The Day The Pussycat Roared


I must say, I am impressed...

I must say, I am impressed…


Father Z publishes the translation of the story published by Marco Tosatti on La “Stampa”.  

The extent of the events yesterday cannot be underestimated. It is obvious that a deep malcontent was already there. It is also obvious Francis, Kasper and Baldisseri thought they could keep treating the bishops like the pussycats they have been in the last nineteen months (and for a long time before then). What has happened afterwards could, one day, be remembered as the turning of the tide. 

Notice the dynamic. As rather often in life, it needs for only a few strong men to stand up, and others will find the courage to follow. On this occasion, Cardinal Pell has the honour, though there is no doubt the strong cannon fire from others (I put above all Cardinal Burke and Cardinal Mueller; more worthy of praise because more exposed, and with much to lose) had created the ground for what was to happen. 

One man stands up, and says that enough is enough. Openly, he accuses Cardinal Baldisseri – and for all those who have eyes to see, which yesterday included all the bishops, the Pope – of manipulating the Synod, making of it the contrary of what it was from the very start.

It must be said to his partial credit, and as a little contribution toward washing away a shame that will remain with him for life, that Cardinal Erdo also found some courage to talk. Possibly, because desirous to show himself on the street when back. Stones are hard in Budapest, I am told.  

Interestingly, what happens next is that Baldisseri refuses, and keeps the course. This behaviour, instead of the more natural referral to the Unholy Father, can only be explained with a strategy, decided beforehand, to crush every opposition and get on with the program. “Let the one or other pussycat meow”, they must have decided together with Kasper. “They will be told to shut up, and will promptly comply”. 

It wasn’t to be. Enough was, this time, truly enough.

The bishops rebel like one man. The situation has now changed. This is no revolt in kindergarten anymore. Threats of not coming back to the Synod next year had been already leaked, and there could be no more public indictment of a Pope than this one: to ignore him and say in front of the entire world “let the man blubber, and don’t do what he says”.

At this point, no one could have done differently. Baldisseri is on the ground, his position and credibility now wounded to death. The leaking will obviously become a deluge if he insists. If the bishops leave the room, this papacy will be destroyed, with an indictment obvious even for Patheos bloggers to see.

 Tosatti at this point refers – boy, the synod room leaks like a sieve: hagan lio! – the turning point of the morning: Baldisseri looking at Francis. 

How I would have wanted to be there! These are the moments that make Church history! A bully by both nature and long liberal practice, Francis’ instinct must have been to shut them up, and demand that his wish be their command. But the man has lived too much – wasted years, I admit – not to understand the dynamics at play.

In those moments, he must have seen very vividly in front of his eyes the ruin of his pontificate. Francis The Merciful, Francis The Gentle Uncle, Francis The Apostle Of Collegiality, openly refused by his own Bishops I do not say obedience, but respect and credentials of orthodoxy.  The entire world – not only the Catholic one – would have woken up discovering that the Pope is a heretic. The press offensive would have been an atomic mushroom, because when a bishop refuses obedience to a Pope and says his positions, doctrinal stance and character are not acceptable, he must most certainly explain himself. 

The man knows all this. He is a Jesuit after all. He sees the atomic mushroom about to rise. 

He remains there, dark in the face, silent.

Nay: he remains there, humiliated, and silenced.  

Oh, how he must have hated them! All that he always despised: the “joyless”, “sanctimonious”, “holy-card-faced”, “Pharisees”, “Neo-Pelagians”, perhaps (some of them) even “rosary-counting” Catholics standing there in front of them, an ocean of red and purple caps! Rebelling to him, the Humble Lider Maximo himself! 

Francis did not say anything, apparently. But we know what he must have thought:

“Just you wait”. 

At this point, the battle of the day was decided. Francis was challenged to come out in the open, and he didn’t show up.

The entire narrative of the synod has now collapsed. The reports of the small groups are now published, and it is extremely clear the synod that we have been sold has never happened. Cardinal “I think the majority is with me” Kasper is exposed as a miserable liar. Orthodoxy, as a whole and even if in the usual, weak V II way, was defended from day one, from the vast majority of the bishops. 

This isn’t even a revolt. This is a bloodbath. This is Francis’ comeuppance made “small report”, for everyone to read and stun at the extent of the deception and manipulation. This is a complete, if not sufficiently strong, indictment of the entire “age of mercy”, of the Satanic excrements we have been given up to now, and that were sold to us as the New Truth; because, according to this devil in white, this enemy of Christ and master of lies, “if laws don’t lead people to Jesus, they are obsolete”. 

What will Francis do now? He will do what old Jesuit manipulators always do. He will lick his wounds as he works in the dark, unleashing his hounds against the bishops outside of camera attention.  Perhaps he will send one or two “orthodox” messages, to try to divide the public opinion and to lead some into thinking he may not be a died-in-the-wool material heretic after all. He will work outside of the cameras’ attention to the intimidation of many bishops, as he keeps embracing wheelchairs and making well-planned “spontaneous” stops with his humble Ford Focus. He will, make no mistake, keep being TMAHICH.

But something, I think, has now changed forever. This slap cannot be “un-slapped”. He has been exposed as a liar, a hypocrite, and a manipulator. May this not be said with these exact words, the substance of what the Bishops have said and done yesterday is clear. The bucks stops at the Pope. 

I have said it before (actually, even before things came to yesterdays’ showdown) that this is an unprecedented revolt after an unprecedented blasphemy. 

But at the same time, it was a glorious day. A day that must make the Modernists stop and think, and realise it won’t be a walk in the park. It will be, in fact, a huge mess, and a battle that will be sung in the centuries to come.

One feels today as if Liberius or Honorius had been publicly denounced by their own bishops. It is as if the Ottaviani Intervention had gathered with it the Conciliar Fathers as one man. It is so big.  

Further battles lie before us, and particularly before the bishops. The Jesuit will come back with a vengeance, and no trick or weapon will be left unused. The bishops must understand what is going on, and resist as one man, denouncing all of them every attempt at intimidation made to one of them. They are (largely, and loosely, but still…) on the side of orthodoxy. There is no way in hell a Pope can fight them en masse and save face.

But this here was huge. 

Pray for the Bishops, that they find the strenght and moral fortitude, now that the conflict has exploded, to continue on the path of Truth.  

It was the day the pussycat roared. These things do not happen simply out of human forces. 

What a glorious day. 






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  1. Possibly more intransigence than generally perceived. This from John Allen,(the great pretender to leftist “centrism”): “Also today, the Vatican released a slightly modified English translation of the report from Monday which softened its language on gays; for instance, changing ‘welcoming’ homosexuals to ‘providing for’ them, and saying their unions can provide ‘valuable support’ for partners rather than ‘precious support.’ Paradoxically, however, the Vatican also insisted that the Italian version is the definitive one, where the word accoglienza, meaning ‘welcome,’ remains.”

    Do NOT underestimate these revolutionaries: they know they have the cover of the international press and the money of Freemasonry behind them.

    • The discussion about the English translation is utterly ridiculous, and a red herring if ever there was one. I do not think even one of the bishop swallowed it.
      The entire document is so flawed in its very thinking, that there is no saving anything by changing this or that word here and there.
      Again, this did not impress anyone, and the criticism came from non-english speaking groups exactly as it came from the english-speaking one.

  2. As an interested outsider — I’m not Catholic — I would like to know how the author thinks about this victory of the orthodox voice in relation to the position of the German and Austrian Episcopates. If I’m well informed Card. Marx and the majority of his colleagues, as well as Schonborn, will simply not accept another result than admitting the divorced and civilly re-married and active homosexuals to Holy Communion. They’ve already hinted that, whatever the Synod ultimately may conclude (in 2015), they’ll follow their own liberal course and implement this. So what if orthodoxy would prevail in the end and the Germans still defect, and refuse to obey. What will happen? A (practical) schism? Would this not be a Pyrrhic victory? The Pope may be strongly inclined to avoid conflict with the Germans and give them what they want, even if the Synod ends with a complete victory of the orthodox doctrine.

    • This is, as you yourself say, unCatholic thinking.
      Hundreds of priests give communions to adulterers in Germany and Austria as we speak.
      But those who give, and those who receive, know it is a sacrilege; a sacrilege not less so, because they try to persuade themselves it is not so.
      It is important that Truth be upheld so that honest people may have Truth to refer to. It is even more important that Truth be upheld because this is what Christ mandated.
      The idea of giving people what they want so that there be no conflict may work for a political party, it will never work for the Church. A Pope behaving in this way would disgrace himself for eternity (like Pope Liberius, Pope Honorius and a couple of others), but he would not change the truth one iota.
      Truth is Truth. The Church must not deny Truth merely to achieve some lesser aim, because the Church does not accept the “lesser evil” theory (search this blog for “double effect” and “lesser evil”).

      On the matter at hand, it is questionable whether Schoenborn & Co. will have their way. The thing is, as long as the Church upholds the Truth, they will always be the ones who cut corners, prostitutes who lie to please their clients. Every Catholics knows what the Church teaches. This is why it is so important for Germans and Austrians to be able to tell their sheep “we won’t change doctrine, but hey, we changed the pastoral attitude, so now you are rather fine; not perfect (who is?) but merely suboptimally holy”.

      It’s about looking good in the German village.



    We battle for Mass
    Daily it’s said.
    We battle for schools
    Where God is not dead.

    We battle for books
    Published and read
    We battle for peace
    Retreats are priest led.

    We battle to shield
    Motherhoods’ plight
    To let her nurse child
    At home day and night.

    We battle for men
    Who quietly fight
    Support them in prayer
    To lead us to right.

    We battle for truth
    Professed in the Creed
    Say “NO” to the wolves
    Who twist it indeed.

    We battle for grace
    We drink it like mead
    It quenches our thirst
    Refreshed so to heed…

    All that is said
    By wolves wearing rings
    Corrupting the facts
    With traditional slings.

    But triumph is coming
    Heart Immaculate brings
    ‘Cause the war ain’t over…
    Till FATIMA sings!!

    ROAR, you Cardinals, roar!

  4. Mundabor my friend,

    If you are happy I am happy!

    God Bless,


  5. Francis will be a very angry indeed. Pope Humble I is likely Pope Vindictive I. I think the destruction of the Franciscans of the Immaculate is a prototyping of a method of attack he will visit on traditionally minded societies, orders and bishops. This means somehow finding a pretext to investigate, and if that’s not applicable, simply move aside. Perhaps I am wrong. Hopefully, Francis will temper his hostility to Catholicism and orthodoxy.

    • “a very angry indeed”.
      We have the same autocorrect! 😉

      Yes, Francis will try to do that. But if many bishops are around him there’s nothign he can really do, and honestly I think most of those who have spoken followig the massive pressure of the last days haven’t much to hide anyway.
      It’s the Danneelses, not the Burkes, who tend to have skeletons in the closet.
      I’d love to investigate Maradiaga’s past, for example.

  6. The “gates of hell”, will continue to push themselves open and some will be pulling them from within the Church. Hasn’t it always been so? We have Christ’s promise Satan will not prevail and the Church militant will remain victorious until (or shortly before?) His Glorious return.

    There will always be a Roman Catholic Church – there may come a point where duplicity and sacrilege predominate in some parishes and countries. God is offended by this and expects His Pope and Magisterium to act. One prays His judgement will be swift and not too severe on His Bride but directed at those culpable.

    I have been truly astonished at the behaviour of Francis and others throughout this Synod. Yes, yes, I know. I have been following your blog and, in truth, did think at one point you were being somewhat over critical.

    Mea culpa.

    • Yes, the battle does not end on Thursday. It merely begun.

      I am horrified at the man.


      Whenever he opens his damn mouth and spits some of his novelties so enthusiastically repeated by the “Catholic Herald” et al. I feel a chill down my spine, and know Satan is at work.

      This man is scary. We are living extraordinary times, that will be remembered in many centuries.

      I will not run the risk of being too moderate.


  7. I suspect that there is no way that Francis will take this lying down; the only question will be: will he do a wholesale purge of the conservatives (and the one or two traditionalists) or will he satisfy himself with demoting a few of them, pour encourager les autres (Google Admiral Byng). If he does the former he will be showing all the world that he is a tyrant, so my guess he will dissemble and do the latter, giving the sorry apologists and “normaliens” a shred to grasp hold of. Or maybe he will calculate that it is better to be very hard, and do the former, thus causing the requisite fear in the tremulous, clergy as well as laity.

    Meanwhile, what do we do? I suggest a trip to Roberto de Mattei’s Corrispondenza Romana site for some answers, especially these two articles:

    A quick scan of a Google translation suggests that interestingly enough, Opus Dei Msgr Livi is saying about the same thing as old Trad Dominican Fr. Calmel.

    And maybe this is the good news of this horrific pontificate: the choices are becoming all too clear.

  8. Well said. I hope you are right: that the cardinals who spoke up will remain firm in spite of demotions or whatever comes their way at the hands of the BofR. I honestly didn’t think there was any among them who was man enough to resist. Yes, they should have done so earlier, and more vocally. But they did resist.

    Thank you, Lord, for your great mercy. We must keep praying and protesting. Perhaps the prayers have helped strengthen those cardinals.

    • Small correction:
      I do not think they will stand firm.
      I am afraid many of them won’t.
      What I think is that those who cave in will do a very stupid thing, because Francis will punish them anyway.
      Alas, the coward seldom has the lucidity to see these things. A moment of nerve is then followed by massive rationalisations as to why it is better to backpedal.
      I think we’ll see this behaviour from many a weak bishops. But I trust we will remain with a number of strong ones.

  9. Pope Francis will not back down on the big project. Sure, he was furious that his plants did not succeed in pulling off the false “Relatio” as having the backing of the Synod. However, he still has his men in most of the most powerful positions and he will continue with his deadly aims. And, still, many of the orthodox bishops and priests will not actively and publicly oppose his constant attacks on the Faith, in word, deed and omission. He will continue to do very great damage while he’s on the throne. He’s not about to fire Volpi, is he? And permit the FFI and FSI to exist as an orthodox traditional order once again? No, he is obstinate, driven – he will not give up. In fact, his anger over the push-back by the bishops will probably cause him to act even more ruthlessly, and speed up in his work.

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