Mad Monday: It’s Time To Retract

The Press Office of the Holy See has issued the following statement. 

Declaration of the Director of the Holy See Press Office on behalf of the General Secretariat of the Synod

The General Secretariat of the Synod, in response to reactions and discussions following the publication of the Relatio post disceptationem, and the fact that often a value has been attributed to the document that does not correspond to its nature, reiterates that it is a working document, which summarises the interventions and debate of the first week, and is now being offered for discussion by the members of the Synod gathered in the Small Groups, in accordance with the Regulations of the Synod.
The work of the Small Groups will be presented to the Assembly in the General Congregation next Thursday morning.

I do not know whether the original Relatio is more stupid, or the declaration. Probably the text is more blasphemous and heretical, but this declaration is every bit as offensively stupid.

An unprecedented revolt after the unprecedented blasphemy of such a text can’t be dismissed by simply stating that to the documents “has been attributed a value that does not correspond to its value”; this cannot be done because the value that has been attributed to the document is due to… what is written in it!

This is not even a fig leave. This is like staying naked in front of the journalists and making a declaration stating that one is clothed!

The entire document must be declared not fit for purpose, and retracted. A new document must be published, of which it is explicitly stated “this new documents substitutes in toto the old one. The old one is retracted, reneged upon, considered as never written, invalid ex tunc in every possible and impossible way. 

To say that “it is a working document” and to keep it as the basis for the official document, for all the world to see and read, is to add insult to injury, to offend the faithful a second time, to perpetuate the abuse and the blasphemy simply by stating that the blasphemy isn’t a blasphemy.

If I went to Pope Francis, slapped him in the face and told him “I am not slapping you in the face”, would that be a slapping, yes or no? Yes, it would be, you would say. The slap is there. How you decide to call the facts does not change them. 

(For the record: Francis would deserve not only to be slapped. He would deserve to have his ass kicked all around the Vatican Gardens, if he were a simple priest rather than a bishop and the Pope. As it is, he has the privilege of inviolability, and we are not allowed to kick his ass all around the Vatican gardens, as he would so richly deserve). 

The blasphemy is there. The heresy is there. The document is not fit to be the basis of any discussion whatsoever. It must be retracted, reneged upon, and substituted for a new one, which is seen to be a valid basis for discussion. 

And by the by, we have already seen this movie with Francis’ famous interview: in and out of officialdom or semi-officialdom, on the Internet site, then out, then – last thing I remember – in again, then – perhaps – out again. But the content was never retracted, and its stench is still in the air. That outrageous behaviour is being perpetuated in this case.  

What a bunch of hypocrites. 





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  1. So the Vatican Press Office is now effectively backpedaling on their presentation of that despicable document.
    In essence what they are now saying is that it was put out in the form it was to “test the waters,” and finding out that they are deep, stormy, troubled and they are unable to walk upon them are backstroking to the shore as fast as they can.

  2. The only thing that would satisfy me at this point is that an official press release be released stating that the works of St. Peter Damian are being issued to all Synod participants as required reading with implementation of his methods to be implemented upon return to their respective diocese.

  3. Truly mad. Truly wicked.

  4. It seems like “someone” ran a mock execution on the deposit of faith to gauge the reaction.

    • … or to accustom people to the exercise…
      which will now become more and more frequent, as people get accustomed and the new Gospel enters the collective consciousness…

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