How To Stop A Bully (Actually, Two).

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A glorious day today. Glorious, probably, as much as the Church of V II will ever be able to be glorious.

The pussycat has roared. Unbelievable. Evidently, there are forces at work going beyond the mere frailty of humans. 

The path seems clear to me. Notwithstanding the successful revolt of today (which I can only see as an unprecedented, public humiliation of TMAHICH, The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History; who decided it is wiser to shut up, for the moment at least, and at least in public) what we are going to assist to in the coming twelve months is:

1. A massive intimidation of bishops,  

2. A massive inculturation through Catholic media (have you read the “Catholic Herald” on Monday and Tuesday? It was like reading the “Tablet”, or rather the Voelkischer Beobachter…), and

3. Another massive intervention through the Six Little Pigs nominated by Francis; and I wonder whether Archbishop “Faggot” Forte will be even allowed to remain in the game; which, if true, would be enough to make every retard understand what kind of game is being played here. 


The way the bishops must react to this is very simple, and I would say unavoidable: the must raise the stakes and not only denounce the intimidation publicly – they are enough, and angry enough to do so with a devastating blow, as today has abundantly showed – but publicly denounce the Kasperite madness as heresy.

This is the only way the wolves now working in the corridors, threatening, promising, cajoling, and dividing, can be exposed once and for all.

Denounce the heresy very hard and very loudly. Give it Kasper’s name. Let the Pothead in Chief, then, either shut up or say openly, publicly, for all the world to see that he officially supports Kasper’s heresy. This morning at the latest he has understood that if he dared to stand up and put himself squarely on the side of Kasper his papacy would be destroyed, and Catholicism would resound of the sound of bishops calling the Pope a heretic, and demanding his resignation. The crystal statue of this disgraceful papacy would be destroyed in one thousand little splinters. Try to make anything meaningful in these conditions, Frankie boy, and good luck to you. 

Kasper is the ideal way to reaffirm orthodoxy without officially striking Francis; actually, leaving him one last possibility to retreat in good order. He might also, once he has seen what wind is blowing, reflect about jetting himself off to Argentina, where he would be able to stink of sheep as much as he wants for all the time he has left. 

But this is the time to resist to the Kasperite and Bergoglite arrogance and intimidation with a decisive blow; now that the Catholicism with a brain is in a state of shock, wondering at what point of homosexual perversion and prostitution to the world things have come; now that even among the bishops – the last ones to wake up – the cry can be heard loud and clear: enough. 

The conclusion of the small groups that I have read up to now (courtesy, as always, of Rorate) is encouraging, albeit – predictably – the Vatican II style of writing and thinking is still too evident to be ignored (“such lifestyles do not lead to human fulfillment” to describe mortal sin and public scandal; a language that would have been considered far too weak any day before Monday). Still, from what I have read up to now something clear emerge: that beyond some blabla of circumstance, the Church’s stance is not going to change. Not if you ask the bishops, not if the massive pressure is resisted. 

Francis is now at a crossroads: if he continues to thread with the grace of an elephant on dope the punishment will be swift, but I am sure he got this. He has tried the surprise attack, and it has not worked. His tanks are retreating, but they are not dispersed. They will regroup in the coming weeks and months. What he will do, is to start a subterranean war of attrition:  intimidation for the strong, and inducements for the weak.

But if the bishops are smart, they will realise that Francis isn’t the type to forgive and forget. Look at the FFI. Francis will make promises to them today, and punish them tomorrow. Those who have resisted the certainly immense pressure of the last days must understand that they are beyond the point of no return. They are the enemy now. If he has his way, Francis will have no mercy of them. They are safe of punishment only if they speak loudly now.  

How do you stop the bullying?

You denounce the heresy. You let the heretical bubo explode. You put the Catholic world in front of the choice: Truth and Christ, or Francis and Kasper. 

Give TMAHICH some good lio.

See how he likes it.


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  1. (To the Godfather Theme)
    I gave this matter to you Walter and you have failed me miserably. You didn’t ‘test the water’, you invited the wrong bishops and cardinals and you showed our hand to early. This is a mess, Walter, and it’s all your fault. It was supposed to be a piss up in a brewery and you invited tee-totallers, what sort of a party did you expect?
    Why are you still standing there? Goodbye Walter!

  2. Thank you for your virtual carpet bombing here in this little corner of cyberspace.

  3. I’m waiting to see what the BoR says at the end of the Synod, if anything. More than that, I am wondering about the content of his “private” homilies in the near future, since those in the lead-up to the Synod made it pretty clear the outcome he expected.
    His wrath will be exlosive in that south American way. The bishops would do well to recall Benjamin Franklin’s comment at the signing of the Declaration of Independence: “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

  4. Greetings, I very much enjoy reading your blog and on the whole agree with your stance…but I have a favor to ask. Please try to lay off writing things like “”Archbishop “Faggot” Forte””. I uderstand how you feel, but with all do respect, there are better ways to express how you feel about someone.

  5. I return again and again to your posts, for they are true nourishment. Not only that, your mastery of English is sublime. You are right up there with Joseph Conrad as someone who has brilliantly apprehended English to convey something marvelous. I simply love “Pothead in Chief”. It’s true! The incoherent, blaspheming ramblings of the BofR are shameful to the nth degree.

    I hate to sound strident, but in the name of Truth I’d love to see the BofR recognized as the poseur he is in every nook and cranny of the earth but especially in the ivory towers of Georgetown, DePaul, Notre Dame and other CINO institutions, to the chanceries of the USA infested with Obama’s termites, to the sodomite dens of SoHo and San Francisco, to the waiting rooms of every Planned Parenthood death chamber, to the smug meeting halls of the Sierra Club and Greenspeace loonies, to everywhere sinners gather saying “no” to what is good, holy and rightly ordered. Not that these people in whole will change their ways, but at least recognize this man for what he is–a fake.

  6. I especially loathe the Sierra Club, having formally come out 25 years ago as being for a woman’s right to kill her unborn child. Save a tree, but kill a baby. Murderous fools.

    • One notices, however, how much more convenient it is to murder the baby, and feel good with the tree…
      These leftist idealists always seem to have a very easy way in front of them… 😉

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