Who Will Take The Lead?

First and Bravest of the Brave: cardinal Burke.

First and Bravest of the Brave: cardinal Burke.


The army of Faggotry has had a setback this week, but there is no hoping that this is the end of the satanical pro-faggotry, sacrilegious madness fueled by TMAHICH and his minions. 

Give it a couple of weeks at the most, and interviews from dissenting (from the Magisterium) bishops will start to appear, in order to gather for them Brownie Points with Francis. 

The publication of the shameless Relatio will now lead to what was planned all along: the opening of a “debate”, a “discussion” between orthodoxy on one side, and sacrilege and sodomy on the other.

Whilst it is obvious the Pope did not want to start the “discussion” with a bleeding nose and a black eye, it is perfectly clear this kind of “debate” is what was planned all along, and this is what we are now going to get. And no doubt, The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History will be the one who fuels it from the very first line with more outlandish, or outright heretical, or utterly blasphemous statements. 

It is clear enough by now that most Bishops do not want such a discussion at all, because Truth is not questioned and is no object for debate. But the homo troops will be reorganised in a matter of weeks, perhaps days. When the big media noise has subsided, it will be the time to start advancing again: timidly at first, more and more strongly as the months pass. 

We need strong leaders now. We need Bishops and Cardinals who are actually afraid of going to hell, and put their duty to Christ before the rich privileges of their positions. When Christians in Africa and Asia risk their lives everyday just for going to Mass, it is perfectly reasonable to ask consecrated Bishops, people who should be ready to die for Christ at a moment’s notice, to run the risk of losing a diocese, and being sent to some remote and unpleasant location, at the very worst.

Some names have emerged in the last days. Cardinals Burke, Mueller, Pell, and Napier seem to me the four most courageous ones, the elite of the Christian troops in this very difficult moment. And I say this with admiration for Cardinal Mueller: a man of very questionable theological integrity concerning the Perpetual Virginity of our Blessed Lady and the Resurrection; but who has, when severely tested, reacted in an exemplary manner.

In the same vein, I am less than impressed by the silence of two names that could, I think, be expected to be among the voices claiming in the wilderness. Cardinal Piacenza is the first, and Cardinal Bagnasco is the second. The latter has, it is very true, shamefully caved in to Francis’ Gospel of inclusiveness in a past, very scandalous occasion, but it would still have been a legitimate expectation to see him, a man to whim many look as at a protector of orthodoxy, to speak clearly enough to make world news. The former is a riddle to me. A man who has never, to my knowledge, compromised his faith, has now allowed others to expose themselves to the ires of the Gay Army whilst – as far as I can see – not voicing any criticism strong enough to put him in the first line of the Resistance. Perhaps he is working with them behind the scenes. Perhaps he will intervene when his friends decide that the time is right. Perhaps the English-speaking press has ignored his strong criticism. I am grateful for links to his public utterances in these days, in whatever language. It would be a great joy to be able to count Cardinal Piacenza among the Very Brave. 

 Let us pray for Mueller, Pell, Napier, and particularly Burke, the first one of this brave troop to open his mouth and, from what I could read up to now, the most outspoken. But Francis needs to be questioned and criticised publicly far more strongly than this has been the case up to now.

The word “heresy” is still nowhere to be heard. We need for brave Cardinals to get into the next gear now, openly denouncing the heresy and putting the Pope in front of the choice of either openly supporting or openly recanting it. 

Half words will not serve anyone now. If Francis is allowed to sit on the fence he will have reached his main objective: to sit there as the “referee” of a “friendly match” between two “pastoral views”. This is what he wanted all along. 

There are no two pastoral views. There is orthodoxy on one side, and heresy on the other.

We need strong Cardinals calling Kasper’s doctrine heretical, and doing the same with the Pope if he does not condemn it. We need this vulcan to erupt in the open now, if we want to avoid the subterranean subversion of Catholicism to go on as the Pope threatens, persuades, cajoles and corrupts in the next twelve months and beyond.

The moment is now.

Who will take the lead?


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  1. I agree wholeheartedly with this post – particularly the last bit regarding the need to raise the charge of heresy. I recently invited the few people following my own blog to do so in the case of Cardinal Kasper, as I think his case is crystal clear. What is needed now is for people to start stop apologizing for “misguided moral theology” and to start using the term heresy once again in all its full-blooded rancor. If enough people on the ground repeat the word, it is only a matter of time before a bishop or cardinal says it in front of a recording iPhone (!) or a television camera, which will reintroduce it to the wider Catholic world. In the meantime, it would be helpful if we could get one or two canon lawyers to discuss the issue publicly.

  2. As far as I know the SSPX have been keeping their powder dry…….

    I wait for a broadside…..I look forward to the broadside…..

    Archbishop Lefebvre called it right 50 years ago, who can deny that now…..

    Saint Marcel Lefebvre the Great intercede for us.

    • They published an extremely strong intervention on the site of their press agency after the Relatio.
      Strong stuff. But what they basically said is: “you are reaping what you sow; the errors of the past are catching up with you now”.
      They are, as always, right.

  3. Mundabor,
    Bagnasco e’ un bello che non balla, tutt’apparenza, nulla sostanza.
    Besides, Bergoglio can remove him in a second, see Piacenza ( who has heart disease, anyway) and Burke himself.

    • I like “un bello che non balla”.. 😉 😉

      Yes, they could all be removed, but I do not think Burke would have ever been afraid of this, Mueller and Pell certainly aren’t.

      I frankly do not think some heart problem should be a reason not to talk. He could be (cough), “removed” from above at all times, anyway….


  4. In Italy only Ruini and Negri have spoken, and NOT in the same terms as Burke

  5. Mundy, if you wish I can explain il ” bello che non balla”, apropos old custom between Italian boys and girls.

  6. The expression is not mine, but my cousin’s. Actually it reads” bella che non balla”, I adjusted it a little.

  7. Hurrah…heresy is the word that no one wants to say. I have been saying it for the last 18 months and have been consistently howled down. Thank you. I will feel very at home here.

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