Baldrick And The Synod

Baldrick loved to comment on Catholic sites.

Baldrick loved to comment on Catholic sites.


I have already written that, if you browse around, Pollyanna has become rather silent. The number of those now wondering at the cruelty of the wolves, keeping the Most Holy Father away from the Internet, has decreased sharply.

Still, there are some hard-liners who do not really want to get it. As we say in Italy, the mother of the idiot is always pregnant. This here is, though, extreme Pollyann-ing, because almost twenty months of papal Subversion make the job harder and harder. To still believe in the “good Holy Father who has a cunning plan” you need, actually, Baldrick levels of stupidity. 

The two most Baldrick-like readings of the events are the following:

1. The Pope has put the wrong people in charge of the Synod; he has allowed them to run everything; he has allowed them to publish a document without even informing the bishops; he has, in fact, possibly drafted some parts of it himself, and has certainly approved them; he has, finally, made astonishingly blasphemous statements on the same day the notorious report was issued. 

Why did he do all that? 

Simples, says Baldrick: in order to allow the bad wolves to get out in the open, and know who they are!

How can anyone be so stupid and be allowed to vote, to buy financial products, to make debts, even to drive? 

How many people have you ever heard saying “Hitler organised the Holocaust in order to expose the anti-semites among the Nazis”? Or “Stalin made purges in order to expose the fanatical commies in his party’s ranks?” Seriously: can anyone be as thick as that, and be allowed to buy a car, or take out a mortgage? 

2. On the same vein, but with a vaster geo-political breadth, is the other brilliant affirmation: Benedict resigned in order for the wolves to reveal themselves, and be exposed by the world. 

Interesting reflection. “I am the Pope”, says Benedict. “It is obvious the Church is full of perverts, communists, and heretics. How can I neutralise them? Appointing good bishops and Cardinals? Taking care of sound teaching and that there are no homos in the seminaries? Promoting the Mass of the Ages? Making enquiries as to who the perverts are, and getting rid of them in various ways? In a word, being a sound Pope? 

Pah! This is sooo outdated! I will resign instead! The homosexual and modernist Cardinals will elect an heretic Pope, and he and them together will plunge the Church in the worst chaos in 2000 years! People will be confused, doctrine will be questioned, nothing will seem sacred, or even permanent anymore! This will take care of them! What a cunning plan!”


It truly is beyond belief. As the Internet has allowed ideas to go around freely, it has also allowed every moron who can spell to get a nickname and write nonsense in comment boxes. 

On the Internet, nobody knows you’re the village idiot. 



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  1. I have also been amused/irritated by these people. They believe that the Pope was personally selected by the Holy Spirit so, for them to admit that he is trampling on the truth, would create cognitive dissonance (trying to hold two contradictory beliefs simultaneously) so they resist the obvious conclusion by creating a theory that allows them to believe that Francis was indeed God’s personal choice and is hiding his true beliefs. The fact that the US Cardinals excluded themselves from standing (presumably to stop Burke) means that the Holy Spirit did not have a free hand anyway – perhaps they can reconcile themselves to the fact that the Pope isn’t a Catholic in this way. (But probably not!).

  2. “…the mother of the idiot is always pregnant”

    Priceless! I’ve not heard that before. Its corollary, perhaps, is “The Father of the idiot is always drunk” (else the Mother wouldn’t always be pregnant.)

  3. This plan of B XVI, “Is it as cunning as a “remote controlled sheep” what used to be Professor or Cunning at Oxford University but has moved on and is now working for the U.N. at the High Commission of International Cunning Planning”?


  4. I cringe at the thought of Michael Voris retreating into his “nothing to see here children, move along now” mode in regards to our Pope. He needs to teach his audience to be critical thinkers in this vale of tears and not cultivate a blind obedience to a destructive Pope. Our allegiance is to Christ, not to those who seek to destroy His Truth.

  5. This even more than the Pope’s evildoing reveals the diabolical disorientation that is everywhere.

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