the voice of St. Paul speaks without any equivocation in 1st Corinthians as he says, “Know you not that the unjust shall not possess the kingdom of God? Do not err: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, not adulterers. Nor the effeminate, nor liers with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor railers, nor extortioners, shall possess the kingdom of God. (1 Corinthians, 9-10).
    It would be interesting to know how Francis interprets this if he has indeed, ever read it.

  2. He has made up his own evil religion – and where are the cardinals, bishops, even priests, to denounce this deliberate, diabolical attack on Our Lord and His Holy Church? Speak up and denounce this unspeakable evil and lead the faithful towards salvation and away from Hell where so many are being blindly led. Are there any cardinals, bishops that care for our souls?? You must speak out, and organise and act together without further delay.

    • Exactly.
      That such evil be allowed without ONE SINGLE CARDINAL (not even Burke) getting up and crying “Heresy!” truly tells the tale about the state we are in.
      Simply politely expressing one’s disagreement is not enough.
      It must be said out loud: blasphemy, and heresy.

  3. The average Jesuit is in his seventies. Whatever else will be inflicted on the Church, the Novus Ordo Praetorian Guard are now mainly in the retirement home. There is no shortage of Masonic, anti-Catholic heretics dressed up as bishops and cardinals, but few of them have the cunning and ability of a Jesuit.

    You make a point that has be underlined. Pope Francis will never be stupid enough to make a identifiably heretical statement in any formal ex-cathedra setting. There are be an endless stream of statements to confuse and disorder the faithful who might otherwise organise against him. Smaller traditionalist bodies of priests are allowed to form and operate, while any effort at a restoration of tradition like the Francisans of the Immaculate is ruthlessly suppressed. Francis is an aggressive and cunning modernist who seems intent on inflicting lasting damage on the Church.

    • Well said.
      But i fear the lasting influence of the homomafia, as under his tenure they will be allowed to consolidate their obviously already very powerful position.
      If there is a dearth of vocations, but very many of “those” are of homos looking for a life of undisturbed sodomy, I cry “Houston!”

  4. The things we hoped were aberrations and outrages seem to have been deliberately allowed and orchestrated to point the way to Francis’s synod. For example, there was the horrible baptism of the lesbians’ poor child in Argentine to allow the homosexual couple a chance to kiss in public in church.

  5. Mundabor said: I cry “Houston!”

    Not sure what you mean but the lesbian mayor of Houston, TX has very recently subpoenaed Christian ministers in a demand to see all of their sermons relating to homos. It’s retaliation because the ministers worked to overturn her law requiring unisex bathrooms.

    That’s another kind of “lawfare” (law warfare).

  6. Laudetur Iesus Christus!

    Perhaps this is off-topic, but pertinent.
    Do you think what a heretical statement taught visibly ex cathedra is possible (excepting the truth of the sedevacantist thesis*)?
    I’ve always read Pastor Aeternus in a sense that this isn’t a possibility.

    I’m sorry if this silly. It’s just that I haven’t managed to find any good old Catholic books covering this subject (understandibly: I still find all of what’s happening “difficult to believe).

    *And in that case we better have a coherent, precise demonstration of all the Popes after Pius XII being impostors. Otherwise it would look like Catholicism falsified (per impossibile).

    • Well, it has never happened, but in my eyes it’s much of a muchness.

      If it isn’t a possibility, and it happens, what will you say?

      I will say that as it is not a possibility, the man was not a Pope when he did it.

      But if he does it, he does it. Reality can’t be wished away.


    • Sedevacantism fails in telling us:

      1. why Jesus would allow a visible church of impostors to be active all over the planet.
      2. why Jesus would allow a minuscule minority of people to *take it on themselves* to decide what is the Church, better: that the Church is not what He said it is.
      3. why Jesus would ask us to throw ourselves from the trampoline without any water below, that is: without having any idea how we would know when sanity is restored in a legitimate way.

      Sedevacantist is the wrong answer to, admittedly, a shocking reality.

      Athanasius and Eusebius has a worse shock. They did not become Sedevacantists.

      This Pope is shit. But he is the Pope.


  7. Bergoglio is the Ebola of the Catholic Church.

  8. I have been praying for Bishop Francis’s liberation from the mother ship earth, and for a Holy Ghost-led conclave to follow. I hope that is not a proximate occasion of sin

  9. Bishop Francis is to the Catholic Church what the Kenyan kommie has been to the USA

  10. What is the Apocalypse about if it is so impossible for a pope to set himself above God?

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