Under The Bombs

Yes, the destination is... you.

Yes, the destination is… you.


I get asked why I write so much on TMAHIC, neglecting those Catholic themes I used to also write about. Catholic devotions, Rosary, prayer, Predestination, and the like.

It’s a bit like asking one why he does not drink his 4 o’clock tea, whilst bombs are falling on his head. 

We are under attack.

Leave your tea alone and come helping with the hydrants.


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  1. What Pollyanna asked that?!

    • I don’t think it was a Pollyanna, though I do not know that particular commenter. Understandably, some people look at this blog as nourishment for things going beyond the news of the day.
      I am happy to help, but for that I think specialised priestly blogs are a much better option.
      In the past, I did devote more time to such things.
      But we weren’t under the bombs.

  2. And there’s plenty of rich material in your Archives for that sort of thing.

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