Reading Francis Through Satan.

Screwtape wasn't happy with Francis, at all.

Screwtape wasn’t happy with Francis, at all…


Do you remember the first mad interviews, the initial “off-the-cuff” nonsense, all that senseless stuff until this summer? 

You could go around all the major blogs and read a veritable army of Pollyannas repeating ad nauseam*  that the Pope had been misinterpreted, or betrayed; or that he did not understand Italian; or he had a cold; or that he had not slept enough… 

It was Scalfari’s fault. It was the press’ fault. It was always someone else’s fault. 

Have a look around now, in the usual places. Where the comments have not been shut, the music is different. Almost no one dares to write what months ago dozen would have written: the Pope has been betrayed by the wolves! The Pope should be informed! Someone please get him away from the phone and show him this blog! Oh, if he only knew! If he only knew!!

That song is gone. Dead as Disco. More forgotten than Donna Summer. “Reading Francis through Benedict”, by the way, has all but disappeared. 

Reading Francis through Satan is what, now, many thinks is the right approach, though still very few dare to say it. One of the few is yours truly, of course; but read the comments in the mainstream blogs carefully and you will find a subtext, an unspoken but clearly implied message, that says who the commenter thinks is the responsible, and why. 

The buck can’t stop at Kasper. Those times have gone. The Wolf In Chief, the leader of the “serene and profound” pack, sits on the throne of Peter, and more and more are waking up to this.  

Francis is, of course, “helping” them in a way, because in his madness he leaned so much out of the window it is now difficult to feign innocence, and the triumphal “God’s laws are now obsolete”  homily/speech, now linked many times, was given on the same day of the Relatio: a double whammy of blasphemy and heresy that totally underestimated the violence of the reaction. Out of a great day of triumph became the worst defeat of Francis ever; the day his image of careful reformer and merciful moderniser was shattered; revealing a scheming, bullying, shameless heretic. 

I have already expressed the suspicion that Francis might use cocaine, one of whose symptoms is a progressive but, in the end, extreme loss of the sense of reality, and a euphoric running toward a very solid wall. A behaviour consistent with the extreme stupidity showed by Francis since Monday, and which, if they communicate – which they might well do – surely earned him a frightful scolding from Screwtape, for throwing away in just a few days a patrimony of trust and deception accumulated in many months of solid Modernist work. 

Still, the facts are now clear: where the Pollyannas abounded, there is now almost no attempt from individual commenters to keep the blame out of Francis. People start, slowly but clearly, to get it. I think that I, and not many others, are owed an apology, or three.

Where do we go from here? We must hammer into the head of the casual readers the following concepts: 

1. There have been heretical Popes in the past. We now have another. Shit happens. Keep calm, and Catholic on. 

2. The Holy Ghost does not pick the Pope. The Cardinals do.They are supposed to pray for the guidance of the Holy Ghost, which they might or might not do. The worse they are, the worse, generally, the Pope they elect. 

3. This is no time for false courtesy, and measured words. There’s no worse tragedy than a Pope who is a clear enemy of the Church. When you die, pay attention not to be put among the lukewarm. You may come to regret all your “perhaps he was having a low blood pressure” comments, when Christ is spit on the face for all the world to see.

The situation is extreme. Let your words be commensurate to the situation. Jesus was not really (cough) “nuanced”…    

4. The Truth will never die. The Church will never die. Even a heretical Pope can but scratch Her surface. Do not despair, and do not lose faith. Prepare yourself for the battle. Pray more. Do penance.

This is our finest hour. 


The buck stops at Francis. There’s no escaping this very simple reality, now increasingly more evident even to the distracted observers.

Beware of the wolves. But most of all, understand who the pack leader is.    



* It’s nauseam, not nauseum

Nausea, nauseae. First declension. Accusative singular.

Singular: Rosa, Rosae, Rosae, Rosam, Rosa, Rosa… Plural: Rosae, Rosarum, Rosis, Rosas, Rosae, Rosis. (notabene: Vocative before Ablative; the good old Italian way…) 

Save Latin, save the world…

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