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If you are like me, and have problems in sleeping because of the mess TMAHICH is causing, perhaps I can offer some Valerian for the soul.

In the “Catholic Vademecum” section above you will find a post dedicated to Predestination and Reprobation (it is at the bottom as I write). The issue is rather complicated, so I would prefer that you click the link and read the post directly.

At the end of the reading, you should be able to get a different perspective of what is happening.

Francis and his minions will not help go to hell people who, if he had not been Pope, would have been saved. God does not allow stupid people to send people to hell, unless he has decreed from all eternity that these people would be allowed to choose, completely freely, to merit hell for themselves.

God is God, and Francis is nothing more than an evil Apprentice Sorcerer. God  does not simply sit there, sad for all the souls He would have saved if it had not been for Francis. To those he has decreed that they shall be saved he will give irresistible graces to save themselves, Francis or no Francis. To those he has decreed that they should be allowed to, out of their completely free volition, damn themselves, he will allow to do so, even after giving them sufficient grace to save themselves.

In all this, Francis is basically nowhere other than as a way of doing what one desires to do anyway. He is just a tool, like a hammer. God is using an evil Pope – a Pope whose evil acts he merely allows – to hammer some well-deserved punishment in a world that has abused His Mercy for too long, and to show some of his Justice to people who blaspheme him by changing His nature in the God Who Forgives Everything To Everyone No Matter What. But in the same way as each hair in our head is counted, each soul will go where it has both chosen to go, and God decreed that she would, out of his own free will, ultimately go.

It is clear even to my neighbour’s retarded cat that this generation will be punished, nay, is being punished in an atrocious way. If you do not see what is happening in the Church with a shudder, and do not have the sense that a colossal Strafexpedition, a “punitive expedition” is now going on full-style, then you are reading the wrong blog. As it is, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that the Lord has decreed that an inordinate number of reprobates be born in these disgraceful times; reprobates who will, not making use of the sufficient grace given to them, merit hell for themselves out of their own free volition.

How the mechanism works becomes more clear with every month: are not the exulting liberals, the adulterous “c”atholics, the concubines, the perverts all walking toward their damnation every step of the way? Are they in the dark as to what the Church teaches? Has God not put in them the natural law, which tells them that unnatural acts are perverted? You know the answers. They are walking towards hell one step at a time, and they are wanting each and every one of them. 

An ocean of reprobates has been born; who, freely choosing evil, decide they know better than to follow God’s law. Francis is merely the tool allowing them to do something decreed by all eternity; something that they will, even if in harmony with the Divine Decree, freely will anyway.

In the same way as Francis antics will allow the reprobates to freely condemn themselves, they will allow the predestined to freely work toward their salvation. Out of evil, God makes good. The evil He allows is the evil through which He will show His Justice; the good he will cause to come out of it is the way He uses to show His Mercy.

Yes, the blind will be leading the blind, and a great number will be lost. But they wanted, all of them, to get lost, and God allowed them to be born in the time of Francis in order for them to choose between good and evil; which latter they, being Reprobates, will freely choose.

Do not lose your sleep over Francis. Fight your battle, and earn your salvation through it. Pray for the salvation of your loved ones. Pray more. Do penance. Use the evil to do good. Out of Francis’ evil, God will cause the ardor of many to be born and reborn, and he will allow some to see the light as he allows others to choose (they, for themselves) darkness to the end.

There is some tragic grandeur in the world we live in. We are allowed to engage in a battle that will earn us much merit. The more so as we are, in general, left alone by our shepherds.

Those who get lost through Francis will get lost out of their own, God-allowed volition. Francis will not be able to add one single soul to the count that has existed from all eternity. Similarly, Francis will not be allowed to lead to damnation even one of the souls of which God has decreed, out of all eternity, that they be saved.

There is some chilling beauty in that. We hope to be saved and, knowing by now in which depraved and lost generation we have been born, it is a consolation to know that that very Francis is, in the end, the man who will allow us to profit from God’s grace, work toward our own salvation, and pray more fervently for the salvation of those we love.

Let the fight come, then, you evil Argentinian; you Maradona on steroids; you wannabe Peron.

Do your worst. Make our day.

Fighting you, we are going to save ourselves.






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  1. Maureen Bercier

    Best article ever

  2. Dear fellow-readers,

    I cannot encourage you enough to read, re-read, and read again, learn by heart, and even print, the post concerning « Predestination and Reprobation » in the « Catholic Vademecum » section above. The issue is NOT complicated, as Mundabor has been able to explain it with his congenital clarity of mind and tongue.

    As I said in a much earlier post, I have attended a « Catechism for Adults » in my traditional parish concerning the same subject, given by a traditional abbé, but which was much less clair than Mundabor’s. Therefore it follows that :

    (1) Our own salvation depends on this understanding. (2) Discussions with others depend on our understanding of this issue (unless being dumb, a major Modernist « C »atholic infirmity) . (3) As Mundabor said, a different vision of the ongoing sabotage of the Church emerges.

    May I add, in my natural feminine modesty – nay, humbleness – that Mundabor has taken the time do write this very elaborate post in answer of a question of mine concerning this very subject. I’m sure you will appreciate it as much as I.

    Rhizotomos (= gatherer of medicinal roots – Valerian! – and herbs)
    Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat !

    • Many thanks, rhizotomos!
      Of course, the fact that the post started from a question of yours will be duly appreciated by the readership… all four of them! 😉

  3. One of your « four » readers is at most Michael, see his blog post of October 14, 2014 :
    OBER 16, 2014
    … from Ratzinger… to bergoglio… and beyond…

    Of course, one can discuss about his analyzes but it is interesting to know them.

    Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat !

    • He makes some interesting observation. I should write about them some day.

      And he writes of me “who needs no introduction”. Boy, I am proud.

      Of the four readers, one is a serious supporter… 😉


  4. I see that you are as Humble as I !


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