Serves You Right, Pollyannas!



Serves you right, Pollyannas.

What is happening under your eyes is nothing more than what you yourself deserved. You asked for it in all possible ways. You would not be satisfied until it hits you in the face. You are, in fact, the main cause of it happening: with your silence, your ignorance of reality, your being comfortable, cowardly accomplices, and groupies of that man.

Did you think that you could ignore and minimise the “off-the-cuff” comments of The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History, and he would stop at that? Did you really think that one able to stay many years in seminary and get out of it thinking that the Blessed Virgin might have thought she was deceived was not a man entirely made of rubbish? Did you not know that when you give the devil your hand, he will go for all the rest? 

I do not pity you. You are not an object of pity more than an Auschwitz helper. You have seen the abomination and have accompanied it every step of the way, with little screams of excitement at the wonderful, humble Pope. You didn’t do it, but it’s you who helped to make it happen.

And now there you are, Pollyannas. Satan is making an open bid for your souls. All of them. 

I do not think that very many of you will manage to save yourselves from him. You are so far away from Christ now, you would not see Him if he came back and slapped you in the face; because hey, Christ is luv, so this must be a hallucination.

You must pray. Of course you must pray. I wish salvation to everyone of you. But I am under no illusion that Satan’s harvest will be very rich among you. This is a disgraced generation, and the centuries to come will see the disgrace of its thinking, and fully grasp the disgrace of its Popes. And when it happens you, the Pollyannas, will rightly be seen as the most useful tools of Satan, the pretend-pious comfortable men and women who decided to shut their eyes very hard, and not to see what was happening all around them.

Your bed. Lie in it.

Truly, Pollyannas: serves you right. 


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