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Saving Pope Bergoglio: Mundabor’s Secret Mission

No handkerchief on this occasion...

No handkerchief on this occasion…


You may or may not know, but in virtue of my knowing his Enemy (Traditionalism), His Humbleness has invited me to visit him, and give him some urgently needed counsel.

He has offered a room in the Casa Sanctae Marthae; but after being informed the doors can’t be locked from the inside I have gently declined. The hotel stinks always from the manager, you know… I now have a room in another hotel, with its own lock, and run by a heterosexual.

I was, therefore, at the presence of Francis Most Merciful. It is strange to be there, in one of the many sitting rooms somewhere in the entire floor of the hotel Francis has so humbly occupied. Francis sits there, fatter by the hour (you haven’t noticed? I have! Humble Roman tiramisu’, no doubt…), and is facepalming like his favourite slum has just voted en masse for the Far Right.

“Only you can help me, Mundabor!”, he says in an heavily accented, bastardised Italian. “Me devi ayudar!” “Por favore!” “Es una situazione di mierda, di mierda!”

Everyone holds his tongue. You would be able to cut the silence with a knife, if the Pope would not noisily sniff all the time.

A rather effeminate man holds a handkerchief near him. He whispers something in his ear, but I can only hear the word “naughty”. The Pope smiles in a strange way, takes the handkerchief and says “gracias, Monsignor!” The effeminate man caresses him, and I think “I must have seen this disturbing scene somewhere”; but then I correct myself, aware of my new role, and make the supreme effort of thinking: “who am I to judge?”

It’s unreal. I reflect how beautifully so much unprecedented humbleness can coexist with such lavish luxury. He is certainly living completely differently from his predecessors. At times it is just difficult to see how, exactly.

I stay there, respectfully standing in front of the Humble Saint Of Our Time. The man of the handkerchief has moved back and is now somewhere behind me. I feel observed, and cannot avoid being uncomfortable. I recede slowly, and am now standing very close to the wall. The man of the handkerchief appears somewhat peeved.

“Quien fare?” Says the Pope. His noble features, only slightly changed by the inclusion of copious tiramisu’ and the constant welcoming of abundant grappas, show a dignified, noble suffering; but the sniffing gives to it that “one of the people”-feeling that moves the masses the world over, and almost won him a Nobel Peace Prize Oscar, or whatever…

I am about to speak, but I hesitate. The presence of the Big Man does not make it easy for me – a humble Traditionalist blogger – to speak. Cardinal Baldisseri has been looking at me for a while with eyes resembling daggers, and I can’t avoid thinking if the man of the handkerchief were to sexually assault him, he (the man with the handkerchief) would be dead in four seconds; five, tops. Baldisseri does not speak, but it is clear after I have gone back to the hotel he will set himself to work.

The Pope is now looking straight at me, in obvious desperation. His facial features reveal a deep suffering. On his table, several Italian newspapers and magazines: Il Foglio, La Stampa, L’Espresso. He looks at them shortly again, and emits a short, suffocated sound before he explodes. He now cries like a baby, poor man.

It’s painful to behold. Unstoppable. A man in his age. It tears your heart apart.

“Tosatti… Socci… my reputation… my reputation!… UUUUAAAHHHHHHHHHH!”

Baldisseri looks at me as if it were all my fault. His eyes have now become light sabers. I put my best Robert De Niro, “You talkin’ to me?”-face on, and the killer gaze is soon averted; but the experience leaves me shocked. “Darth Vader”, I think, “would be shocked, too.”

The Most Humble Holy Father is still looking at me whenever he can avert his gaze from his desk. He is saying without words: “Look where these idiots’ suggestions have led me! Let us see if you can do better than them!”.

I hesitate a short moment, but then I remember my compatriots who fought heroically in Giarabub and El-Alamein. Shall I be weak, when they were strong?

No! To the clarion call Mundabor shall answer: Presente!! The song resounds in my ears, and gives me strenght: “Colonnello, non voglio pane…!”. 

And then I talk. Halfway timidly at first. Then more and more relaxed, and self-assured.

“Your Holiness”, I say.


“I would have a small suggestion. If I may”.

“Si? Si?? Habla, Mundabor! Parla, uh?”

“It might be advisable – I say with just a tad of hesitation too much – to announce that the Church renounces to the Kirchensteuer. A poor Church for the poor, Holy Father. Just as you always say!”

A shrill voice interrupts. “Das ist unerhoert! Unbegreiflich! Voellig unmachbar! Kommt gar nicht in Frage! Was geht Ihnen durch den Kopf, junger Mann?? (very high pitched now, almost hysterical) Sind Sie verrueckt geworden?? Das ist Scheisse! Scheisse! Scheisse!””

It is Cardinal Kasper. He had remained silent, in a corner, in the dark. Apparently, he is now terrified of voice recorders. But at this point he speaks, and he is not pleased, at all.

I casually take my smartphone in the hand. The Cardinals thinks I am about to record him. He pales, and shuts up immediately.

“It is very simple, Santita’ “, I say to Francis. “In the same way as, starting from the Seventies, the Church insisted in divesting Herself of Her privileges as State Religion in Countries like Spain, or accepted to lose them without saying one word in countries like Italy, the Governments of Austria, Germany and Switzerland (and in case, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg) could be simply informed that the Church will not participate in the collection system of the Kirchensteuer anymore, getting out of it altogether and relying simply on individual, tax-deductible donations and the substantial income from her own patrimony”.


“Ma Mundabor, Mundabor!”  The Pope replied. “Es mucho dinero! Muco, muchisimo dinero!”

“Yes, Santita'”, I said, “in fact, it is. But will this sacrifice not not be a blessing? A poor Church for the poor, remember?”

“But this is what one just says, of course! It sounds well,that’s why one says it! Sei diventato loco?”

“No, Your Holiness. Let me explain:

The effective renunciation to the Kirchensteuer will enhance your reputation all over the world, overnight! The press will praise your idealistic attitude. The liberal priests will proclaim you “the Pope of the Poor”. Give it three days, and no one will mention the huge blunder of the Synod (I feel light sabers on me again as I say this). In short, it will be for you the return to the good old “beach ball on the altar” times, when it seemed whatever stupid thing you did you could do no wrong!

I even see good chances for the Nobel Peace Prize Oscar 2015, or however it is called!”.

Cardinal Kasper is now red in the face again, Mexican Chili-style. He is about to speak, but he bites his lips and decides to remain silent.  It is said he wakes up at night, screaming “N0oooo! Not the recordeeerrrrr!!”. The doctor told him to have regard for himself, so he does not say a word.

“Furthermore”- I go on, emboldened – “the end of the Kirchensteuer will mean that there is no need for the Church to prostitute Herself to this unspeakable level. Millions of non-believers will stop paying overnight. The economic factor will simply cease to exist. No money for them means no trouble for you!”

The last words strike him like a lightning. He can now see clearly. Like a true Caudillo, he takes an immediate decision.


The Kirchensteuer will be abandoned everywhere. Lombardi and Rosica are put in charge of the biggest PR exercise even created. The friendly newspapers and magazines are all ordered to say how wonderful this is. A new interview with “Repubblica” is scheduled (“No recorder!” cries Kasper from the corner).

The reputation of the Pope is saved. Therefore, the first three objectives of the meeting are reached.

The rest… ah, I forgot. Let me finish with the words of the Humble Pope.

“What rest?”




After “Mad Monday”: A New, Forward-Looking Hermeneutic For The Second Vatican Council.

Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam-21


The always attentive reader Rhizotomos directs my attention to a blog called Public Vigil; from what I can see a soundly conservative blog, well worth the reading but exempt from, say, Sedevacantist error. 

The author of the blog is kind enough to mention my little effort, and has some less than very kind, but rather intelligent, words for Pope Ratzinger and his cohort. 

I will profit of these intelligent considerations to spend a couple of words on Cardinal/Pope Ratzinger, and Vatican II in general. By the by, the blog author also spends some words on the “not fooling anyone” matter; his are perfectly understandable objections, but see here and here for my thinking in the matter. 

I have, in the past, compared Ratzinger to Gorbachev: a last attempt, made in good faith, to take the best out of something that is intrinsically wrong. I do not doubt in the least Cardinal/Pope Ratzinger’s good faith, but I think he applied it to the wrong cause. 

Gorbachev tried to save Communism injecting in it elements of sanity, but ultimately failed because Communism is, however you tweak it, insane. Similarly, Ratzinger represents the last attempt to date to extract some “good” from something that is, when we look at it properly, entirely and irredeemably bad. 

Whatever Cardinal Ratzinger and Pope Benedict XVI later proposed to make V II “work” would work much better if V II were to be ditched altogether. The “hermeneutic of continuity” is nothing else than the attempt to beautify the Council with elements of timeless Truth; not only in the liturgy, but in the approach to Church governance, evangelisation, etc. This Truth was there before the Council. What has the council improved? Zippo. What has it damaged? Everything.  

Pope Benedict’s strategy was, just like Gorbachev’s, self-defeating. If the bad of the present needs the good of the past to make it presentable, it is obvious that the exercise as a whole is not presentable. Once again: whatever was good in what Ratzinger proposed was there before V II, and there is no need of V II at all to introduce it.  Actually, everything “good” that he proposed could have been done “better” by entirely ditching V II: liturgically, doctrinally, pastorally, and so on. 

To make the usual, Mundaborian sexist comparison (we need more sexism around; good, old-fashioned sexism; there are two sexes, after all…) it is as if the good girl (the Church pre V II) had been substituted by a slut (the Church post V II), and Ratzinger had come to tell us that it is much better if the slut dresses modestly and adopts some ways of speaking, acting, talking, moving, and thinking from the good girl. Give me the good girl back, then, thank you very much. You are not going to fool me by asking the slut to wear the plisse’ rock and the ponytail.

V II has, as often stated in this blog, a construction defect. It is wrong in the very way it was conceived, in the very mentality it represented, and in the very attitude it spread the world over. The Council is Church Sluttishness in the most authentic sense of the word. The “treason of the true Council” is a legend, and a very naive one at that: the “Council Fathers” went back to their dioceses and accompanied the demolition of so much sound Catholicism every step of the way. Do not try to persuade me this is not what was wanted all along. Once again, this is like a premarital pregnancy: it did not “just happen”. 

Summa summarum: V II is a slut. It is a slut in the way it walks, in the way it talks and, obviously, in the way it lives. Ratzinger tried to cloth sluttishness with modesty, and everyone praised how nice and chaste the ponytail looked; but look: a ponytail isn’t changing the mentality that is still there; and boy, how the mentality was still there! 

The author of the blog also makes another very important consideration which, translated, means: as long as the slut is around, problems won’t be far. Or: even if we were to get a Benedict XVII after Pope Dope, the next nutcase is just a matter of time. Why? Because, to remain by the figure of speech, behaving badly is what sluts do. 

When we say ( and everyone says) that Francis is “V II on steroids” we mean just this: that the disease was already there; with Francis, it has merely degenerated to a serious fever. 

Who has ordained Bergoglio? JP II. “Faggot” Forte? JP II, (apparently, then Cardinal Ratzinger celebrated the Mass!).

Schoenborn? Kasper? Maradiaga? Tagle? 

It’s always one of the two: either JP II or Ratzinger. The latter failed in his appointments of bishops and cardinals so parlously, that it is because of him that we are now where we are.

There is nothing good in V II, or Communism. Merely degrees of bad. What is good and sound in Communism, or in Church practice (or in the clothes and demeanour of the slut) can always be found in the original, much better form elsewhere. The Traditional Latin Mass is better than every form of Novus Ordo no matter how reverent; the sound principles of Catholic teaching will always work much better when the novelties of V II are expunged from it; pastoral work will always be more effective when sin and its punishment are mentioned, and so on. 

There is nothing good in V II. Nothing to be saved. No improvement whatsoever. V II must be destroyed like it’s Carthago in 146 BC.

The “Hermenutic of burning to the ground and spreading salt over the ruins” is the only one that will solve the problem once and for all.

Don’t try to impress me with a plisse’ rock and a ponytail.

I know what is behind. 






The Day The Pussycat Roared


I must say, I am impressed...

I must say, I am impressed…


Father Z publishes the translation of the story published by Marco Tosatti on La “Stampa”.  

The extent of the events yesterday cannot be underestimated. It is obvious that a deep malcontent was already there. It is also obvious Francis, Kasper and Baldisseri thought they could keep treating the bishops like the pussycats they have been in the last nineteen months (and for a long time before then). What has happened afterwards could, one day, be remembered as the turning of the tide. 

Notice the dynamic. As rather often in life, it needs for only a few strong men to stand up, and others will find the courage to follow. On this occasion, Cardinal Pell has the honour, though there is no doubt the strong cannon fire from others (I put above all Cardinal Burke and Cardinal Mueller; more worthy of praise because more exposed, and with much to lose) had created the ground for what was to happen. 

One man stands up, and says that enough is enough. Openly, he accuses Cardinal Baldisseri – and for all those who have eyes to see, which yesterday included all the bishops, the Pope – of manipulating the Synod, making of it the contrary of what it was from the very start.

It must be said to his partial credit, and as a little contribution toward washing away a shame that will remain with him for life, that Cardinal Erdo also found some courage to talk. Possibly, because desirous to show himself on the street when back. Stones are hard in Budapest, I am told.  

Interestingly, what happens next is that Baldisseri refuses, and keeps the course. This behaviour, instead of the more natural referral to the Unholy Father, can only be explained with a strategy, decided beforehand, to crush every opposition and get on with the program. “Let the one or other pussycat meow”, they must have decided together with Kasper. “They will be told to shut up, and will promptly comply”. 

It wasn’t to be. Enough was, this time, truly enough.

The bishops rebel like one man. The situation has now changed. This is no revolt in kindergarten anymore. Threats of not coming back to the Synod next year had been already leaked, and there could be no more public indictment of a Pope than this one: to ignore him and say in front of the entire world “let the man blubber, and don’t do what he says”.

At this point, no one could have done differently. Baldisseri is on the ground, his position and credibility now wounded to death. The leaking will obviously become a deluge if he insists. If the bishops leave the room, this papacy will be destroyed, with an indictment obvious even for Patheos bloggers to see.

 Tosatti at this point refers – boy, the synod room leaks like a sieve: hagan lio! – the turning point of the morning: Baldisseri looking at Francis. 

How I would have wanted to be there! These are the moments that make Church history! A bully by both nature and long liberal practice, Francis’ instinct must have been to shut them up, and demand that his wish be their command. But the man has lived too much – wasted years, I admit – not to understand the dynamics at play.

In those moments, he must have seen very vividly in front of his eyes the ruin of his pontificate. Francis The Merciful, Francis The Gentle Uncle, Francis The Apostle Of Collegiality, openly refused by his own Bishops I do not say obedience, but respect and credentials of orthodoxy.  The entire world – not only the Catholic one – would have woken up discovering that the Pope is a heretic. The press offensive would have been an atomic mushroom, because when a bishop refuses obedience to a Pope and says his positions, doctrinal stance and character are not acceptable, he must most certainly explain himself. 

The man knows all this. He is a Jesuit after all. He sees the atomic mushroom about to rise. 

He remains there, dark in the face, silent.

Nay: he remains there, humiliated, and silenced.  

Oh, how he must have hated them! All that he always despised: the “joyless”, “sanctimonious”, “holy-card-faced”, “Pharisees”, “Neo-Pelagians”, perhaps (some of them) even “rosary-counting” Catholics standing there in front of them, an ocean of red and purple caps! Rebelling to him, the Humble Lider Maximo himself! 

Francis did not say anything, apparently. But we know what he must have thought:

“Just you wait”. 

At this point, the battle of the day was decided. Francis was challenged to come out in the open, and he didn’t show up.

The entire narrative of the synod has now collapsed. The reports of the small groups are now published, and it is extremely clear the synod that we have been sold has never happened. Cardinal “I think the majority is with me” Kasper is exposed as a miserable liar. Orthodoxy, as a whole and even if in the usual, weak V II way, was defended from day one, from the vast majority of the bishops. 

This isn’t even a revolt. This is a bloodbath. This is Francis’ comeuppance made “small report”, for everyone to read and stun at the extent of the deception and manipulation. This is a complete, if not sufficiently strong, indictment of the entire “age of mercy”, of the Satanic excrements we have been given up to now, and that were sold to us as the New Truth; because, according to this devil in white, this enemy of Christ and master of lies, “if laws don’t lead people to Jesus, they are obsolete”. 

What will Francis do now? He will do what old Jesuit manipulators always do. He will lick his wounds as he works in the dark, unleashing his hounds against the bishops outside of camera attention.  Perhaps he will send one or two “orthodox” messages, to try to divide the public opinion and to lead some into thinking he may not be a died-in-the-wool material heretic after all. He will work outside of the cameras’ attention to the intimidation of many bishops, as he keeps embracing wheelchairs and making well-planned “spontaneous” stops with his humble Ford Focus. He will, make no mistake, keep being TMAHICH.

But something, I think, has now changed forever. This slap cannot be “un-slapped”. He has been exposed as a liar, a hypocrite, and a manipulator. May this not be said with these exact words, the substance of what the Bishops have said and done yesterday is clear. The bucks stops at the Pope. 

I have said it before (actually, even before things came to yesterdays’ showdown) that this is an unprecedented revolt after an unprecedented blasphemy. 

But at the same time, it was a glorious day. A day that must make the Modernists stop and think, and realise it won’t be a walk in the park. It will be, in fact, a huge mess, and a battle that will be sung in the centuries to come.

One feels today as if Liberius or Honorius had been publicly denounced by their own bishops. It is as if the Ottaviani Intervention had gathered with it the Conciliar Fathers as one man. It is so big.  

Further battles lie before us, and particularly before the bishops. The Jesuit will come back with a vengeance, and no trick or weapon will be left unused. The bishops must understand what is going on, and resist as one man, denouncing all of them every attempt at intimidation made to one of them. They are (largely, and loosely, but still…) on the side of orthodoxy. There is no way in hell a Pope can fight them en masse and save face.

But this here was huge. 

Pray for the Bishops, that they find the strenght and moral fortitude, now that the conflict has exploded, to continue on the path of Truth.  

It was the day the pussycat roared. These things do not happen simply out of human forces. 

What a glorious day. 






Meet Francis, The Presbyterian Pope


How To Stop A Bully (Actually, Two).

keep calm



A glorious day today. Glorious, probably, as much as the Church of V II will ever be able to be glorious.

The pussycat has roared. Unbelievable. Evidently, there are forces at work going beyond the mere frailty of humans. 

The path seems clear to me. Notwithstanding the successful revolt of today (which I can only see as an unprecedented, public humiliation of TMAHICH, The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History; who decided it is wiser to shut up, for the moment at least, and at least in public) what we are going to assist to in the coming twelve months is:

1. A massive intimidation of bishops,  

2. A massive inculturation through Catholic media (have you read the “Catholic Herald” on Monday and Tuesday? It was like reading the “Tablet”, or rather the Voelkischer Beobachter…), and

3. Another massive intervention through the Six Little Pigs nominated by Francis; and I wonder whether Archbishop “Faggot” Forte will be even allowed to remain in the game; which, if true, would be enough to make every retard understand what kind of game is being played here. 


The way the bishops must react to this is very simple, and I would say unavoidable: the must raise the stakes and not only denounce the intimidation publicly – they are enough, and angry enough to do so with a devastating blow, as today has abundantly showed – but publicly denounce the Kasperite madness as heresy.

This is the only way the wolves now working in the corridors, threatening, promising, cajoling, and dividing, can be exposed once and for all.

Denounce the heresy very hard and very loudly. Give it Kasper’s name. Let the Pothead in Chief, then, either shut up or say openly, publicly, for all the world to see that he officially supports Kasper’s heresy. This morning at the latest he has understood that if he dared to stand up and put himself squarely on the side of Kasper his papacy would be destroyed, and Catholicism would resound of the sound of bishops calling the Pope a heretic, and demanding his resignation. The crystal statue of this disgraceful papacy would be destroyed in one thousand little splinters. Try to make anything meaningful in these conditions, Frankie boy, and good luck to you. 

Kasper is the ideal way to reaffirm orthodoxy without officially striking Francis; actually, leaving him one last possibility to retreat in good order. He might also, once he has seen what wind is blowing, reflect about jetting himself off to Argentina, where he would be able to stink of sheep as much as he wants for all the time he has left. 

But this is the time to resist to the Kasperite and Bergoglite arrogance and intimidation with a decisive blow; now that the Catholicism with a brain is in a state of shock, wondering at what point of homosexual perversion and prostitution to the world things have come; now that even among the bishops – the last ones to wake up – the cry can be heard loud and clear: enough. 

The conclusion of the small groups that I have read up to now (courtesy, as always, of Rorate) is encouraging, albeit – predictably – the Vatican II style of writing and thinking is still too evident to be ignored (“such lifestyles do not lead to human fulfillment” to describe mortal sin and public scandal; a language that would have been considered far too weak any day before Monday). Still, from what I have read up to now something clear emerge: that beyond some blabla of circumstance, the Church’s stance is not going to change. Not if you ask the bishops, not if the massive pressure is resisted. 

Francis is now at a crossroads: if he continues to thread with the grace of an elephant on dope the punishment will be swift, but I am sure he got this. He has tried the surprise attack, and it has not worked. His tanks are retreating, but they are not dispersed. They will regroup in the coming weeks and months. What he will do, is to start a subterranean war of attrition:  intimidation for the strong, and inducements for the weak.

But if the bishops are smart, they will realise that Francis isn’t the type to forgive and forget. Look at the FFI. Francis will make promises to them today, and punish them tomorrow. Those who have resisted the certainly immense pressure of the last days must understand that they are beyond the point of no return. They are the enemy now. If he has his way, Francis will have no mercy of them. They are safe of punishment only if they speak loudly now.  

How do you stop the bullying?

You denounce the heresy. You let the heretical bubo explode. You put the Catholic world in front of the choice: Truth and Christ, or Francis and Kasper. 

Give TMAHICH some good lio.

See how he likes it.


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