Is Michael Voris Finally Seeing The Light?

I will deal with the main news (as I understand it; and if there is one) in another post.

This here is both an appetizer, and the occasion for a short comment on CMTV’s stance.








You can easily notice that this is a highly dramatic, “breaking news” broadcast.

Note that Voris interrupts a (late) dinner with his entire troop to broadcast in the night hour something that he must have seen as both huge and implying consequences for everyone, Church Militant TV included.

There is no open comment on Burke’s comments, but the treatment of the matter seems to indicate Voris himself might be, like many other persistently blind Catholics, at a crossroads.

For the moment, I limit myself to notice that Burke appears to have made what Michael Voris himself considers, or considered, very bad, weakening the Church, and (if I remember correctly) leading souls to perdition. It will be interesting to see how he deals will this: can he ever criticise a Cardinal for criticising a Pope for the very same reasons why he criticises the Cardinals himself? Absurd position, I know, but then it always was. 

The fact is, it isn’t so unusual for a Cardinal to criticise a Pope. This here is important not because a criticism has been uttered, but because whichever the words used, the criticism must strike at the very core of the Papacy, exactly as Communion and sexual morality. 

I am waiting to find more information on this matter. I am also eagerly awaiting to see whether other Cardinals will support Burke’s position (if it was what it is reported to be; but Voris is a serious journalist and would pay attention to what he says without having solid evidence of what was said). My impression is that the press tamtam went around the journalists’ dinner tables yesterday night, saying “Cardinal Burke wants to get rid of the gloves”. If this is so, the general tone of the words and the nature of the criticism ( that is: not of being weak or unprepared, but of being deceptive and manipulating; not of being the victim, but the architect and perpetrator) will be less important than the exact words that were said, because what counts would be, then, the main point: “Cardinal questions integrity of Pope”.

You can also be sure further interviews will follow this one, and the other Cardinals will have to take position, too. 

I will not waste time on Burke’s confirmation of his demotion, because I do not write for Pollyannas. Rather, the time chosen by Burke to make this announcement is relevant for another reason: he is clearly saying that he is now more free to speak than he would have been as a person directly involved (as the head of the Signatura Apostolic,a which decides on annulments) in the administration of the Holy See and will, therefore, not shut up.

If Voris were to finally see the light, this would be great news. Another valid soldier choosing the right ranks. If not, I suspect we will just have to wait. 

Brick by brick, as they say.



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  1. Michael himself always knew “the father was naked”, but for the sake of the little ones, never directly engaged in criticism of Pope Francis. Reading the comments beneath the CMTV “breaking news”, I have a new appreciation for his rationale. His followers, many of them, are massively confused and you sense a hysteria among some who have zero insight into the workings of this papacy over the last 18 months. It’s as if they drunk the Johnstown Koolaid and quaffed deeply. Sure they got solid catechism from Mr. Voris, but their view of Francis was based on MSM sound bytes.

    • If they are confused, then Voris confuses them even more by remaining silent about Francis.
      It is like having a mother preaching honesty and seeing papa stealing from the family stash every Monday. And mama says nothing.

  2. I hope Voris is now waking from his damn fool ‘we must not criticize the Pope’ fog. Well, in a few days we will see if he has seen the light, or just reporting what Cdl. Burke has said. If he attacks Cdl. Burke for daring to publically criticize that ‘special’ person.

  3. I also meant to say, after special person, we will know for sure whether MV is a papal ass kisser or not.

    • Mr Verrecchio is very skeptical.

      I know of course that he was aware of Francis’ shortocmings, but did not want to expose them. He said so much already. But now he in trouble, because now either Burke is a “spiritual pornographer” or the entire Voris-Doctrine collapses.

      I had the impression – I still have it – that Voris made the dramatic “breaking news” think to signal a shift.

      We shall see. But if he keeps ignoring Francis, he won’t be able to keep ignoring Burke, Pell, Mueller and Napier too.

      He is in a cul-de-sac with no exit but the truth: Francis is an enemy of Catholicism.


  4. Many who are in this state of cognitive dissonance are beginning to feel the heat. Things are coming to a head, and it becomes more and more difficult to maintain the charade. Papolotry is showing the first signs of cracking under the pressure, because the press (Catholic or secular) is increasingly unable to hide the magnitude of the Revolution.

  5. Although I don’t agree with Voris idea that “only saints may criticize the pope”, his reporting on Cardinal Burke criticizing the pope would be consistent with that – he may consider Burke a saint or saint-like, or at least be giving him the benefit of the doubt. He is therefore not criticizing himself – but reporting on the criticism of others. Of course, it’s pretty obvious what his own opinion is, but he’s hiding behind Burke. Criticizing a pope is dangerous ground (one may have to tread it), and I can understand Voris’ stance.

    • Ah, but them how many “saints” are there out there? Mueller was insistent, Pell too. Five Cardinals write a book, of which four aren’t Burke…
      I can’t see this approach living for very long…

  6. Unfortunately, Mr. Voris seems to have bought the Pope’s trolling of every Catholic on earth.

  7. Mund, Voris and CMTV removed the video. Voris, once again, bowed to his Papal idol, TMAHICH, instead of supporting an honest, courageous man of God like Cdl. Burke. Voris will be a nobody five years from now when people start to realize he ran interference for TMAHICH.

    • The video was a big mistake from his part.
      It says that either Burke is a spiritual pornographer, or the Pope a menace.
      Still waiting to know which is which…

  8. If only “saints” may criticize the Pope, then no saints will criticize the Pope, because real saints never identify themselves as such.

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