Synod: Remember “The Pianist”?

This time, the pianist was booed.

This time, the pianist was booed.

Not long ago, New Catholic at Rorate published his own comment on the translation of an article of “La Stampa”‘s Marco Tosatti.

The article, and the comment, dealt with the hubris of an unnamed Cardinal who was boasting of how he would steer the Synod in the direction he (actually: his boss) desired. The unnamed Cardinal was dubbed “the pianist”; perhaps, I notice today, to give a hint to a particular Cardinal who happens to play the piano, and whose description fitted very well the person described by Tosatti.

Today Cardinal Baldisseri, who seems to me to be the man, and pianist, in question, must have other thoughts about how easy it is to manipulate a Synod.

The pianist was booed. His mediocre Impresario was exposed.

Don’t play it again, Lorenzo.


hat tip: “S. Armaticus” on the “Harvesting the Fruit of the V II blog” (our “Sarmaticus”, I believe).

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    • Not sure they got it right.

      The paragraphs in questions were voted out of the documents. They are not part of it.

      They will be distributed on the side, as the parts that were not approved and are not part of the text. Actually, a cautionary tale, and a good occasion to explain what’s wrong with them.

      You can’t explain heresy without saying what it is.


  1. Good call,

    I think you are on to something. 🙂

    Your “advise” post still has me laughing. But what makes it so funny, is that you hit the nail right on the head, w/r/t to Kirchensteuer. Renouncing it would be a liberating experience for the entire Church.

    • Thanks, Sarmaticus. Actually, the pianist thing comes from a comment read on Mr Verrecchio’s blog, though when I found the picture I understood it was probably a clue. .

      I will go back to it and give a hat-tip to the chap who wrote it.


      P.s. Well I think he is one of ours, isn’t he? 😉

      And thank you for the many good words about me and the many links on the other blog, btw…

    • I caught the “tip” re-reading the Rorate post about the JP II intervention. I remembered seeing a picture of Baldisseri at a piano, and then I remembered how that Bergoglio made him a cardinal for “services rendered”at the conclave. And putting those together, I got the “king maker”.

      As to referencing you, don’t mention it.

      Your blog, Rorate Caeli and Fr. Z are the best out there. So it’s only natural that I reference you.

    • Thank you, Sir.
      I am sure you want to add Mr. Verrecchio’s blog to the list.. 😉


  2. Naturally. Mr. V is the man!

    He’s really sticking his neck out to allow people like me to post in this general comment box. And it has a massive following. Especially among the clergy. That is why I quote and link you. Some of these fathers, brothers and sisters probably never heard proper Catholicism until their initial link to your page. 😉

  3. Well done, Sarmaticus! The clergy need to see the reality without all of the obscuring ‘fluffy’ talk of the Pollyanna crowd. I hope many look at this site and actually think about what is written. That might be a good prayer intention this week…..

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