Cardinal Burke Asks. Francis Answers.

Faced with the unprecedented scandal of the Relatio, Cardinal Burke asked the Pope to intervene. 

But Pope Francis had already delivered the answer, on the same morning the address was made public. There can be no clearer endorsement of the Relatio, and no clearer answer to Cardinal Burke’s question, than the one the Pope had already delivered.

We need to stop pretending that Francis may be anything else than a heretic. We have to do with a Class 1 Modernist here. 

Cardinal Burke, Mueller etc. know already how things stand. They must make a public stand that goes beyond asking Francis whether what he allows his minions to do day in and day out, corroborating it with various blasphemies of his own invention, is fine. They must say that it isn’t, and defy him to uphold truth or be called a heretic and enemy of Catholicism. 

The reality is staring at us. Let us not look the other way. 



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  1. And this from Vincent Nichols, Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, who runs with the hare and hunts with the hounds, or whichever seems to be winning: “I appreciate the spirit of the Report which seeks to proclaim and strengthen the pastoral care of the Church. The warmth and the reach of the Church’s pastoral care is crucial even if not always known or experienced.”
    The statement continued: “The report, obviously composed under pressure, has easily given rise to some misinterpretation. Its nature has to be understood. It is not doctrinal or decisive document. It is, as stated in its Conclusion, ‘intended to raise questions and indicate perspectives that will have to be matured and made clearer reflection’.
    “The process of this Extraordinary Synod is being conducted with great openness. This Report comes at the half-way stage. I know that one of the deepest desires of the Synod Fathers is to blow a trumpet for marriage and family as central part of God’s plan for our happiness and fulfilment. As Cardinal Tagle said ‘the drama continues’.”
    It would be hard to misinterpret where he stands. How many more like him?

  2. Francis has “answered” many times in many different ways.

  3. Cardinal Nichols insists that Catholic politicians who promote same-sex marriage and abortion must be given Communion. This is, of course, a mortal sin, because it causes grave scandal. The fact that Cardinal Nichols has been walking around, habitually in the state of mortal sin, explains how he could make this demonic statement, among many others.

  4. Mr. M, as I’ve stated before, I feel the same way about Francis as I do Obama. I can’t separate them – they’re bookends. They were both chosen for this time. I believe their ultimate purpose is to draw unto their person everything that is wicked in America/Vatican II Church and bring it all to a head – to a big, ugly, festering boil. What remains is how God chooses to lance it. I know God has foreseen who would be taken in by them, but we must continue to pray for these poor deluded souls, among them our own loved ones, before the final decision is made and their eternal destiny sealed.

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