Francis: A Different Cover



In a welcome change from the covers of the homo mafia and the relentless pushing of Francis as the hero and allied of perverts of all kind (which, let us make no mistakes here, he undoubtedly is), the satirical Argentinian publication “Barcelona” has published a cover with Francis looking like a pervert, and a not entirely flattering  word which, I am told, means something like “big fag” (Word Reference gives no clue, so it is difficult for me to know to fine tune my language antennae on this). The subtitle is also very clear in its mockery of the lines of the liberal press these last days, and before.

I think it is a very welcome development that such covers are published. This is not a left-wing publication, lambasting the Pope because he is Catholic. At least this is not what it is about on this occasion. This is bashing the Pope because he isn’t Catholic, and because he is a friend of sexual perversion.

It is good that such things happen. Scandal must be exposed, and brutal scandal must be exposed brutally. We need more of this. We need to publicly shame a Pope that openly attacks Catholicism either directly, or through his minions, day in and day out, and has been doing it for almost twenty montsh now, helped by the army of Pollyannas for which everything has a reasonable explanation, everything is someone else’s fault, and there’s nothing wrong, much less extremely disturbing, with this man. We need to open our eyes to the atrocious reality in front of our eyes. We need to be as brutal in our opposition to abomination as the organised Western Faggotry and Vatican Gay Mafia are brutal in the pursue of their own satanic objectives.

More of this, please. Let us bury this dirty old man under an avalanche of ridicule.    

No one can uphold both this man and the papacy.

If you support this Pope, you shame the Papacy. If you support the Papacy, you must shame this Pope. Because this Pope is a shame for the Papacy. 

Alternative translations of the word are welcome. Translations in other languages (as accurate as possible: nuances matter) too. 

Hat tip: reader Maria Victoria Alvarez. 


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  1. Well…a closest meaning could be: ” Big Slut Fag “

  2. from

    “In Mexico this has the simple definition of “a hard hit” or “beating”. A “puto” is a male prostitute and the suffix “~azo” means “big”. In most of South America is has two other definitions. In Argentina and Uruguay is means “a flamboyant gay man” and in most other countries “a big pimp”.

  3. Marcela Ghiringhelli

    This shows that here in Argentina many people are tired of seeing the world treating this man as a saint when we know he has tons of dirty laundry ¿why do you think he dislike gossip so much? by the way the word Putazo here in Argentina means big fag or very obvious, blatant fag.


    • Thanks Marcela.
      Everyone of the commenters from Argentina seems to share your feeling about Bergoglio.
      By the next conclave, web search homework should be made mandatory…. 😉


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