Pope Addresses The Synod. Mundabor Translates.

The Holy Father had decided to take some precautions...

The Holy Father had decided to take some precautions…


… heart full of appreciation and gratitude…


so-called – today – “traditionalists”

Bla – bla – bla. 


… the temptations must not frighten or disconcert us…

Blablablablabla. Bla


now we still have one year to mature,


Thank you! 



Mundabor’s translation: 




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  1. My Italian being what it is, I got the impression that the quip: “Ho sbagliato, qui. Ho detto accogliere: andare a trovarle” was a slap in the face to the Synod Fathers who objected to the “welcoming” language being directed towards “gays”. Or, is my Italian really that bad?

    • Where it is in the address? I have read the English, but I have little patience with the blabla.
      He shoots on Traditionalists, for sure.
      Bad loser.

  2. That’s great! Very funny! And funny because it’s true!!

  3. Hurrah!! Love Francis: the rare, holy man who draws from deeper waters. Can. Not. Wait.

  4. Translation: muddy waters are still muddy.

  5. Francis is clearly very angry and his speech more political than ever. As unCatholic as ever. Trying to paint himself as the only one who knows and follows the real truth, the recently-discovered “truth” that shows that the previous generations of the Church were very wrong, very misguided, or very evil (Deposit of Faith? – what’s that?; Natural Moral Law? – never heard of it.)

  6. In English:

    We will speak a little bit about the Pope, now, in relation to the Bishops [laughing]. So, the duty of the Pope is that of guaranteeing the unity of the Church; it is that of reminding the faithful of their duty to faithfully follow the Gospel of Christ; it is that of reminding the pastors that their first duty is to nourish the flock – to nourish the flock – that the Lord has entrusted to them, and to seek to welcome – with fatherly care and mercy, and without false fears – the lost sheep. I made a mistake here. I said ‘welcome’: [rather] to ‘go out and find them’.

    That last bit, where he first says “welcome”, but then – in what would appear to be a clear allusion to the whole “welcoming language” issue with the shameful Relatio – excuses himself and changes it to “go out and find them”.

    Maybe I’m imagining things, but he seems to be saying – in a remarkably passive-aggressive manner – that he found the matter ridiculous.

    • Oh, as the general tone goes, I had the same impression.
      He is saying “you bunch of fascists have ruined the party; but I am the Pope and do not want to lose face more than you already made me do, I will make some passive-aggressive remarks whilst I fake orthodoxy for once.

      I will tell you that you lose yourself in byzantinisms, are not willing to be “surprised”, and are a bunch of reactionary morons.

      In time, I’ll make you understand this with more than words.”

      Though I think that in the blog post I resumed it in a more pithy way… 😉


  7. You foiled me now, but next time, next time, bwahahaha.

    or similar.

    Francis will try again, although probably not with Cardinal Kasper who really did fail his master.

  8. The motto of The Amazin’ Man: “In clade malignitas; victoria vindicta.” (In defeat malice; in victory revenge.)

    By the way, next time you visit Kasper-berg–don’t mention BANANAS.

    Thanks, M, for all your sterling efforts of late. The one thing the conspirators neglected to take into account is that the Internet guarantees that we cannot have a re-run of V2 and its secret paths.

    • Thanks.
      I was also reflecting that in the time of Internet V II games are not possible anymore. Deception and manipulation are always possible, of course; but they are more difficult to execute.


  9. I did pray for you as you asked.
    I’m a first-time reader of your blog, and do very much enjoy it.
    I almost turned away from your blog, though, when I kept reading Fr. Corapi in the Quotable Quotes section. Isn’t he a disgraced mess?

    • May he be a disgraced mess, his quotes are wonderful. I have decided to leave them, because truth does not become less true if the one who has spoken the truth decides to embrace the lie.

      Thank you for your prayers.

      This here is a somewhat strong blog. You’ll get accustomed to it.. 😉


  10. Rambling, verbose, political, incoherent in places. He should have point blanked apologized to the entire Catholic world for the release of that heretical draft in which we were challenged to “value” something evil. nauseating.

  11. Perhaps my next ‘snailmail’ or Tweet to TMAHICH will be about being cautious toward one’s enemies. Or perhaps just a quote of St. Paul on the people who won’t be getting past the pearly gates…Of course he doesn’t read them, but maybe somebody does, and it makes me feel like I’ve done my bit when there’s so little I can do—-I don’t have your capability, M!

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