Spinning Defeat

Dream, heretics…

The liberal and worldly press is divided over the issue of the synod. The more realistic commenters limit themselves to observe and report the facts: the Pope has made a big push for what they call modernisation, and he has been soundly defeated. Whilst even these commenters taint the facts with their own bias (and consider, say, the events a negative development), they at least say it as it is. 

Another current among the losers is, however, of the opinion that it is better to deny defeat altogether. This attitude, which Dr Goebbels brought to unprecedented heights in 1942-1945, is actually very old, and probably as old as humanity itself. They proceed, then, to explain to us how good it is that Francis wants to modernise; or that heretical thinking has found an outlet; or that now a Glorious March towards the October 2015 synod can begin.

Stop dreaming and start looking, dissenters and liberals.

A Pope defeated by his own bishops in matters pertaining to his own orthodoxy can only be a Pope covered in shame, and now severely tarnished in his own very character. There is no way anyone who knows two things of Catholicism can think otherwise (this raises the question, though, of how many journalists do know two things of Catholicism).

Similarly, it is madness to think that it is good that the New Gospel found an outlet. Since the Church has stopped barbecuing them with Dominican sauce, heretics have not had many problems in spreading their heresies, nor are heretical bishops and cardinals a creation of this pontificate. The Church must fight heresy, and this she has done brilliantly in the glorious days of last week. Heresy (at least this new extreme form of it) has lost, and it has lost badly. There’s no way to spin a defeat into a victory.

As to the outlook on the future, this is not a fact (the fact is the historical, brutal defeat) but a hope, the hope of future victories. We shall see. But again, it’s easy to talk of victories tomorrow when you are losing badly today. Goebbels did it massively in the last three years of the war. We know how it worked for him.

These kind of deluded liberals remind me of the Old Everly Brothers’ song.

Whenever they want heresy, all they have to do is dream.




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  1. Openness: why not declare who voted for and against at the Synod. Some bl**dy hope!

  2. From what I’ve seen, the most damning fact for Francis (that he deviously appointed 6 lib cardinals at the last minute to oversee the writing of the report) has now disappeared from media accounts.

    • Besides the Six Little Pigs, I would also mention the open support given to Kasper from the start.
      It is also extremely naive to think Baldisseri would be free to take decisions like not publishing the interventions, and publish the damn first relatio, without him.
      How anyone can have any doubt on which side he is is beyond me.

      Hubris will be the undoing of this man.


    • That, and his support for Kasper.
      Inconceivable that he would not know and not approve of what Baldisseri was doing.

      The emperor has pissed his pants.


  3. I tend to agree with The Traditional Catholic Priest blog entry yesterday by Fr. Peter Cartona:
    who in the next to last paragraph writes:
    “As a liberal Catholic, before my conversion, I was privy to much of the manipulation behind the scenes in dioceses to get rid of or silence orthodox priests and religious. I have seen it first hand ever since. The progressives do have almost all the power at every level in the Catholic Church (parishes, dioceses and bishops conferences).”

    Well, as the old saying goes, ” It isn’t over until the fat lady sings”, and it seems to me the fat lady, for the time being at least, has laryngitis. We know for sure that the Gates of Hell will not prevail against the Church in the end, because Jesus said so in the Scripture, but I also believe what the recently deceased Fr. Benedict Groeschel said, and that is that this statement by Jesus implies that the Gates of Hell will try. Satan never gives up easily inspite of the fact that he knows and ,has been known, to quote Scripture even when speaking to Jesus.

  4. Two words: “Baghdad Bob”

  5. I don’t think this is over by a long shot. Does Francis seem the type to take his medicine with his tea and quietly nurse his wounds? I don’t think so. I think he will double down, and use all the power at his disposal to remove all remaining orthodox prelates who might stand in the way at the regular synod. He has a year to do it. If he acts in the same manner as with the FFI, it will take mere months. Has this man’s hubris ever been shown as less than ruthless?

  6. The BOR said they had one year to “mature”. Does that mean one year in which to find ways to rationalize mortal sins?

    • I think he means he will do all he can to make the Church rot.
      Whether he succeeds, is another matter.

    • I’d say that it means they have one year to go along with being a politically-correct liberal like he is, and so they had better speak and vote according to the broad hints he’s been giving out for a long time… that although he wants his “unthinkable” changes to get approval from the bishops, he is going to do exactly what he wants to do during the next sinod anyway… and that he will remove and crush anyone that resists his plans to reshape the Church according to his twisted, twisted mind.

      Meanwhile, the hypocritical Catholic girlymen will still be roaming the internet to insist that Frankie should never be lampooned/insulted. They should stick to Crux.

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